THE BLACK ATTACK: Young White Soldier’s Face Shattered by Black Mob During Mummer’s Parade in Philly



Another hate crime against whites has gone largely unreported. A 19 year old soldier, his mother, and his girlfriend were on the receiving end of a vicious attack by a mob in Philadelphia on New Year’s Day.

Philadelphia police are investigating an alleged New Year’s Day assault in South Philadelphia in which relatives of a 19-year-old soldier say he was beaten by a large group of men who made insulting comments about the Army.

Sgt. Eric Gripp, a police spokesman, said authorities have been unable to speak to the victim because he was at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital with a broken jaw. Gripp said a relative told authorities that 12 men attacked the man around Third and Oregon Streets after 11 p.m. Sunday after they made “derogatory remarks about the Army.”

Gripp said that police did not learn of the alleged assault until the next day and that the investigation was in its early stages. Another police spokesman, Lt. John Stanford, said investigators were looking for video and other evidence from the scene.

Lori Freni told Fox29 on Monday that her son, Austin, was wearing an Army jacket when he was attacked. The station reported that the assault occurred as Lori and Austin Freni and his girlfriend were leaving festivities related to the Mummers Parade.

Attempts to reach Lori Freni on Tuesday were unsuccessful. She told Fox29 that she and her son’s girlfriend also were hit by some of the men while trying to stop the assault.

Freni told the station that her son was “in rough shape” and that his jaw would have to be wired shut.

Stanford said investigators anticipated speaking with Austin Freni once he has sufficiently recovered.

Two weeks ago, Fox29 reported that a Good Samaritan had paid for Austin Freni to fly home from Fort Benning, Ga., for Christmas because Lori Freni recently lost her job due to medical disability and his father was deceased.

Since the press will only say things like “a group of young men blah, blah, blah,” we have to infer the truth they are trying to conceal from us. That truth is that the mob was black. More details:

Washington Times

“Me and his girlfriend tried pulling them off and they hit us,” Austin’s mother, Lori, told a local Fox affiliate Monday. “We got hit in the face. She got thrown in the street. He’s got to get plates put in his jaw and his mouth will be wired shut for the next eight weeks.”

Ms. Freni, whose husband recently died of brain cancer, said the family is “lost” and in “complete disbelief” after the latest tragedy. She said the attack happened shortly after one of the men made a disparaging comment about her son’s U.S. Army jacket.

“How anyone can put down the military makes no sense to me,” Ms. Freni said through tears. “These are guys that give up their lives to fight for our freedom and you’re going to beat them down?”

Mom needs a wake-up call when it comes to feral, savage blacks that roam the streets of America’s large cities. It was his white skin that drove the mob to violence. A black soldier would not have been attacked.

The commenters over at Free Republic are awake to a degree about race and the media’s efforts to conceal the truth. More need to wake up. Racism is a survival instinct.

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