Nutraloaf–What Prisoners are Fed (Video)

The Wolfe Pit shows how to make that staple of prison food, Nutraloaf.

This vile concoction will no longer be mystery meat food after you watch the video.

Dylan Roof may be better off accepting the death penalty than spending his life in prison. Prison food is gross. Watch how Nutraloaf is put together, if you don’t gag halfway through the video. Imagine all the prisoners who have to eat this stuff every day.

I watch a lot of the Wolfe Pit videos. His taste tests are informative and amusing. In fact, I would say I’m addicted to watching his attempts to eat various frozen and canned foods that have no business being shoveled into our stomachs.

Published on Jan 5, 2017

Nutraloaf Prison Food!! – Is it any good?? Would you eat it? Watch and see!


4 thoughts on “Nutraloaf–What Prisoners are Fed (Video)

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  2. The night before Robert Kennedy was shot (June 5, 1968), Charles Manson brought Angela Lansbury’s daughter, Didi, to a party at John Frankenheimer’s house in Malibu, CA. Robert Kennedy was there along with Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate. In 1962, Frankenheimer asked JFK if he could make a movie called “The Manchurian Candidate” wherein a programmed assassin would attempt to kill the President—Kennedy said it was fine, one year before he got shot. Sirhan Sirhan was a Manchurian Candidate, Angela Lansbury was a main character in the original film, Polanski directed Rosemary’ Baby, Sharon Tate (his wife) was butchered by Manson’s girlfriends and Sirhan Sirhan shot Robert Kennedy. You couldn’t make this up. I wonder if the entire history of the USA isn’t just one big Psy Op? But still, would have loved to have been at that party…

    • Wow! That’s amazing. You should put something up about it on your site. Recently, I read that one of the Beach Boys (Dennis? the drummer who drowned) had witnessed Manson kill someone.

      • It would take too many articles just to cover that 24 hour period. However, I highly recommend Peter Levenda’s book called “Sinister Forces.” It is in 3 volumes. He dedicates about 40 pages to that significant night back in 1968. Absolutely mind blowing stuff. And regarding Dennis Wilson of the Beach boys: He let his bungalow act as a flop house for the Manson family. He was always so high however, it could never be proven that he saw anything. I believe he fell off his yacht trying to light a cigarette and drowned. Another writer and book which covers this stuff from the music side is Dave McGowan and his book “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon”—CIA operatives all over the hippie scene, satanic ritual murders, drugs, and pedo-organizations, all rolled up into one fat bat. Hollywood and Rock music have had an unholy alliance…

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