Self-Martyr Dylann Roof Sentenced to Death by Federal Jury

Unrepentant killer Dylann Roof has gotten what he desired–the death penalty.

Today’s sentencing phase of his murder/hate crime trial revealed a unanimous jury vote calling for the baby faced killer to die for his crimes.

Opinion on Twitter at #DylannRoof is mixed, with some saying he would be punished more by a life sentence in a heavily Negro prison.

It’s interesting that Anders Breivik killed 77 people and only received a 21 year sentence in Norway. American justice and Norwegian justice are miles apart in how racially motivated killings should be punished.

USA Today

It came as no surprise that a federal jury recommended the death penalty for Dylann Roof, the unapologetic, unrepentant young man who in June 2015 massacred nine African Americans inside a historic church in Charleston, S.C. Not only did he deliberately target innocent parishioners in the midst of Bible study for the sole purpose of advancing the cause of white supremacy, but the trial was as one-sided as could be. Deliberations took less than three hours.

Given the indisputable evidence of guilt and premeditation, the only possible defense against the charges would have been insanity. However, Roof’s rejection of mental illness as an affirmative defense at trial and as mitigation in sentencing speaks volumes about his mission. Such a legal strategy would, from his perspective, have negated any legitimacy to his hateful agenda. It would have suggested that his racist ideology was merely a product of a diseased mind, not a valid political position. Even as he stood firing round after round at his helpless victims, Roof proclaimed, “I’m not crazy,” according to witness testimony.

Roof’s statement that he doesn’t hate blacks, but rather hated their behavior, offers an insight into how almost every white, Asian, and even Mexican person feels. It’s not the color of the skin, but the destructive effect that blacks have on civilization that he says motivated his misguided crime.

Roof’s refusal to mount a case against death, to call any witnesses on his behalf, wasn’t so much because of his stated desire to spare his family the embarrassment. That horse had long left the barn by virtue of his atrocious crime. More likely, his posture reflects a stoic readiness — as a young rebel with a cause — to become a martyr. Like-minded racists would view Roof as a hero, and would invoke his name and the government’s attempt to silence him through the death penalty as a rallying cry for white supremacy. As one skinhead vowed shortly after the church shooting, “Dylann will be my next tattoo.”

By virtue of his death sentence, Roof is guaranteed greater celebrity. Any appellate actions on his behalf and any steps in preparation for his execution will undoubtedly be publicized widely, along with a reminder of his offensive motivation for the assault. Having him instead reside for the rest of his life behind prison walls in obscurity would have been a far more palatable outcome.

Just as Roof rejected the idea of claiming mental illness as defense or mitigation, the government rejected an offer for him to plead guilty in exchange for a life sentence. Although the prosecution was successful in seeking the death penalty, the trial was costly in more than just a monetary sense. We were already well aware of Roof’s despicable attitudes toward blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, feminists and gays. But thanks to the prosecution’s decision to have Roof’s jailhouse journal read into evidence during the trial’s penalty phase, his hateful musings became quoteworthy material for major news outlets around the country.

Of course, Roof is hardly the first to have his anger-filled opinions disseminated widely on the coattails of a killing spree. Our collective fascination with bizarre crimes — cleverly repackaged as a desire to understand aberrant behavior — has us as a willing audience for all sorts of violent malcontents. But we must avoid lending any credibility to such rants and raves.

The press is making a big deal of how noble blacks were calling for life imprisonment rather than death. It’s a cynical ploy to generate sympathy for blacks.

As to whether Dylann is a hero or not, I’ve never seen anyone write that he is. Most of us feel that he set back the cause of racial separation. In fact, it’s also almost as if he was led to kill by someone wanting to discredit the alt-right, White Nationalism, race realism, etc. If he was a victim of mind control by the federal government, with the goal in mind of banning guns, the plot fell through.

11 thoughts on “Self-Martyr Dylann Roof Sentenced to Death by Federal Jury

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      • I feel sorry for him because I see him as a victim, a victim of his parents generations failure to ensure a decent living environment for our people, one not plagued with non White crime and economic exploitation, he tried to do something for our people and now he is going to be killed because of it.

  2. If Roof wasn’t afraid of dying, why didn’t he go to Thugville and kill his victims. What I don’t
    understand is how each family was given 3.4 million dollars without even going to court.
    Just gave the money away. Have never heard of such.

      • In hindsight, it’s better that free money went to respectable blacks (who go to church) than to typical ones… a drug dealer would just use 3 1/2 million dollars to become the next Tony Montana.

  3. When I was in College, studying early childhood education, we had a normal-looking kindergarten centre for us to perform our internship programme for our final evaluation.

    Known to every parent, teacher, student, was that this particular kindergarten was equipped with a 20-seat theatre-like arrangement all behind one “wall-to-wall” see-through mirror, microphones and 2 cameras all set-up so that everything them little rug-rats do or say could be analysed, dissected, etc.

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    I volunteered, and started to repeat many of the experiments we were reading about, in our child psychology class, looking to see if I could reproduce identical results.

    So the experiment that got be booted-out of academia was the following:

    In order to prove again, that toddlers (under 2year-old) were inherently/not socially -constructed attracted to good-looking individuals, I would set these kids (one by one) in front of two adult people with identical toys and identical things to say; “Wanna play with me and this cute little bunny?”

    I tried very hard to conduct this experiment in a quasi double-blind set-up as I never divulged even to the adults what I was up to.

    So I would pin one ugly-ass broad next to a hot one, and see which way the kid would sway. Without exception, everyone kid were attracted to and went straight to the good-looking adult, all of them. My mistake:

    One of the infant was unambiguously very much black indeed. Having one befriended student behind the mirrors to monitor them cameras, observed that the black kid was only exposed to white people, either pretty or ugly, and that irrespective of attractiveness, it would be awfully interesting to see to who said kid would be attracted to if exposed-to to some hot chocolate or or your typical Aryan type. So I said fine, you’re on… Knowing full well jungle fever was a concept that never ever occurred to be existing for the locals of this desolate hick town I was studying at, I had to recruit from a 4-hour drive away City where I knew muh hot chocolatee would avail themselves, if just for the attention.

    A former “miss Guadalupe” was at hand… and for $200.00, even that sort of attention has its price.For an undergraduate, that’s a whole lot of money, early 90’s scholarship didn’t cover Guadalupean buuty queen. Anyway.

    Behold! I finally get the black 16-month-old to pick between Shenisse and ugly white ass… Must I really state towards whom, the little niglet went towards-to? But Jerome comes into play. He be doin’ them evenin’ security rounds…, sees Shenisse (muh dick stimuli), enquires to my friendly student tending to my cameras about “sup wiff dat”.. She kindly informs him of the whole thing, latent mudsharking I guess. Jerome spills them beans, you know the rest.

    The point here is that, being un-culturated, wholly unaware of his own race, that little black kid went for white ugly ass against “dah buuty queen”. Dylann Roof stated that he didn’t hate blacks because of how they look, but because of their behaviour. I suppose I’m with him on that one, minus the killings of course, I’m for complete separation, not genocide.

    But where his hate overwhelmed him to a point of killing, my hate lies before our communistic/egalitarian society where we are all equals, rendering ugliness (and anything else repulsive) a “societal construct.” But I vividly remember this little toddler and his innate choice for attractiveness, and vividly hate our society for equating universal white beauty and anything else, including blackness. Basically, our genes, intelligence, cellular memories is all you need to recognise both beauty and ugliness, irrespective of age, and race. Never second-guess yourself when looking away, either at the mere sight of Justin Trudeau (Liberal Magna) or anything else that’s not white… kids know better you see, even the black ones…

    Ignore the propaganda:

    Embrace, feel, see, listen to absolute WHITE beauty:

    • Interesting research. I’ve read of similar studies over at Amren. I’m always puzzled when I see a white male with a black female wife. What’s going on their mind? It must be like a sexual perversion of some type.

      I’ll take a look at the videos after I rest a bit. It’s been a busy evening keeping up with all the Trump news and Obama’s farewell. Hopefully, he and his “beauty” will fade away.

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