Disgusting White House Petition Seeks Obama Pardon for BLM Kidnappers

Com’on gang! Let’s get this petition working. Dem po kids dindu nuffins. Freedom from da white man’s law.

White House Petitions

Created by R.G. on January 05, 2017

Although these allegations are certainly reprehensible, the media narrative and subsequent criminal charges have been exaggerated and overblown due to a large outburst on social media and the internet from conservative, right wing and “alt right” sections of Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms.

This was not a kidnapping and torture, this was a simple hazing. 47% of university students in the United States experience Hazing. College athletes, for example, are regularly subjected to light beatings, brandings, and forced head shaving.

The exaggerated outcry was a result of the entire right wing attempting to justify their false narrative of “reverse-racism”, a fake term which is used to claim that white Americans are subjected to institutional racism.

These young adults deserve justice.

4 thoughts on “Disgusting White House Petition Seeks Obama Pardon for BLM Kidnappers

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  2. Unfortunately for these upright, bright, young college students, one cannot be pardoned when one has not yet been convicted. Since the wheels of justice are slow, they won’t go to trial within he next 14 days nor will a conviction occur before January 20, 2017. One cannot be pardoned from a conviction that has not yet occrurred (Sigh) An Obama pardon is not in their future……..sads……

  3. I would like to see the list of people who sign this petition. I think the identities of these people should known to everyone.

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