Putin Goes to Church (Beautiful, Strangely Moving Video)

It’s 40 minutes long, but I sat and watched all of this video showing an orthodox church service. Although I’m not Russian, it put me in touch with my European roots. Putin, a Christian, is trying to remake Russia into a Christian nation again.

You will never see Obama acting with such reverence. For that matter, it might also be beyond Donald Trump too.

8 thoughts on “Putin Goes to Church (Beautiful, Strangely Moving Video)

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  2. The body is a temple for God’s Spirit. God’s kind loving Spirit is in the Homosexual, zoosexual furries and bronies too. People who harm that temple will harm Jesus who is flesh and blood in that temple. Muslims want to harm human temples more than anyone. That kind of person should not be in Russia or anywhere.

  3. I think we might see a different, more religious Trump evolving over time.

    Interesting to see Putin attending church service. Not sure I can relate to this service as much as you, Paladin. Sort of reminds me of Catholicism.

    The church I attended during my youth was steeped in Europe, built in 1888 and loaded with stained glass windows, dark wood pews, and dark red carpet. Although, the exterior of the Russian church is beautiful, the plain white interior leaves me cold, but modern churches in the U.S. are too stark for me, as well.

  4. Lovely. Jews are attacking Putin because he has taken Russia out of their hands, that’s why they’re pushing for war. And they may get it, too.

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