9 thoughts on “Influential Negro Professor Calls for Whites to Have an Individual Reparations Account (I.R.A.)

  1. But they never ask for reparations from jews (who basically were the ones who shipped them to USA) or muzzies (who traded with black slaves long before whites did, they killed a lot of them during it and i think they even do it today)

  2. I am so effing SICK of these moronic niggers! They suffer SOOOOO much… as their worthless asses sit around da hood and watch TV, play games, dress in $300 tennis shoes, eat 3 or more meals a day, makes millions playing schoolyard ‘sports’, live off of welfare in heated and air conditioned comfort, use EBT cards, get passed thru school for just being black, drive around on white mans streets in white mens cars on dey celphone that whitey invented [and is usually paying for], commit crimes at will with no consequence, get jobs their not qualified for because they black – in the unlikely event they ever want a job – etc etc ad nauseum. Everything this google puppet of the skypes says is a lie. Including ‘the oceans of white people who have empathy’ ; wrong again sambo – most of us know better and the vast majority of the ignorant grazers are beginning to wake up…

  3. Perfessor Michael Eric Dyson the Individual Reparations Account is a 7.63 mm piece of lead despatched to you at the speed of 1200m/s as my Individual Reparations Account ?? just don’t miss getting it ??

  4. The only reason this coon can speak in an understandable fashion is because he has a lot of white genes. He’s pretty pale as negroes go and that goes for the majority of US blacks. The one’s we have in the UK are as dark as the African continent itself and twice as dumb. I say pay them reparations minus the free stuff they’ve been living off for the last 60 years, that should put them in enough debt that they’ll never be able to even pay off the interest. That may teach some of the smarter one’s a lesson but I wouldn’t count on it, they are, after all, the most stupid of creatures.

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