Sh*tstorm Brewing as Cop Slams Young Lady of Color to the Floor at School as She Engaged in a Friendly Bout of Fisticuffs (Video)

That old genetic urge among Negros to engage in cheerful athletic games came to the fore in a North Carolina high school recently.

And then some police officer stuck his nose in the middle of the Olympic-level bout of fisticuffs between two Negresses. Shame on him.

He should have allowed the game to continue, don’cha know?

New York Post

ROLESVILLE, N.C. — North Carolina authorities are investigating after an eight-second video posted Tuesday on Twitter shows a male police officer slamming a female high school student to the floor before pulling her to her feet and leading her away.

Wake County schools spokeswoman Lisa Luten said she’s working with the Rolesville Police Department to get more details. The video shows an officer, surrounded by shouting students at Rolesville High School, lifting and then dropping the girl to the floor.

The video itself doesn’t show what led up to or followed this scene. Rolesville Police Chief Bobby Langston, who didn’t immediately return a message from The Associated Press, told other media that he’s reviewing the case. A subsequent statement said Langston has asked the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation to look into the incident.

Although the Twitter post doesn’t say when the incident occurred, Luten said “it’s fair to assume that it happened today.”

A statement from the town said School Resource Officer Ruben De Los Santos was placed on paid administrative leave, Mayor Frank Eagles said. The officer has been assigned to the school since it opened in 2013, he said. About 2,200 students in the ninth through 12th grades attend the school.


Breaking from abc11

ROLESVILLE, North Carolina (WTVD) — Desiree Harrison said she doesn’t feel her daughter, 15-year-old Jasmine Darwin, is safe at Rolesville High School. She said her daughter now has a concussion and she plans to take her out of the school.

Video sent by an ABC11 Eyewitness shows Darwin being picked up and thrown to the ground by school resource officer Ruben De Los Santos. A second, longer video sent in shows a dramatic fight between two girls which led up to the incident.

In the original 8-second video, a group of students were congregated in an area and then the officer slams the girl on the floor. Police said there was a fight at the school Tuesday morning.

This school is an example of complete black chaos. The teachers know it. The authorities know it. Yet the joke continues that education is being provided to those who have no interest in learning.

Watch on youtube, if you prefer. There’s commentary and a scene from the longer video:

9 thoughts on “Sh*tstorm Brewing as Cop Slams Young Lady of Color to the Floor at School as She Engaged in a Friendly Bout of Fisticuffs (Video)

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  2. The bitch was faking being knocked out. As soon as the cop touches her, she raises her arm so he can more easily help her to her feet. I’ve had two cunts, both white, who pretended that I knocked them down and out. The second one went to jail, with my handcuffs on her.

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