Britain’s “Boob Scrounger” Glamour Model Does Five Men a Night According to Courtroom Accusation



Meet the skank who was known as the most hated woman in Britain. The government finances her lifestyle, although she’s been a stripper, “escort,” and glamour model.

The Sun

JOSIE Cunningham’s ex-boyfriend slammed the glamour model for “doing five men a night” in a courtroom outburst after she tried to claim just £2 compensation from him.

Sakewell Nicholson made the claim at Leeds magistrates court, where he faced criminal damage and public disorder charges after an explosive row between the pair at the mum-of-four’s house.

The ex-boyfriend, who may be the dad to her youngest child, suggested the glamour model does “five men a night” after revealing she refuses to let him know whether he has fathered her baby.

Cunningham, dubbed the “boob scrounger” for getting a £4,800 breast implant on the NHS, was refused the £2 compensation after her ex damaged solar garden lights during the row.

Magistrates rejected the “scrounger” mum’s bid, saying it would be “uneconomical”.

The court heard how Cunningham refused to tell Nicholson whether he was the dad of her latest child, which caused tension between them.

Despite this, Cunningham called her ex to her home in Tingley, W Yorks, on October 30 after telling him the baby was sick.

When Nicholson arrived, she refused to let him in to see the ill newborn – leading the potential dad to threaten and shout abuse at the mum, breaking two garden lights in the process.

Nicholson, who appeared in court wearing a grey and black tracksuit, pleaded guilty to criminal damage and a public order offence.

Prosecuting, Sarah Marsh, told the court: “The defendant and claimant had been in an on and off relationship.

“On the day in question, the defendant attended at [Josie’s] address and had been shouting and swearing outside the property.

How horrible for children to have a mother like Josie. At least the 3 oldest children are white. I can’t find a single image of the youngest child nor of the on and off boyfriend Sakewell Nicolson. I suppose he could be a Negro. If the youngest is a mulatto, that would make life even worse for the three white children.


Adrian Smith, defending, told the court: “There’s always two sides to every situation.

“He received communication, he being the father of a young baby-”

Nicholson interrupted, shouting out: “I don’t know if I’m the father. She won’t give me the blood.

“She was the biggest mistake of my life – she’s scum.

“She said she was going to get me killed in jail. Let her do it. I’m in jail now.”

Read more about Josie’s vile selfishness and the boy who can’t walk at the Daily Mail.

9 thoughts on “Britain’s “Boob Scrounger” Glamour Model Does Five Men a Night According to Courtroom Accusation

  1. Awful, just awful. And her body sucks too. I’d take the lady in blue looking after the special needs kid in the second photo over the “boob scrounger” any time.

      • Indeed she is. And her breasts are fake as hell, so what is the big deal. The second lady is probably a little flabby, but if she is a good woman that is no problem. And with some help and encouragement she can be a fixer-upper, none of us a the total package out of the gate.

      • A smart fellow looks for the hidden treasures, where there’s less competition. When I was in the dating scene, that’s the tack I took. It made for some memorable times. I would run as far away from the boob scrounger as I could. Even as a youth, I recognized that some girls are bad news.

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  3. I notice that two of her kids are disabled, I can only guess that she was drinking heavily and drugging whilst pregnant not once but twice. Disgusting whore.

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