Trump Supporters Forming Circular Firing Squads in Tweetwars: Bill Mitchell vs Amy Moreno is All About Race


Alt-light Trump supporter Bill Mitchell, a small-time radio personality, became big on Twitter over the last year for his support of the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Now, he’s disavowed the alt-right, accused by Baked Alaska and others of backstabbing in order to go mainstream for the money.

Writer Ames (aka Amy Moreno) has refused to disavow the alt-right while claiming that she’s not a racist and has no problem with Jews. Bill Mitchell is allegedly wanting her to disavow.

Bill Mitchell has responded via this video:

And via Twitter:

More …

There’s also fake Mitchell Tweets like this one:

When you throw Baked Alaska, Mike Cernovich, and Microchip into the mix, the Twitter wars are going full speed ahead. Trump is staying out of it and who could blame him.

We need a diplomat who can broker a peace agreement among Trump supporters between now and the inauguration on January 20. I have a feeling that the liberal press is going to try to sabotage the Deploraball movement on January 19 in order to keep the narrative alive that civic nationalist Donald Trump is a hard-core racist and the new Hitler. Probably by sending in ringers who throw the Nazi salute.

7 thoughts on “Trump Supporters Forming Circular Firing Squads in Tweetwars: Bill Mitchell vs Amy Moreno is All About Race

  1. It’s not just alt-whatevers that do this. WNs are notorious for this sort of thing, demanding the immediate disavowal of X,Y and Z, changing from day to day. This is simply a flaw in humanity, “prove to me (a guy you don’t know and would never help you) that you are righteous, disavow!!!!!” is really the main cause of any setback, far more than any alleged “agents,” of which I no longer believe are “everywhere.” But hey, lets just go ahead and wreck this Trump thing before it even starts; it would be out of character to do otherwise.

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  3. I don’t agree about Trump supporters, Paladin. The fact is that there are always going to be people trying to “cash in” on new trends or the presidency. Since Trump is both of these, there will be all sorts of riff raff who will try to become high profile just so they can make a buck off of their followers, principles or righteousness be damned.

    Speaking for myself, the alt right is about jewish political power, because that is the actual head of the medusa. Everything else is a snake given life because it is attached to the head.

    The safe bet is to be pro Trump and pro jewish, since you are unlikely to face any consequences in the work place.

    The fact that this loser got someone fired means he goes into my book for future retribution.

  4. Don’t know much about Moreno, but Mitchell blocking many Trump White Nationalists. He’s worried though because he’s been talking about why he doesn’t support the Alt-Right for days, possibly, thinking he will lose his many White Nationalist followers listening to his radio program, so he must convince those listening he is right. He quit his job as a head hunter not too long ago to do this full time.

    Here are a few comments he made this morning.

    Just received a message from Trump Tower that they appreciate and support my efforts. My thanks to them. Likewise.— Bill Mitchell (@mitchellvii) January 3, 2017


    60 million people died in WW2. #WhiteGenocide would require 4 WW2's where only whites died. It is preposterous paranoia.— Bill Mitchell (@mitchellvii) January 3, 2017

    Looks like I'll be appearing on the Jesse Watters Show on FoxNewsthis Saturday Night at 8 ET. Make sure you tune in. 🙂— Bill Mitchell (@mitchellvii) January 3, 2017

    You know something I never see these alt-righters attacking me doing? Praising Trump. They never mention Trump.— Bill Mitchell (@mitchellvii) January 3, 2017

    Anyone who voted for Trump hoping he was a racist will be sorely disappointed. He is the exact opposite of a racist.— Bill Mitchell (@mitchellvii) January 3, 2017

    Donald Trump disavows 'alt-right' –— Bill Mitchell (@mitchellvii) January 3, 2017

    Trump statement on the alt-right:"Idon't want to energize the group, and I disavow the group."— Bill Mitchell (@mitchellvii) January 3, 2017

    @mitchellvii 1/3 to 1/2 of your followers are probably alt-right m8.— cver(@cverghost) January 3, 2017

    @mitchellvii Bill. Please stop. It's just so off to see you going after people who voted for Trump and using CNN to do it. Let it go.— Deplorable IJC (@IJCFilm) January 3, 2017

    Surprisingly, I had never even heard of this Spencer dude until just a few months ago.— Bill Mitchell (@mitchellvii) January 3, 2017

    Disturbing Mitchell received a supportive message from Trump Tower. Mitchell is good, probably too good. Very intelligent and intuitive. He will not hear any doubt, no questions, or criticisms of Trump whatsoever from Tweeters. I get the impression if Trump suddenly stopped walking, Mitchell would end up in his azz. But, Mitchell is as guilty as Trump. Wasn’t familiar with Alt-Right, didn’t take the initiative to dig deeper past those who glorify Hitler and make hostile remarks about minorities, to really find out that White Genocide is the reality.

  5. Mitchell born in 1961, 4 years short of the 1965 Immigration Act, then 12 years plus 4 years of non-resistant indoctrination in civil rights and open immigration education. Explains his views. Surprised he apologized.

    So the Guardian says, Trump looking into the Alt-Right to understand the movement. We’ll see!

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