Is Richard’s Spencer’s (Estranged) Wife Mixed Race?

A few days ago on one of the White Nationalist sites I read a claim that Richard Spencer’s Russian wife, Nina Kouprianova, who writes as Nina Byzantina, is Eurasian, rather than Caucasian. The two are still married, though separated.

If Spencer’s wife is not a European woman, then why is he preaching White Nationalism. A nonwhite wife would not be admitted to a white ethnostate, would she?

These are all of the photos of her on the Internet that are of decent size. What do you think? White or Nonwhite?

Didn’t Spencer owe it to the movement to marry a white American woman, even an Aryan type?

P.S. Her eyebrows scare me!

Eurasian or European? You tell me.

62 thoughts on “Is Richard’s Spencer’s (Estranged) Wife Mixed Race?

    • All Europeans with the exception of those of Celtic or Scandinavian origins have some Mongol or Tartar DNA. .. Very Few escaped the many invasions of Central and Eastern Europe from Mongolia ,China, And the Caucuses.
      This DNA is dissipated quickly and seldom is passed on to grandchildren.

      • Genetic engineering will make it possible to remove non-White ancestry from those of mixed racial origins. -)

    • How about saying who cares . These idiots are idiots regardless of their mixed genes.

      Idiocy knows nothing of race.

  1. She looks like a healthy Russian female.
    Nothing wrong with marrying a Slav.
    I don’t see the Asian, again, she looks Russian.

    • I’ll reveal my thoughts since you’ve broken the ice. To me she looks slightly Asian. When you look at the invasions of Europe from the East, there’s Asian DNA in Czechs, Hungarians, Russians, etc. They are still white to me even if they are a small amount of Asian genes.

      • Anyone with B blood type is probably part Asian. B (and therefore AB) blood types came to Europe with Genghis Khan’s hordes 1000 years ago. Earlier whites are like the Australian Aborigines* which have near 100% A and A+ blood types and no B.

        There are all sorts of weird genes floating about in the white gene pool now. The white race can absorb a lot of foreign genes and still be the white race, but the immigration we are facing now is far beyond that: it is outright genocide.

        *Aborigines came in 3 major waves, each more primitive and savage than the last. The first were basically white cave men.

      • Good points. I first started looking at maps of the invasion of Europe when I noticed a decade ago on some porn sites that darker eastern European women were falsely identified as Mexicans. They look like the local Mexicans, with large breasts, black hair, and brown eyes. The skin may be fairly light. It is for a lot of Mexicans where I live in Texas. Shione Cooper is a good example of the type I’m talking about. She’s Czech, but I’v seen her called a Latina from time to time.

      • Yeah she does not look like a typical Russian woman from European Russia. More like from Uzbek/Tatar+Russia region.

    • She is a standard type of that region. The term “Eurasian” confuses a lot of people, as it refers to several things and even concepts. It is largely a geographic, cultural and political designation. And even if she were “mixed,” to what extent would that be? 0.00000000000003%? I’m just guessing here, I know nothing of this woman. Besides, she’s got a fantastic rack, not many Asian ladies have that.

  2. At first glance, thought she was mixed, but of the Southern Europe type, Spanish or French. Brown eyes and black hair with a tinge of brown (might dye it). She attended University of Toronto, maybe she’s Canadian, so I thought of French coloring. She has the Russian nose and features, also, the figure of Russian women.

    From what I have seen, mixed any nationality with Asian always seem to have slanted eyes, but I’m sure we can find some that don’t.

    Here is one of her latest Tweets.

    1. What some broadly call "cultural Marxism" (in reality–Liberalism) in today's West applies to the USSR in the 1920s under Bolsheviks.— Nina Byzantina (@NinaByzantina) January 2, 2017


    She has a Ph.D., interested mostly in Russian history.

    “Nina Kouprianova

    I am an independent analyst of geopolitics and culture. I earned a PhD (History) from the University of Toronto, focusing on modern and contemporary Russia, culture, and U.S. foreign policy.”

    Funny you posted this. Thought of you Paladin when I looked up Spencer’s wife last week and considered sending her to you, but anticipated you’d find her sooner or later.

      • The “racial” sites are full of half-learned men with full-on opinions competing with each other to out- hardcore the other guy and make a name, albeit an anonymous screen name, for themselves by calling each other faggots and accusing people of things; people who actually do stuff publicly and under their real names. I recommend not wasting any time on such sites, none of them would lift an ass off the a chair for any reason. Let’s not fall into the typical self-sabotage and navel gazing that we are so prone to this time. His wife is not Chinese or anything, so let’s not look for excuses. Thy eyebrows are crafted that way, chicks do that- guys don’t even care about it. And again, she is hot and has a phenomenal, voluptuous body. She should reproduce that body as much as possible.

  3. OK,
    Red hair, green/blue eyes, white skin = Full white
    Blonde Hair, blue/green eyes, white skin = Full white

    If a person is missing one of these traits, you may start referring to as a cross-breed.

    Yours truly here was born as a full white, but early on my hair turned dark, so today, it would be a fair statement to referring to myself as 2/3 white.

    In her case, she is missing both the natural red/blonde hair and blue/green eyes but has retained white skin, so she is only 1/3 white.

    This classification of whiteness of mine has exceptional limitation(s) such as the individual pictured below:

    • @Magna Ubera

      Red hair, green/blue eyes, white skin = Full white
      Blonde Hair, blue/green eyes, white skin = Full white”

      Is this your PERSONAL definition of White? No scientific evidence?

      You say you were born with light hair, then it turned dark, so now you are no longer 100% European. When have you seen a black, Asian, Middle Easterner, or Jew ever born with anything but dark hair unless they were mixed with a White? Some Jews have red hair, but I haven’t seen evidence that they were not mixed with Europeans somewhere in their ancestry. Is there any race that is BORN with light hair other than White Europeans? Many Europeans are born with light hair, then it turns darker as they age.

      Can you explain why several of my friends born with dark hair, blue eyes, and fair skin are 100% European on DNA tests done by 23andme? No black, No Asian, No Middle Eastern. No Jewish.

      Here are a few examples of those who received 100% European results. They are not the results of my friends.

      57% from the British Isles
      24% from Scandinavia
      19% from Western and Central Europe

      British Isles 45%
      Scandinavia 36%
      Southern Europe 15%
      Finland and Northern Siberia 2%
      Eastern Europe 2%

      68% British Isles
      27% Scandinavia
      5% Eastern Europe

      56% Western & Central Europe
      23% Eastern Europe
      21% British Isles

      Not meaning to give you a hard time, just challenging your perception of Europeans.

      • wullfe,

        I was commenting on the White race, you’re commenting on Europeans, I don’t use these words interchangeably as I never consider territory naming as a descriptor for race.

        Greeks are Europeans, but most are definitely not 1/3, 2/3, or full white.

        Most White people are afraid to use the word “White”, so they euphemistically use “European.”

        No nationality, no religion, can be equated with Whiteness.

        Full White

        Full White

        2/3 White

        1/3 White

      • From the perspective of Spencer’s position he should have married an Aryan type. But the estranged wife is white enough for me. Lots of Europeans have some nonwhite DNA because we were invaded so many times by Muslims and Asians, not to mention the blacks that came to Europe in the last few hundred years.

    • In order to combat our extinction/genocide, it is vital to understand and consider that both the blonde/red hair AND the blue/green genes are recessive genes, and that dark hair/dark eyes genes are dominant genes. Having White skin alone will not suffice for the blue/green eyed race to survive, these MUST reproduce among themselves only.

      On a side note, I haven’t forgotten your posting about Drexel University Professor George Ciccarriello-Maher, a denier of the deliberate extinction of our race. I intend to contact him, to ask him to produce his “proof” that our genocide isn’t taking place. I look forward to debunking that.

  4. Oh come on, she’s of Russian decent. Not all brunettes are mixed race. White doesn’t mean just blonde & blue eyed. All you had to do was check her out.

    Personal life
    In 2010, Spencer moved to Whitefish, Montana. He says he splits his time between Whitefish and Arlington, Virginia,[24][44] although he has said he has lived in Whitefish for over 10 years, and considers it home.[35]
    He was married to Russian American writer Nina Kouprianova, also known as Nina Byzantina.[45] As of October 2016, the couple is separated.[13]

    I see nothing Asian in her, however, none of us are professionally trained in finding ethnic diversity in a face alone.

    white-skinned; of European origin.
    “twenty of the therapists were Caucasian, two were African American, and two were Hispanic”
    relating to the Caucasus.
    a white person; a person of European origin.
    “the man is described as being a 50-year-old Caucasian with a full head of graying hair”
    a person from the Caucasus.
    “the Caucasians of Southern Russia”

  5. I firmly-stand behind my PHYSICAL assessment-of-whiteness code. Must I really reiterate however, just how much we, white people are an endangered species that nobody in power/media/academia, etc cares about?

    I am very sorry that, commenter “Cartier McCloud” believes Brunettes are not of a mixture, but I am partially with PJ about being intelligent and identifying with whiteness.

    That being said, if you are born dumb as fuck, if you rape, kill without just cause, a communist, then you are hopelessly a lost cause where exclusion/separation is warranted, irrespective of just how white one might be.

  6. Spencer claims she’s part Georgian. Slav not obvious. Seems to be a mix with Tartar, might have distant Turkic. Cossacks were not a race, but a mix of all the dispossessed and disgruntled of Southern PolishLithuania. Muscovy invaded and got the mixture. She’s mixed. Russian to the core going by her writings. Looks like a white Egyptian.
    A good article on Spencer in ‘Mother Jones’.
    To Greg Johnson = not Euros: To Hitler = all OK.
    Jared Taylor = all White goy – Jew for wife + kike sprog. Make of it what you will.
    Anglo man, Derbyshire, at Brimelows ‘VDare’ White Site, is anti-immigration and pro Jew. Make of it what you will. Throw in the Perverts and Hispanics and the whole thing is a crumbling fruit cake. At least the blax make themselves seen; even at night you can see their eyes hovering above the ground.

    • FYI, Jared Taylor’s wife (well, they’re not technically married but have 2 daughters together) is NOT Jewish. Evelyn Rich is of English extraction, and Rich is a very common historical English surname. Now, some American Jews (e.g. Mark Rich) have had this surname, but they actually changed it from the German “Reich”. (Which is itself way too cool of a surname to let Jews have)

      • Now, I do think Jared is way too easy on Jews, and that this goes beyond mere practicalities of avoiding the JQ as it’s even more dangerous than the racial question (e.g. he fallaciously claims “jews are White” and then minimizes their negative impacts). But unless someone has EVIDENCE that Evelyn is Jewish, this smear must stop.

  7. @Magna Ubera

    If you want to separate White from European, you need to come up with evidence to support your theory.

    Studies show most European-Americans are not mixed with non-Whites.

    “White Americans have Remained “Shockingly European” Despite Decades of Pro-Racial Mixing Propaganda, New DNA Study Reveals.”

  8. In all honesty most western europeans ” are less white than eastern ones and like the jews norse folk have more neanderthal dna than any other race.

  9. She looks like she has some Eastern genes, yes. Perhaps from the Caucus regions. I can’t see why Richard Spencer would think his genes and hers would mesh well. Even white nationalists don’t seem to be that picky. I’m not bashing this woman, just would have picked a girl of German stock if I were him.

  10. Having lived in Ukraine for a while, she looks part Armenian or Georgian (not even Tartar), and several credible sources have stated she’s indeed part Georgian.

  11. Here’s her very Russian grandpa, who served in Murmansk during WWII:

    And this is her half-Georgian grandpa:

    You can try looking for grandmas, if you want to be absolutely precise.

    This is what Georgians look like in general:

    So, no Asians or Tartars here, guys. Just a hint of Caucasian Georgians. Nina is Caucasian.
    She also seems to be a good smart girl from a good family.

  12. Overall, Nina is almost entirely good old North Russian judging by paternal grandpa’s phenotype, bone structure (very similar to Putin’s BTW who comes from the same region), and location, – and – if the second grandma was Russian – only 1/8 Georgian from her maternal grandpa. She also mentions in her blog, that her natural hair color is blonde.

      • I see that she would translate Dougin’s opuses into English, but does not endorse anything, but what she writes herself. Looks like she is not a joiner. Quite a solid girl.
        And her little daughter is absolutely blonde BTW.

    • Beyonce also says her natural hair color is blonde. Most people with dark eyes do not have blonde hair. It’s rare.

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  15. To understand the role of Nina Kourpianova, one should know what KGB used to do in the past and its operations abroad.

    Some Americans are way too naïve about things that true Russians think about them. Russians true nature is racists by its origin and not due to its relation to Aryan to whatever other race. According to recent speech of Putin, Russians possess special genetics that could possible provide them with special role in this world. All this Aryan racism stuff is too stupid and the idea is majorly dead. It is definitely being manipulated from outside of the United States.

    • Thanks, Eurasian American, for your comment on the Russians and how they are conditioned to believe their pretense to superiority. Aryanism is another term which jews often employ in an attempt to split White people away from one another. Aryan is a language, at least by my understanding, but the term implies a superiority over all White people, as well, due to the general association of the term with people with features which are predominantly a Nordic type. I physically fit that profile as well, but I recognize how it is used against our White people as a dividing tool, and I have seen some who have adopted and who use it that way with their on-line personnas, and the ones who do that, I very much suspect are actually jews.

      Too many people in the US of America have been conditioned into believing that “communism is dead”. There is no truth to that, and it is a ploy. A great number of American communists are eager to maintain that story, and jews are heavily represented in almost all communist activities and always have been. Most communists would not be caught dead holding a “membership” card, but they do what communists have always done regardless.

      The communists have been busy in the USA since at least the late 1800;s, and they have never stopped their activities. Much of the reason for their success is that people who knew about them have been afraid to publicly point out that a dominant group of jews have always run communism, and that the “legitimate” front groups and corporations which they use for covering their activities largely are constructed by and run by jews.

      “In 1989, Gorbachev told the Politburo: “Gentlemen, comrades, do not be concerned about all you hear about glasnost and perestroika and democracy in the coming years. These are primarily for outward consumption. There will be no significant change within the Soviet Union, other than for cosmetic purposes. Our aim is to disarm the Americans and let them fall asleep.”

      Canadian environmental guru Maurice Strong and Gorbachev are co-architects of the Earth Charter, which both arrogantly boast is a replacement for the Ten Commandments of Moses.

      As the song says, House Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi has come a long way, Baby. Her long climb to the top came courtesy of two anti-Americans global Pooh-bahs.

      `San Francisco’s Nanny” was a useful tool for UN heavy Maurice Strong and one of Mikhail Gorbachev’s most useful idiots.”

      “(((Nancy Pelosi))): One of Mikhail Gorbachev’s most useful idiots”

  16. I am more disturbed by the fat. I thought he was gay, by mannerism? Why would you marry someone and not have kids with them? And I doubt they’re really estranged if they won’t divorce. She looks quite average, little plastic so it’s hard to tell. I think she claimed eurasian on twitter? In some photos there seems to be an adam’s apple…. She just looks trashy, really can’t take a man seriously when his taste in woman is terrible.

      • Well he lied about them being apart, and they already had one mutt at that point. All libertarians have a thing for Asians, it’s weird. Anyway, his trashy taste aside, I figured out an interesting coincidence. He met this ho in 2009, when he was still a lib, and then suddenly in 2010 was right-wing enough to set up the alternativeright named website? Something’s gotta be off there. Now the breeding sow made a second one,just to keep him on the hook after he claims he tried to pull away (separation). He seems to want to destroy Europe by making it like old America, a loosely defined “white” melting pot, but as mentioned by others, that only partially succeeded because you didn’t let in most Europeans (inc. Russians). It’s still supranationalism but worse than what we have now. Europe needs nations and distinct cultures. I think that’s what Sargon was trying to say, poorly. His version of genocide wouldn’t even allow white nations, which are individualist, for the collectivism of the EU’s member state system. Sub-races exist and have a right to, Spencer!

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