Chicago Tribune Breaks Media Silence on #BLMKidnapping Torture of White Retarded Youth


Youtube will probably take down the above “toilet water” video soon, but it looks like people who know how to save and repost videos are bypassing youtube’s censorship. It was taken down. The above full video is functional as of 6 a.m. Central Time.

The Trib does a pretty good job of reporting the story. It’s one of the better papers in America when it comes to truthful reporting.

Chicago Tribune

Four people are in custody for allegedly being involved in the attack of a mentally disabled man broadcast on Facebook Live that included obscenities about Donald Trump, authorities said.

The 18-year-old man was found wandering the Homan Square neighborhood in shorts late Tuesday afternoon in the 3400 block of West Lexington Street, Chicago police said.

Police believe the man, who is mentally disabled, was missing from Crystal Lake, and may have been attacked at a home about a block east from where officers found him, police said.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said in a news conference Wednesday evening at Chicago police headquarters that authorities were still determining what charges to bring against the four people who were arrested in the case, and that charging them with a hate crime is a possibility.

“It’s sickening. It makes you wonder what would make individuals treat somebody like that,” Johnson said of the video. “I’ve been a cop for 28 years and I’ve seen things that you shouldn’t see. It still amazes me how you still see things that you just shouldn’t.”

“I’m not going to say it shocked me but it was sickening.”

If you click on his Tweet, Vinson has additional videos related to this “sickening” crime.


The video shows a woman and other people cutting the shirt off a white man with his mouth taped shut, cutting the man’s hair off with a knife and pushing the man’s head with a foot, and while using profanity against Trump and “white people.”

The woman can be seen smoking something, while arguing with someone else on the video about who might see it.

By Wednesday evening, the original posting of the video had been taken down, but had been reposted by numerous people on YouTube, Facebook and other sites.

The man found Tuesday is believed to have disappeared from where he lives, met up with someone he considered a friend, and then got involved with a group of people who stole a van from Streamwood, Illinois, according to police.

Not long after police found the man Tuesday, officers were called to the home in the 3300 block of West Lexington about 5:25 p.m., and found signs of a struggle and property damage that they linked to the man, according to police. The victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment and later released.

The officers later found out about the Facebook Live video, which shows “a battery of an adult male (who) is believed to be the same” man, and which detectives consider “credible,” according to a police release.

“After his treatment at the hospital, he was released and his parents came into (the) Area North Detective Division,” said Area North Cmdr. Kevin Duffin, in the news conference.

The victim was “traumatized” after being detained for at least 24 hours, he said.

The four people being questioned—two men and two women– have given videotaped statements, Duffin said. The Cook County state’s attorney’s office was interviewing the victim and his family and charges were expected within 24 hours.

Police will “determine whether or not this is sincere or just stupid ranting and raving” to help decide whether to pursue hate crime charges, Duffin said.

24 thoughts on “Chicago Tribune Breaks Media Silence on #BLMKidnapping Torture of White Retarded Youth

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  2. So what excuses for this will SJWs come up with? Any guesses? I’m going with the “it’s staged!!!” one, or perhaps the Russians put them up to it.

  3. Monkey’s torturing a human. The Chicago police are playing this down along with the media, the disgusting negro deserves no mercy come the day of the rope.

  4. I don’t know who posted this at 8 Chan, but it is said to be a collection of nigger tweets about this. I’ve got my dogs trained and ready and they are ready for a good old-fashioned hunt. They know where to look, and that they are all hiding behind the jews house, Hollywood and MSM, and Soro’s BLM, and that they are the one who put the black hoodlums up to it – maybe not “directly”, but with that very same intent – to hide behind others who do the jew’s dirty work, while the jew pretends to have “clean hands”.

    • The more that blacks reveal their true feelings on social media, the better our chances of waking up normies who are in denial. I don’t like the format used in the collage because it’s hard to read, but by squinting I made out a lot of the nasty comments. We need to divorce these creatures ASAP. Exposing the Jew’s role in anything nefarious is always difficult. We just have to keep plugging away at it.

      • I just posted the URL I had, Saboteur, and didn’t know that it would open up like that. I thought it would go to the site to show. If you click a 2nd time on it, it gets bigger and a little more clear.

      • I agree with you, Saboteur, but it is time for people to really wake up. If it is not obvious by now that America is going the way of South Africa, and doing so very fast, then the people will never wake up. Just because the media doesn’t report it, and it is too depressing for people to search for the information themselves which delves on “unpleasant” and “negative” subjects, it doesn’t mean that some people are not out soon to kill you while you are blithely enjoying your latte – and to take your country away.

        If you don’t realize that you SHOULD hate somebody who is trying to kill you, or if you don’t realize that they are by their actions trying to kill you, or if you fail to do something to stop them when that does become obvious that they are trying to kill you – then THAT is when you need to be psychoanalyzed!

        It matters little when the person who hates you reminds you that we “are all created equal” when you are rendered dead – or so ineffective as to prevent them continuing to harm you and kill those you love. There are times to make a stand. At a point further down, you will not have that chance of a reasonable defense.

        It shouldn’t matter that your TV and jews-media, and your scientists, your preachers, or your philosophy professors say otherwise. At a point further down, they are continually working so that you will not have that chance of a reasonable defense.

  5. Here is a copy of an older comment I had once made, and I’m not sure if the links still work, but the information still applies. This needs to change – now – back to the way it once was, when this country ran right. The jews passed this legislation behind the scenes – for themselves (jews qualify for minority status and preferences, as do the minorities that jews use for influence and to gain added power), and to hurt White people and gain control over White businesses.
    Flanders says:

    Most Whites cannot and do not even comprehend how much discrimination it is that THEY have been subjected to. From the 1960’s onward the White system of business which hired people based on merit and need of the employer, changed due to jewish instigated “affirmative action” laws. Those Whites who have been affected by “affirmative action” have been victimized since that time, not remembering that there was another and better system. Most have come to accept their banishment from employment, despite being deserving, as just an incomprehensible luck of the draw. Instead, employment has become a weapon for political correctness management and it used to punish Whites.

    Here are only a few of the barebone basic laws which operate for that effect:

    “General population polls conducted by Gordon Black Associates in 1984 and by the National Opinion Research Center in 1990 suggest that 1-in-10 white men has been injured by affirmative action. This figure alone adds up to millions. Circumstantial evidence suggests even larger numbers.

    Preferential policies were instituted during an intensely competitive era when huge cohorts of baby boomers crowded job markets increasingly constrained by international competition, lean-and-mean downsizing movements, and tax revolts. Thus, affirmative action often occurred in zero-sum contexts; someone was quota-ed in at another’s expense.

    My research indicates that reverse discrimination’s bite has varied by age, geography, occupation, and private or public sector. Most vulnerable have been public-sector white men under the age of 45 with people-oriented skills. Their phone calls flood radio talk-show programs on this topic.

    Many more white men may not have been fully aware that they were being injured by behind-the-scenes tactics such as “race-norming” of employment tests by public testing agencies, and many private ones. (The EEOC only recently stopped pressuring corporations to use such procedures.) Nor have they been told of the drive to tie managers’ bonuses to affirmative action hiring and promotion records.” – 11/11/91 Wall Street Journal (J), p A12, “Tales From an Oppressed Class”

  6. Most Whites don’t understand how the typical negro hates them , sees civilized White behavior as feminine and soft etc.

    The pro White movement is anti working class White, most Pro Whites dislike men like me almost as much as they dislike negros, but negros fear me and hold middle class/ upper middle class Whites in disdain

  7. This is why intellectuals calling for the genocide of Whites should be prosecuted.

    Did anyone send copied to Obi and Hillery ?

  8. US government TROOPS to the streets of this CRAP town NOW! Lock down the Capitol with US TROOPS until the 20th!

    MAN UP WHITTIE! this is just begining.

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