Anders Breivik Trolls Norwegian Legal System with Claims of Inhumane Treatment

You can decide for yourself whether Anders Breivik is a hero or a zero. What’s fun to watch is his playing the legal system for his own purposes.

The new beard and the shaved head go together nicely.


Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is more radical than ever, prosecutors warned as the right-wing extremist appeared in court.

Fredrik Sejersted said the government should still be prepared for Breivik, who gave a Nazi salute on entering the courtroom, to do the unthinkable.

The state is appealing against a ruling that some of Breivik’s treatment in prison amounted to “inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”.

Breivik killed 77 people in July 2011.

He murdered 69 people at a summer camp for young centre-left political activists on the island of Utoeya after, earlier in the day, setting off a car bomb in the capital Oslo, killing eight people.

The 37-year-old has been kept in solitary confinement since he was sentenced, in 2012, to 21 years in prison – but he has argued that being kept away from other prisoners for 22-23 hours a day breaches his human rights.

Breivik’s lawyer Oystein Storrvik has said the killer is “mentally vulnerable” because of his prison conditions.


In April 2016, a Norwegian court upheld part of his claim, although it dismissed his argument that his right to respect for private and family life was violated by restrictions on contact with other right-wing extremists.

On Tuesday, the Norwegian government – which was also ordered to pay Breivik’s legal costs of 330,000 kroner ($38,500; £31,600) – began the process of appealing against the court’s ruling.

‘Most dangerous man’
The government argued that his three-cell complex, where he can play video games, watch TV and exercise, is better than the conditions of most other prisoners to compensate for being kept in solitary confinement.

“The core of the state’s view is very simple, there are no human rights violations,” said Mr Sejersted, the prosecutor, said.
He told the court that Breivik “has not broken down, he has not expressed remorse, he is proud of what he has done.

“If anything, according to documentation, he is even more convinced in his extreme far-right beliefs.”

“It’s very difficult to know how dangerous Breivik is today and it’s even more difficult to know how dangerous he will be tomorrow, or in a year, or in 10 years,” Mr Sejersted also told the court.

“But what is absolutely certain is that in the years leading up to July 22, 2011, he was the most dangerous man in Norway.”

6 thoughts on “Anders Breivik Trolls Norwegian Legal System with Claims of Inhumane Treatment

  1. He still killed White people, all of whom were young and open to new opinions in life. For that alone he should never be released. Now if he’d gone after political elders of their Socialist Party (the ones indoctrinating the young) then I might have had some regard for him. To go after ignorant, defenceless kids is not courageous. Going for protected political operators, complete with their security details is. No-one ever really does that much, even though it would send the loudest statement to them all that they are not safe from just retribution. Dylan Roof was barely any better. These two harmed their causes more by doing what they did because they empowered the existing State through both Law and propaganda. In the case of Breivik, public displays of Hollywood-style Nazi salutes stinks of pimping outrage, and is classic media message-control behaviour (oh, look at the awful Nazi, aren’t you relieved that the State will keep you safe from people like him?). I’d be inclined to think he’s a Straw-man for the system (and we never did hear any more about the second shooter reported by witnesses on the island did we?).

    I’ve always believed that the respect politicians have for us is inversely proportional to their sense of physical safety from us.

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