British Government Spent Millions Promoting Ethiopian Girl Pop Group


The British government is an enemy of indigenous British white people. Even by that government’s standards, this tale of throwing money to Africans is ridiculous.

Sky News

Ministers have ended millions of pounds in funding for a five-member female band dubbed Ethiopia’s Spice Girls.

Yegna, which aims to enhance the role of women through music and performance, was reportedly promised £5.2m of taxpayers’ money to develop a radio drama.

Following criticism over the amount of money being granted to them, the Department for International Development (DfID) confirmed the partnership has now ended.

As best as I can tell, this Yegna video promotes open borders. It’s called Migration:

A DfID spokeswoman said: “Empowering women and girls around the world remains a priority, but we judge there are more effective ways to invest UK aid and to deliver even better results for the world’s poorest and value for taxpayers’ money.”

Responding to the decision, the Girl Effect project, which launched Yegna and promotes women’s rights in Ethiopia, said that “new ideas are often resisted and sometimes wilfully misrepresented”.

In December, International Development Secretary Priti Patel was challenged about the project when she appeared before the Commons International Development Select Committee.

At the time she said the Yegna grant was simply “one component” of a wider programme promoting the rights and wellbeing of women and girls in the country.


This is at its heart a story of thievery, where the government stole from the taxpayer, took its cut and threw money at black Africans out of some misguided altruism. It’s time the theft stopped. Now to put Priti Patel in jail where she belongs.

5 thoughts on “British Government Spent Millions Promoting Ethiopian Girl Pop Group

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  2. We have the same thing in Canada, except the Gov does it more cunningly: they fund the budgets of children’s networks that are nationalized through subsidies. By the time White kids are 6 years old, they are so intellectually miscegenated and ostracised from their racial awareness they literally do not know who they are. When a parent speaks up about this BS at school, the cops show up at his door…

  3. I’m not a misogynist but there are far too many women in politics and more importantly in government. Teresa May is an idiot, I think that is now obvious even to the women in her own cabinet, she has to go and men need to take charge once again if we are to survive in the future. I’m certain that the actual figure will be well beyond £5 million when added up and only a small portion will have gone to the Africans. Our government is stupid but it ain’t that stupid, it’s corrupt and it always has been. The damage aid to Africa inflicts on them and the rest of the world in turn through their breeding habits and the migration which follows is immeasurable. End all aid to Africa and deport the street shitter back to India.

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