“KKK” Shows up at Congressional Hearings to “Welcome” Jeff Sessions

Sputnik News

Two men dressed up as Ku Klux Klansmen were removed from Senator Jeff Sessions’ hearing on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.

The disruption took place almost immediately after Sessions entered the chamber for his confirmation hearing. Sessions is President-elect Donald Trump’s choice for attorney general, and has faced extreme criticism for a joke he made roughly three decades ago that was deemed racially insensitive. The two men stood on chairs, donned sheets and oversized mock foam fingers that read “Go Jeffie Boy!” and “KKK,” while shouting mock support for the Alabama Senator.

Instead of simply escorting these vile creatures out of hearing, they ought to be arrested and forced to put up $1,000 in bail, after which a fine of at least that much should be assessed.


As cops stepped in to remove the protesters, they shouted, “you can’t arrest me, I’m white!”

Sessions’ alleged racism is hotly debated, and he is accused of saying that he “thought the KKK was okay, until I found out they smoke pot,” some 30 years ago. At the time of the joke, Sessions was helping prosecute KKK members for a lynching.

It used to be that the left offered arguments for their political positions. Now all they do is disrupt and scream “racist” at everyone who disagrees with them.

Fire up the gas chambers for their benefit? You think about that.

Cassandra Fairbanks, the reporter who wrote this piece, is a rare Trump supporter among the press corps. Last week she showed up at Senator John McCain’s hearings on Russian election hacking wearing a shirt that mocked the idea. She later in a post-hearing interview showed McCain to be an ignorant jackass with one of her questions.

Cassandra is a good woman whom we ought to support.


Read more about Cassandra at the BBC.

5 thoughts on ““KKK” Shows up at Congressional Hearings to “Welcome” Jeff Sessions

      • The fact that these Left wing agenteurs were allowed into the proceedings tells me that they had better place inside men at the gates from now on, or Trump will be getting a bullet from a breach of protocol—think Kennedy at Dealey Plaza.

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