Aussie Politician: Homosexuality is an Illness


I guess there are no white public figures in Australia willing to risk jail for criticizing queers.

9 News Australia

A One Nation candidate who is also president of the “World Harmony Society” is under fire for a social media post in which she said homosexuality was an illness that should be medically treated.

Ju Lin recently made news after backing party leader Pauline Hanson’s notorious 1996 prediction that Australia was in danger of being “swamped by Asians”, and telling the ABC that “good Asians” will vote for her.

Now Ju Lin, who arrived in Australia in 1991, is in hot water for posting a 2015 news story about a gay British couple accused of sexually abusing their adopted children.

“Abnormal sex behaviour leads to abnormal crime. Gays should be treated as patients, they need to receive treatments,” the caption reads.

But that post was just one among a stream of homophobic material posted on Ju Lin’s personal Facebook page (as opposed to her One Nation-branded account). Since then, Ju Lin has shared several other articles on the subject of sexuality, as well as a disparaging Huffington Post story about her.

On that page Ju Lin identifies herself as the president of the World Harmony Society, which aims to “celebrate Harmony Day, also to connect multicultural and main stream communities and organisations, to enhance intercultural understanding & solidarity, in order to build a harmony society.”

From this American’s perspective, One Nation is most easily compared to Donald Trump’s philosophy. It’s nationalist, populist, and conservative, but not “racist.”

16 thoughts on “Aussie Politician: Homosexuality is an Illness

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  2. Pauline has a lot to say about Muslims, but maybe Ju Lin forgets that 20 years ago Pauline was saying the exact same thing about Asians when Muslims hadn’t become the threat they are now. Pauline also seems to run out of courage when it comes to Jews.

  3. You would have thought that the authorities would have had some reservations about these faggots after the 6th or 7th adopted son. No one wanted to lose their job I guess…

  4. Brendan O’Connell proved Oz is a jew fest. He had to escape to Iran of all places. Brendan is very brave/stupid but too anti-white and pro-Muslim for my taste.

    This chick politician is allowed to talk because she fits the anti-white agenda.
    Whites are now taught that only non-whites can stand up to the priory of sion.

    Everything is anti-white. Everything.

    That asian should go home. She is aiding and abetting genocide. The nerve of these people, lecturing us about racism, when their own home countries have strict immigration rules based entirely on race and little else.

  5. What does “populist” mean?

    It sounds like “popular”, as in the party people want. But that’s not democracy anymore is it?

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