Thanks, Diversity! The Middle Class White Family Can’t Afford to Live in a City Anymore

Let me add some context to the excerpt on housing affordability in this post. The source article leaves out a couple of things.

White liberals with significant incomes (doctors, lawyers, business execs, university administrators, etc.) and Jewish professionals who preach the benefits of diversity don’t want diversity around except in token amounts. This subtle discrimination leads to middle-class whites being frozen out of the housing market because of high prices created by costly regulations favored by liberals and Jews.

Meanwhile, wealthy Chinese and Hindus move into cities after migrating from their own countries to the U.S. They come with hundreds of thousands of dollars in their pockets, ready to buy up homes, thus also freezing out middle class whites (and blacks).

The housing affordability problem affects London, Sydney, and a host of other cities being flooded with diversity. This article focuseson the U.S.

Excerpt from Wired

The affordability crisis in US cities is not just about buying homes. Rents, too, have been rising since the Great Recession. In the coastal and hot cities like Denver and Austin, those increases have put even rentals out of reach for many in the middle class–defined as those making between $50 to $125,000 depending on household size. In 2016, the capital required to sign a lease on the average-priced $3,500-a-month apartment in San Francisco often topped $12,000, thanks owing to requirements for first and last months rent plus security deposits and a broker fee.

The savings that used to be associated with the middle class has dried up in the past few years, as interest rates stayed low and wage growth stagnated. Not only does this make it harder for people to stay in the middle class, but it makes coming up with high sums to rent or buy city apartments impossible.

“It’s very hard to get people to understand that the affordable housing crisis is not for the very poor,” says lawyer Mechele Dickerson of the University of Texas, an expert in housing and the middle class. It’s for people with good jobs who are not poor enough to qualify for subsidized housing, nor rich enough to pay the rising housing prices. “A family that makes $100,000 can’t afford to buy a house in most US cities,” Dickerson says.

NIMBY Naysayers
The intractability of the middle class’ affordable housing problem stems largely from strict zoning laws that restrict building new housing, and the not-in-my-backyard mindsets of homeowners who oppose affordable housing initiatives.

“Housing issues are a product of economic growth in the city bumping up against strict zoning constraints, that’s what leads to the unaffordability problem,” says David Shulman, Senior Economist at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. “You don’t want to stop economic growth.”

The opposition to change drives the price of the existing housing supply up—which homeowners love—and ripples into the rental market. Landlords are able to charge more, and long-time rental residents get displaced when they can’t afford the new prices. That’s what’s happening in Fort Hill, a traditionally African American neighborhood that is whitening every year as black residents who’ve rented there for decades are replaced by high-turnover college students willing to pay the ever-higher market rates for apartments.

“As a landlord, if you can turn it over, you’re always at the market, and you want to turn it over faster,” says Lee Lin, economist and cofounder of the rental site Rent Hop.

The price difference below illustrates how demand and supply factors can mean big differences in housing prices.

7 thoughts on “Thanks, Diversity! The Middle Class White Family Can’t Afford to Live in a City Anymore

  1. A lot of rich people in China and Russia buy multiple houses in the States with the aim of renting them out, not living in them. I would definitely support some big restrictions or limits on foreign ownership of American real estate.

    • I know a mall business owner in Cambridge; been there for 50 yeas or so and hoping to retire soon. He old me that mega wealthy chinese, hindus, muzzies are buying up any and everything in Mass. He said het are busing entire blocks and neighborhoods in Boston and surrounding towns, holding them as investments, then selling them for outrageous markups. I know in Boston they are leveling neighborhoods, replacing them with the ugliest eyesore 20-40 floor ultra-upscale mixed use high rises (rents for studios start around 2500$/month and up. I walked with some of the people being displaced by this (resident for 30 or more years) and they said “chinese and middle eastern investors are buying up entire floors of these new high rises even before the the walls are roughed in”

      This trend is criminal, downright evil if you ask me, but who am I but some frustrated old white dude

  2. Unless a city’s residents are Caucasian, a city is not worth living in. Every big city I have been to has a core that is negro or Hispanic. They are everywhere, meandering and pan-handling. Well, the blacks do most of the pan-handling. Every large city in America is infested with colored mystery-meat. In most cities, they occupy a section i.e. browntown, and in others they seem to be scattered in pockets. Regardless, their presence is disturbing and dangerous, because it is the blacks and browns who are responsible for 80% of America’s crime (violent crime). Stupid, drug-addicted evil YT’s (who get their drugs from the blacks and browns) are responsible for the rest. I see these colored people living in cities like New York City, San Franciso, LA, DC. I ask myself how can they afford to live in these cities? Of course, the answer is evil YT’s tax dollars in the form of welfare. Every large American city is a liberal cess-pit of high taxes, too high property values, toll roads, illegals, and colored minorities. There is no large American city in which I have ever felt safe without carrying a firearm. Maybe one day we will rid ourselves of the colored people. and evil YT can once again inhabit these places. Make America White Again.

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