Andrew Anglin Moving Forward with Whitefish Armed March, Cleverly Named “James Earl Ray Day Extravaganza”


Kudos to the Jewish Forward for NOT identifying Andrew Anglin as the face of the alt-right. You don’t have to be a fan of swastikas or Hitler or National Socialism to be alt-right. You don’t even have to be critical of Jews (disagree with me if you want to). All you need to be is a white person who does not want to become a minority in his own country, to be abused into EXTINCTION by nowhites.

Anglin has apparently sought a permit to conduct an armed march of skinheads through Whitefish, Montana, on January 16, which is officially Martin Luther King (aka Coon) Day. Nice symbolism there, as is Anglin’s calling it the James Earl Ray Extravaganza Day.

It is not at all clear that this whole affair isn’t more trolling from Anglin, although he denies it, as you would expect.

Jewish Forward

The neo-Nazi website organizing an armed march against Jews in Whitefish, Montana is firming up details about the much-discussed event — setting a date, time and location for the rally of white supremacists.

“As promised, we have filed our paperwork for the March on Whitefish, which is scheduled for January 16th,” Andrew Anglin, who runs the website the Daily Stormer, wrote in a January 5 post.

Anglin had previously announced to a FOX ABC station in Montana that the march would be held at January 15, but has now scheduled the march for the afternoon of the following day, which is also Martin Luther King Day.

Anglin posted a scanned image of a permit he claims was filed to the City of Whitefish and dated January 2. The City Clerk’s Office, however, says it has not received any application.

The image of an application posted to the Daily Stormer site, also, did not appear to include necessary components of an application, Michelle Howke, the Whitefish city clerk, said. A complete application would also include proof of insurance from the applicant as well as signatures from property owners along the march route.

The proposed route runs along mostly residential plots.


Once a complete application is received by the clerk’s office, it is then submitted to local police, public works, fire and parks departments for review. If there are no objections from these departments, the application is then sent to the city manager of Whitefish, who makes the final decision about whether to grant the permit.

Anglin is dramatically titling his march the “James Earl Ray Day Extravaganza,” after the assassin who killed King in 1968.

The neo-Nazi march is in support of “alt-right” figurehead Richard Spencer who lives part-time in Whitefish. Local human rights activists, including prominent Jewish leaders, have pushed back against Spencer’s brand of white supremacy for years.

Spencer’s mother, who owns property in the small town, was also pressured by some locals to denounce her son’s ideology and sell a building she owns downtown.

White supremacists see a Jewish plot and have mounted this march against Jews in Whitefish in defense of Spencer and his family, who they cast as the true victims.

Researchers with the Anti-Defamation League are in touch with families in Whitefish, but also said it still remains unclear whether the march will go ahead. Anglin, who the Southern Poverty Law Center has written is “infamous for the crudity of his language and his thinking,” has mounted numerous online campaigns in recent years — but has never organized a rally of this scale.

The Thursday post provides a screen shot of a Google Map, showing the proposed march route. “We will … march through the center of town, ending at a Memorial Park where several speakers will speak,” Anglin wrote.

In Montana, citizens only need a permit to carry a concealed weapon in certain circumstances; they do not need a permit to buy one, or carry it openly, according to the National Rifle Association.

More from abcfoxmontana

Sheriff T.J. McDermott said it’s hard to gauge what will occur when these two groups will meet.

“It’s important that when these types of things happen that we come together as a community and denounce hate and let people know that this is against our community values and we won’t stand for it,” said Sheriff McDermott.

Erickson said she will be attending a community gathering in Whitefish on January 7th called Love Not Hate.

She also said more than a thousand people have shown interest in this event from all over Montana.

Those with Missoula Police and the Missoula County Sheriff’s office also say they have not been contacted to help Whitefish police if the march happens.


A sheriff’s job is NOT to define community values. It is to uphold the law that is consistent with the Constitution. Sheriff McDermott has some nerve making the statement he did.

5 thoughts on “Andrew Anglin Moving Forward with Whitefish Armed March, Cleverly Named “James Earl Ray Day Extravaganza”

  1. I have been getting a “kick” out of your blog for a while, now Paladin. I guess I’ll venture to say that I have a pretty good idea as to what you like and dislike in the political arena.

    I support moving into a hardcore “Nazi” phase because we are not going to get our freedom back without a bloody civil war. I get the impression both you and Cartier Mcloud are both older than I am, and I’m 47. Simply put, I can feel myself aging out to the point where I will soon feel uncomfortable at radicalism from the physical sense. Any young person will soon be able to kick my 6’2, 250 lb. ass simply because I will be to old to fight effectively. Now that I am losing my confidence in my physical abilities, I am psychologically reacting to that, and I think that we all probably do.

    However, what probably gives me the will to fully support Anglin’s radicalism is that I’ve studied the Russian Revolution and the rise of Hitler enough to know that actual ideology, however well or not well understood, takes a backseat to the youthful instinct to PHYSICALLY go out and fight for your rights. And nothing changes without that. Therefore, I fully support it.

    This march is about giving a new level of confidence to our movement. I do believe the jew must be named first and foremost repeatedly. The masses will eventually follow the strong leaders and naming the jew will become universal with time.

    I also believe that the police state will not side with us, and that we may be fighting them in an even more intense battle than the non white marxist thugs. People fight for money first and foremost in my opinion, and the government workers and police state have ponzi scheme pensions to protect. They are the worst traitors of all, in my opinion.

    I don’t care how good Trump looks to everyone else. I am not optimistic, and I’m bracing for civil war.

      • I read the entire article. I had read the older ones before during the period when all of the “beefs” were going on. The workload question was the only point that made me ponder the “agent” question when it came up last year or perhaps in 2015.

        Anglin has said repeatedly that he goes the “lowbrow” route precisely because he believes that base emotion is what appeals to the masses. Again, this would primarily be young people, namely young males, who he targets for his audience.

        Again, I believe nothing significantly changes without this call to action and the willingness of young people to fight, Trumpism be damned.

      • I am in between on this, as both your points make sense and are true. The difference between the present and the past is the idea of what is a “NAZI” has been so besmirched by our (((overlords))) on so many levels that it will only be a psychological barrier for most Whites. It is that simple. I have strong sympathies for the original brand of Nazism, but it only has cache with a few people that I know who are close to me. If we can come up with the simple European Nationalism mantra, it holds all of the beliefs of the former idea intact within it, but without the hysterical, knee jerk reactions from those who are not ready for action yet. The civil war is coming. I suspect in Europe some time in the early 2030s, and in the USA a decade later. I am 45, so I will be too old. But I have rallied many young people in my home town into a sort of militia where these values are prominent. They read books, they reload their own ammo, and they hate with extreme prejudice anything that is not of their own. No matter what, there is a dark cloud on the horizon…

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