Anti-White ABC Sitcom Promo Raises Hackles of White NFL Audience

Actually, it’s good that the anti-white mindset of (((Hollywood))) comes across so clearly. Even the most skeptical white person can easily see the anti-white agenda now.

Heat Street

The liberal ABC-Disney Television Network generated outrage during its televised coverage of the Houston Texans’ victory over the Oakland Raiders Saturday night in the Wild Card round of the AFC Playoffs, but it had nothing to do with the football.

Instead many viewers were annoyed at a promo for next Wednesday’s episode of ABC’s sitcom Black-ish, which features a predominantly African-American cast being decidedly anti-Trump in tone and nature.

In the promo, which bills the episode as the “election through the eyes of Black-ish”, Lucy (a white character played by Christine Reitman) tells her predominantly African-American co-workers: “I voted for Trump!” before adding the clichéd justification, “I’m a racist? I have black friends!”

In another scene, her colleague Daphne (Wanda Sykes) appears to kick out at her for merely expressing that she had chosen to cast her vote for the Republican Party.

Meanwhile the show’s protagonists Dre and Rainbow Johnson are seen looking crestfallen at the outcome of the election while in another scene Rainbow shouts “Go Hillary!”

It still shocks me to think that even any modestly intelligent person would watch garbage like this. It’s not the least bit funny or entertaining.

“Why does the NFL keep playing an anti-Trump commercial for the terrible show Blackish?” wrote one tweeter. “They must not know their audience”. Another viewer fumed: “I am offended at the preview for the show #blackish about voting for Trump makes you a racist!”

Matt Falk tweeted: “No one watch #blackish. Not everyone who voted for Trump is a racist, That show caters to the lowest common denominator” while Steve James declared on the online social networking service: “Man, Blackish looks so original! A Trump voter isn’t racist because she has black friends! Can’t wait to never watch a second of that show.”

It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that Trump will weigh in on Twitter with his thoughts about Black-ish in the next few days.

After all in October 2014, the President-Elect tweeted: “How is ABC Television allowed to have a show entitled “Blackish”? Can you imagine the furor of a show, “Whiteish”! Racism at highest level?”

I would boycott ABC Television, but I don’t watch TV. There may be something good on TV, but this show isn’t it.

8 thoughts on “Anti-White ABC Sitcom Promo Raises Hackles of White NFL Audience

  1. I grew up watching the Edmonton Eskimos destroy their competition in the late 70s up here in Canada, playing the Grey Cup in snow drifts. Football is in my blood. I have followed the NFL since the 1979 season. But I cannot watch it now. For the past three seasons, with the Pink Month, the Black Panther Pussy Show, and the Hate-on for the White audience—which makes up 90% of the viewership—it tells me that the NFL is no longer in the money business, but the social engineering game. This has nothing to do with football anymore… And is that Laurence Fishburne in that photo? Fuck him, he was always over-rated…

    • I saw a headline that suggested Lady Gaga is doing the Superbowl halftime show. If so, that’s more social engineering. How about some wholesome family entertainer (if there are any now) doing the halftime?

      • Nope. It’s all transgendered sexual dysphoria and the marvels of modern spiritless diversion. Like the bread and circuses, it is a sign of the end methinks…
        Gaga isn’t even that talented; just promoted for her sexually confusing narrative.

  2. Blackish for sure. In that picture they look like Picasso threw up on them. Oh well, what can we expect out of a race which has no ties to the origins and principles which America was built upon. They are, in effect, aliens and outsiders, totally incompatible to the American Ideal and little more than a disruptive force. It is a fools errand to believe there can ever be harmony between the 2 races with such a vast and irreconcilble difference between them. The only logical conclusion is separation and that will require forming a nation out of already existing land in this country. There is no way Africa will accept them back into the fold at this stage.

  3. One should NEVER , EVER watch or support anything the nfl [negroe felon league] does or sponsors. Or even a network that carries it. ‘pro’ basstebahh is not only moronic, but should be ignored for political reasons also. Even major league baseball has its ‘jackie robinson day’ BS as well as a league rule that requires each team to employ translators…its all jew run antiwhite money grubbing enterprise – bread and circuses as one of [[[their]]] leaders advised.

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