Shut Your F*cking Pie Hole Up, (((Meryl Streep))): Absolute Proof that Trump Does Not Mock Disabled People (Video)

At Sunday night’s Golden Globe awards a washed-up tranny hag named Meryl Streep lied about our great leader. She should face a firing squad, but I’ll settle for her condemnation on social media.

The two videos embedded here prove the stinking c*nt was lying. Praise Kek for the few conservatives in Hollywood.

F*ck Hollywood. F*ck Meryl Streep. Lots of people feel the same.

13 thoughts on “Shut Your F*cking Pie Hole Up, (((Meryl Streep))): Absolute Proof that Trump Does Not Mock Disabled People (Video)

  1. I see your Great White Hope can do no wrong. A 10 second shot of the disabled reporter does NOT disprove thumper’s mocking impersonation. Watch his stupid hands. Because an actress brings this up she should face a firing squad? Are you fucking crazy??? You’re letting your blind adoration of this raging buffoon cloud your normally acute judgement.

    God help us all.

  2. And thumper has already lied and back pedaled on 90% of his campaign promises. And he’s lying about this, too. Wake up, kid.

  3. I’m surprised the far left hasn’t made up a true claim that Trump tortures puppies, sets kittens on fire and pulls the wings of butterflies for fun.

    Seeing the true colors of the worthless overrated Hellywood celebrities, TeeVee and pop muzak idols coming out, makes me glad I have not wasted time and money to attend any movie at the local Cinema 1-100 megaplex during the past 10+ years.

      • Thanks for this article lmao. After watching the “deeply powerful” inspirational speech by Meryl Streep upholding the arts,

        Literally, went to google, and typed in

        Shut the fuck up Meryl Streep and this blog appeared. Thank you lol

        Thank you

    • yes and fuck Hollywood. that lil bullshit she was trying to insert about Hollywood being all these people from foreign places everywhere, and they are the most vilified.
      pffffft. naming a handful or random actors. These are not the key players of Hollywood.

      Thanks for your comments and Good night

  4. Did everyone see the strings pulling Streepy’s lips?

    It’s very obvious Trump uses pretty much the same hand gestures, positions and body movements for everyone he wants to ridicule. If we put all he attacked in one silent video without knowing who he was talking about, we’d think it was one person of unknown identity. The only thing Trump can be blamed for is he’s a bad actor.

    This is baloney and an insult to Trump voters, but, more so, to the office of the President and the United States orchestrated by (((Hollywood’s))) campaign to destroy the country.

    Everyone knows what to do! Boycott Streep and (((Hollywood))).

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