Mixed Race Mugshot Pretty Boy Living in Mansion, Driving $125K Maserati After Release from Prison

Jeremy Meeks--repeat offender, gang member; the tear-drop tattoo indicates he has committed murder, but American women have gone into a sexual frenzy over him

In the Summer of 2014 women around the world went crazy in lust over Jeremy Meeks mugshot, which went viral on the Internet. The sexual frenzy was palpable.

His worldwide fame resulted in Meeks receiving various offers to become a male model. He has the kind of mixed race look that the fashion industry likes these days. He also has a menacing look that the fashion industry likes to see on nonwhite males. White male models tend to be homosexual in appearance.

So, how’s he doing?

Well, let’s just say that crime does pay.


By the way, the teardrop tattoo on his face means he murdered somebody. Apparently, women don’t care.

Daily Mail

The future only looks bright for America’s hottest felon after a life-changing 2016.

Less than a year after he was released from prison in March 2016, Jeremy Meeks happily showed off his new life as he posed with his family by the Christmas tree.

The model then celebrated his eight-year anniversary with his wife before ringing in the New Year.

‘Through thick and thin,’ he wrote in the caption of the picture of the two of them, happily posing at a vineyard as she clutched a bottle of wine.

Meeks first shot to fame in 2014 when his mugshot was posted on the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page.

Three years has done little to dim his success, and Meeks has been happily showing off the rewards of his career on his Instagram page.

In one photo the 32-year-old Meeks poses with his $125,000 Maserati car in front of a beautiful mansion.

‘Good to be home,’ the caption reads.

Another shot shows the model posing shirtless in front of his mansion, which is complete with a water fountain in the front yard and a perfectly groomed lawn.

Meeks was handed a 27-month jail term in 2015 after being charged with illegally possessing firearms and ammo, carrying a loaded firearm in public and criminal street gang activity.

From the small town of Stockton in northern California prior to his arrest, Meeks was brought up in a poor household and began his life of crime after becoming involved with the Northern Crips – a branch of the notorious Los Angeles gang.

He married a local nurse named Melissa, who had two children, at 24 and went on to have a son, now seven, with his wife.

When he was arrested in June 2014 as part of a crackdown on gangs by the Stockton police department, he was charged with five weapons offenses and two counts relating to gang membership.

But two years away did little to dim Meeks’ mugshot fame.

Do you think Meeks will stay out of trouble or will the lure of the adrenalin rush that comes with violating the rules propel him back into prison or an early grave?

Lest you think that men are immune to the charms of pretty lady prisoners …

Men went crazy over this woman’s mugshot. I guess if you’re looking for love, you might try getting yourself arrested and see if that leads anywhere.

beauty mugshot

This is what America has come to in 2017. We have a lot of work to do to clean up our culture and make heroes not of gangsta pretty boys and mugshot ladies, but of solid working class people.

america-as-intended white family

16 thoughts on “Mixed Race Mugshot Pretty Boy Living in Mansion, Driving $125K Maserati After Release from Prison

  1. The tear drop tattoo normally means someone close to you died. Often in prison or killed in a gang war

    You don’t really advertise your criminal record for the police like that.

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  3. Good God. Is it any wonder normal men see no need to participate in the labor force or in society in general beyond the bare minimum? Go ‘head Murca, keep rewarding douchebags.

  4. I’m sorry but that pic of him gave me the creeps. He has psychopathic killer eyes. American women sigghhhh definitely have a death wish if they insist on chasing the devil.

    One other thing; when I saw is picture, holy crap! He could be an exact body double a for a mud
    I knew and hung around with 30 years ago he was ONE CREEPY DUDE but all the white cucks chased him like puppies

  5. “Teardrop tattoo. … The tattoo can have various meanings: it can signify that the wearer has killed someone or has spent time in prison; that the wearer was raped while incarcerated or it can acknowledge the loss of a family or fellow gang member. Sometimes, only the wearer will know the exact meaning of the tattoo.”

    Did he make all that money modeling??? Guess so:


    He shaves his head because his coon heritage shows in his hair.

    On the bright side, he’s turned his life around and seems to be doing good for himself and his family. Few felons can do that.

    • “On the bright side, he’s turned his life around and seems to be doing good for himself and his family. Few felons can do that.”

      Lets see how that plays out when the looks fade, and the money stops flowing.

      • Maybe, but he won’t lose his skinny looks for decades and by then, hopefully, through wifely influence, will have saved most of his money and can retire with ease and/or goes into another business.

        You can rag on him all you want but 1. he couldn’t help how he was born and 2. he’s one of the few half coons that has made a success of his life.

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