Britain’s Brave Katie Hopkins Creates Outrage Over Neo-Nazi Retweet on Racism




Race realist Katie Hopkins is probably the most demonized woman in Britain. She’s said some things in the past about Muslims and about British sovereignty that are truthful, but don’t fit the “narrative.”

Today’s Katie scandal du jour is much ado about nothing.

Evening Standard

Katie Hopkins has provoked fury on social media after retweeting praise for her views on racism from a neo-Nazi Twitter account.

The loudmouth columnist had been sharing a recording of her show on LBC in which a caller called Joseph told her she came across as racist.

It featured her telling him: “I genuinely believe ‘racist’ as a word has been used so much.

“I’m sorry for the word racist in a way. I love language.

“It’s become used so much, it’s like a regular word now, it’s lost all meaning to me.”

After the show ended she tweeted the clip, writing: “Call me racist. I don’t care. I will stand up for white women being raped because you’re scared to offend Muslims.”

She later retweeted a message praising her from an account called AntiJuden SS, which featured a Nazi swastika on its avatar.

The tweet read: “Now that is the way it should be told.”

Horrified followers slammed her on Twitter.

The presenter later deleted the retweet, saying: “To be fair, I didn’t look at the Twitter handle. I have pulled the retweet.”

It’s too bad Katie pulled the retweet, but I forgive her. There’s been too many people wanting her fired for her to take unnecessary risk. The original retweet stands on it’s own merits.

This whole flap has drawn attention to the idea that racial profiling is good and that the word “racist” has lost its meaning since the left considers anything a white person says to be racist now.

5 thoughts on “Britain’s Brave Katie Hopkins Creates Outrage Over Neo-Nazi Retweet on Racism

  1. That is hilarious! I might be wrong but I think we are getting close to the point where being a Nazi will be the new cool thing to be. Or maybe whites like me just get so sick of the left they just default so far right they become real Nazis.

    • Become a Nazi just to rebel for the hell of it. I’m getting there myself, although my mission here is to try to reach normies and get them to see the truth without getting all freaked out by swastikas and such.

      • Good point. Plus the swastikas and my fire-breathing borderline legal rhetoric has made it almost near impossible to find anyone willing to host my websites. They have been banned and removed instantly from close to half a dozen hosting companies now. The hosting company they are at now promised me they would stay up, but I was forced to buy an expensive VPS with extra DDOS protection. I have to say however, with the cache plug-in I now have on them, with the VPS, the sites are LIGHTING FAST! Plus my location is thousands of miles away from where they are hosted.

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