Cute Phillies’ “Pistachio Girl” Fired For Being A White Nationalist


Emily is not just a defender of the white race, but she’s also Jew wise too.

Besides being fired, Emily was screwed out of $2,500 by crowdfunding site (Note: Since drafting this post, Mary Freedom, the author of the Tweet below, has been banned by Twitter again for her pro-white Tweets. Ridiculous!)


Emily Youcis, better known as “Pistachio Girl” at Philadelphia Phillies games, has been fired from her vendor job by Aramark, because she couldn’t stop supporting white nationalism online.

Pistachio Girl was known for her distinct singing as she hawked concessions, even after the park stopped selling pistachios:

The 26-year-old Youcis talked about her firing in a YouTube interview Saturday and addressed it on Twitter Sunday.

Via, Aramark released a statement explaining that Youcis was fired for “publicly connecting our company to views that contradict our values.”

Youcis appeared in a video of a Nov. 19 anti-fascism protest of white supremacist Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute in Washington, D.C. She walked around with a microphone and asked if anyone wanted to have a discussion; a brief fight broke out near her but nothing else really happened. That probably had to do with her termination. It probably also had to do with how she tweets about the white race being threatened:

She also really doesn’t like Muslims:

“I was like a god there,” Youcis said of her old ballpark in Saturday’s YouTube interview. “I owned that stadium.”

Hopefully the Phillie Phanatic does not hold similar beliefs. That’d break my heart.

15 thoughts on “Cute Phillies’ “Pistachio Girl” Fired For Being A White Nationalist

  1. Wow! What are the odds that jew in this country would be going, “white power” when it seems like the majority of the weaselly bastards continously support politicians who care less about the plight of jews OR christians world wide?

  2. Shows how afraid the (((elites))) are when they will get a poor girl fired from a minimum wage job.


  3. This young woman is very talented. She has a very nice voice and has the ability to make her videos. The videos amaze me, because I do not have the talent or knowledge for creating such things. She did get a raw deal. It is next to impossible in our Jew Matrix and BRA for evil YT to stand up for evil YT interests and the evil YT culture without losing one’s job and being black-balled. I myself am waiting for the end of the month til my retirement, and I will be free of the Jew Matrix. At that point, I will be helping to support people like this young lady and others who are standing up and speaking out for our interests. I look forward to attending the forums of RIchard Spencer and others who are leading the charge at this time. It will be a long uphill slog, but I sure as sh*t am not going to be shut out in my own country.

  4. Pretty, smart and White, a rarity among this useless generation. She knows the score so she’ll hold her own, like the rest of us do.

  5. It is amazing how quickly the hammer will drop on a white person who in even the slightest way dares go against the narrative. To all those who would complain about the modern white woman she should 1) give us hope and 2) inspire support on her behalf. It is high time we adopted a page from our enemies and started to take care of our own who run afoul of ZOG / NOG / NWO.

    • Again, it shows how terrified the (((elites))) are. They stamp down hard and fast on people (White people) for making simple harmless statements.

      There are a number of men, in Britain, in prison for just this. One was killed last week. He left a bacon sandwich at a mosque.

      Behavior, such as this is self defeating. It draws more attention to our cause. In a strange sort of way they are helping us.

      In America a couple of weeks back, a supplier refused to sell LPG to Trump voters. Again he is doing our job for us.

      The left are the most bigoted people around.

  6. She has the potential to get max exposure. She is talented. Is sexy when she wants to be. And is what the alt-R> needs—more female representation. Apart from Rebel Media’s group of gals and few here and theres, there just aren’t enough chicks in this.

    When you can make viddies like this one—you are getting it right:

  7. I was just about to ask if you’ve ever heard of Emily Youcis. I discovered her through Evalion a couple days ago, and I saw that video where she asked anybody for a discussion and got protested. I first saw her on the Gavin McInnes show (an Irish-Canadian sell-out who doesn’t tell the whole truth) handing him back his balls on a silver platter. I didn’t realize how attractive she was until I saw the first 60 seconds of that video of her outside the NPI conference. This is from her official YouTube channel. Subscribe to it. Beautiful, European and anti-Semitic. She’s also funny and has great personality (and fellas, she has triple-Ds…). I’d love to make her my wife.

    • Haha. I had you in mind when I posted her story. Glad you saw it and glad you already knew who she is. Now, if you can just get in touch (pun intended) with her triple Ds and get to getting married and making babies.

      • haha. I’d love to, but now that she has been on CNN, my chances of being her lucky husband are significantly thinned out. I object to her past degenerate cartoons, but anybody can change. If I ever get my hands on her, though, I’ll be trying to make her babies ASAP.

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