Obama Takes In 606% More Syrian Refugees Than Last Year, 98.8% Muslim

Sobering facts that should bother any Christian or Muslim-wise person in America.

Excerpt from Planet Free Will

The Obama administration’s refugee resettlement program totally took off in 2016 with 15,479 Syrian refugees having been admitted to the U.S, a 606% increase from the resettlement numbers of last year.

In his last month of the presidency alone, Obama admitted 1,307 more Syrian refugees to the states.

Overall, 98.8% of the refugees the president has welcomed into the country are Muslim.

CNS News Breaks it down:

–15,302 (98.8 percent) are Muslims – 15,134 Sunnis, 29 Shi’a, and 139 other Muslims

–125 (0.8 percent) are Christians – 32 Catholics, 32 Orthodox, five Protestants, four Jehovah’s Witnesses, and 52 refugees described only as “Christian” in State Department Refugee Processing Center data
–43(0.27 percent) are Yazidis
–eight are “other” religion and one is described as having “no religion”
–3,904 (25.2 percent) are males between the ages of 14 and 50
–3,521 (22.7 percent) are females aged 14-50
–7,428 (47.9 percent) are children under 14, of whom 3,824 are boys and 3,604 are girls.
While there were 13,287 less refugees admitted in 2015, the religious ratio was similarly skewed: 2,149 Muslims (98 percent) and only 31 Christians (1.4 percent).

Sunni Muslims account for a majority of Syria’s population – an estimated 74 percent were present in the country when the deadly Syrian conflict began in 2011.

Obama only has 19 more days to wreck the lives of more Americans. What will he do next?

14 thoughts on “Obama Takes In 606% More Syrian Refugees Than Last Year, 98.8% Muslim

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  2. Remember, Trump said he’s sending all of them back even though, for me, some doubt is setting in. Will their countries take them back? We must hold him to his promise.

      • Yes, appears to be coming from Richard Spencer! Much about two Jews placed in financial positions and possibly, Jared Kushner somewhere by Trump.

        The propaganda being passed around is Trump is in bed with Jews, far from the truth, throw him to the alligators.

        Haven’t seen anything like this from Anglin.

        Maybe, you know much more. Let us know.

  3. Trump didn’t pick his cabinet for what THEY want to do, it’s what he wants them to do. They agreed by accepting their positions. As for using billionaires, a sign of success and doers, was the reason Trump chose them. I see nothing wrong with running the country like a business; which includes getting rid of the dead meat like illegals, refugees, and others unable to contribute.

    I do agree with some of what Wallace said.

    “embrace of the LGBTQ community.”

    “For a year and a half, it did not escape our notice that Trump talked about The Blacks, The LGBT community, The Hispanics, but never once mentioned The Whites who, as it turned out, were the sole cause of his upset victory on November 8th.”

    I noticed and it was particularly disturbing to me.

    “But, Ryan Zinke (Interior) was a saving grace of the Cabinet, but even he put out a press release condemning Richard Spencer and “hate groups” in Whitefish, Montana.”

    Richard Spencer and Andrew Anglin are responsible for their condemnation by using Hitler symbols, even Spencer’s haircut. Spencer even had the gall to tell blacks in college to their faces their IQ’s are much lower than Whites. Both make some rather shocking statements I’d never say if I wanted my message to be taken seriously. Not the way to win over a presidential candidate who will be president to minorities as well.

    Why couldn’t they stay silent until after the campaign was over?

    I am concerned about some of Trump’s choices appearing to appease the left and GOP establishment by including minority women, Jews, and possibly an Hispanic to show he’s inclusive, not racist, anti-semitic, and a misogynist rather than choosing those best for the country. Also, disturbing is his overly zealous support for Israel as if it’s a 51st state. To be fair, he was very concerned about Germany, France, and UK.

    Wallace evidently doesn’t like General Mattis, either, one of Trump’s and our favorite Generals.

    I do think the Alt-Right has been highly responsible for giving the left ammunition to attack Trump when they knew he needed some of the left to win. Again, this Hitler love affair, open hostility, colorful labels and adjectives towards women, blacks, Mexicans, and all Jews is much too obvious to me; therefore, obvious to the left and White supporters who are not nationalists. It’s always, “we don’t hate them,” but from the language that’s used, it certainly sounds like they do.

    How many times did I say during the campaign what the Alt-Right was saying is hurting Trump. Did he have any other choice but to disavow them?

    • I’ve got another post on Bill Mitchell coming up later before dawn if things work out. There’s also more going on that I may have a post about. I have the term “circular firing squad” in the title of one of these drafts because that’s what’s going on.

      I’m glad you read Wallace’s piece. That’s the one I was talking about. Some say that Spencer and Anglin are agents of the ADL, intending to incite and ignite the left. Of course, some say pretty much the same thing about Trump.

      On Spencer’s site, it’s clear that Trump is seen as the means to an end, not the end itself. I think the goal is actually to have Trump fail so that the radical right is embraced by “normies.” I’m not sure this is smart. It could end up with race realism, white nationalism, etc totally destroyed, with Trump replaced by Michelle Obama in 2020.

  4. If a watered down message, just to appease a minority who is never satisfied, is continiously used then there is no point pushing back. Tell them the truth whether they like it or not. Trillions have been spent, gov’t programs, expensive and over reaching, have been created, stupid cultural demands are forever being rearranged and even destroyed for convinence sake and still the minority insists it is not enough. That smacks of tyranny and not a desire to be ‘equal’ but elevated. It has emboldened the Negro to resort to violence without fear of consequences. Tell them the truth and to hell with their pained reactions. They have no intention of sparing you, so if no quarter is given don’t reciprocate.

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