Blacks Accuse Black Actor of “Colorism” Over Christmas Photo


Given that they are just 13 percent of the population, blacks sure are a pain in the ***.

Everything to them is about skin color.

Daily Mail

A black actor’s holiday photograph sparked a social media backlash over colorism – because some people thought a black woman with a dark complexion looked like she was being excluded from a group of lighter-skinned women.

Actor and model Lance Gross, who is best known for his role on the TBS sitcom Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, posted the holiday photo of himself and his wife Rebecca Jefferson and their seven friends to his Twitter.

Everyone in the image is paired up, except for one woman who is sitting off to the side with a look of disinterest on her face.

It sparked a fierce debate with some social media users quick to accuse Gross of colorism because the woman concerned is the only one without a partner, is on the fringes of the group and is darker skinned than the other women.

One commenter wrote: ‘This picture says white supremacy has won.’

The issue of colorism has become a controversial topic, particularly among black women who say that the degree of their skin’s darkness has an effect on their social mobility.

‘In this country, because of deeply entrenched racism, we already know that dark skin is demonized and light skin wins the prize,’ Lori Tharps, a Temple University associate professor, wrote in Time.

‘And that occurs precisely because this country was built on principles of racism. It cannot be overstated that if racism didn’t exist, a discussion about varying skin hues would simply be a conversation about aesthetics.

‘But that’s not the case. The privileging of light skin over dark is at the root of an ill known as colorism.’

The light skinned black female, with a large admixture of white genes, is a prize to the wealthy and famous African gentleman.

He has his own preferences and they aren’t for the pure-blood African women, who have my sympathy.

7 thoughts on “Blacks Accuse Black Actor of “Colorism” Over Christmas Photo

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  2. Jesus, they coined another “ism”. All I see regards these women are negresses, mulattos, and mudsharks. This photo is the last thing I would like to see for Christmas.

  3. Not White Supremacy when blacks accuse their own race of preferring lighter skinned females, but I can see why blacks have a problem with this photo. The coupling with males hanging all over their lighter skinned mates is rude and insensitive to the single female who obviously feels left out. Even if all the females were dark, it’s still insensitive to pose for a photo like this.

  4. A few race-traitors there. Colourism? They always go for lighter meat, so why such disdain? If these people knew fear, there wouldn’t be such diversions…

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