Cuckservative Paul Ryan Stabs Trump in the Back Again

That Paul Ryan meme above is the best I could find after a search. We need some more and better Ryan memes to ridicule this backstabber into non-relevancy. Most Ryan memes are from the left. We need some good memes showing Trump owning bitch-boy Ryan.

Russia Insider

Rifts are appearing between House Speaker Paul Ryan and President-elect Trump over the issue of Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

On Tuesday, Assange sat down with Sean Hannity for his first face-to-face interview in months. In the interview, Hannity challenged Assange on whether Russia had provided hacked emails from the Clinton campaign to Wikileaks. Assange explicitly denied receiving the material from Russia or any “state party.”

Overall, Assange came off sympathetically in the interview, maintaining that Wikileaks fights for freedom of information and trasperancy in government. He claimed he would have published the embarrassing Clinton emails if they had been Trump’s, as well.

Donald Trump responded to the interview on Twitter:

Paul Ryan openly broke with Trump in statements to the Washington Times:

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan on Wednesday called WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange a “sycophant for Russia,” as Mr. Assange reiterated this week that Russia was not the source for internal communications from Democratic officials during the presidential campaign.

Mr. Ryan told radio host Hugh Hewitt that he really has no opinion on Mr. Assange, “other than I think the guy is a sycophant for Russia.”

“He leaks. He steals data and compromises national security,” said Mr. Ryan, Wisconsin Republican.
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That’s really rich coming from the likes of Ryan, who has built his cuckservative career on being a professional sycophant for the political establishment.

Paul Ryan is also an unreliable turncoat. He castigated and opposed Trump until the 11th hour, and now just days before Trump’s inauguration, Ryan is openly breaking with his incoming president again.

Ryan has just been reelected Speaker of the House. How long he remains in that job remains to be seen. There is no possibility than an operator as astute as Trump actually trusts him after his many pathetic performances. No president is going to work with a Speaker of the House from his party who is openly disloyal.

It appears Ryan is working very hard to dig his own political grave.

Looking forward to the day …

Never trust a man with two first names who has a black ex-girlfriend out there. RINO Ryan is not just a backstabber to Trump, but also to his race.

7 thoughts on “Cuckservative Paul Ryan Stabs Trump in the Back Again

  1. I’m English and as such I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the Russians, the Germans, the Spanish and even the Egyptians but never the Irish.

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