Norway Reverses Course on Wolf Slaughter

The hunting of wolves should be banned entirely, but we’ll take what we can get. Banning all wolf hunting is the white … er … right thing to do.

The Local Norway

Norway’s climate and environment minister, Vidar Helgesen, on Tuesday announced that the government has drastically reduced the hunting quota for wolves, following accusations of sanctioning a “mass slaughter” of the predators.

Helgesen said that the Justice Ministry concluded that “there is no legal basis” for allowing hunters to target four wolf packs in Hedmark.

The ministry has therefore cut the hunting quota from 47 to 15 wolves.

The government had announced in September that the 47 wolves could be hunted in a move that was hailed by farmers but decried by environmental groups outraged that such a large proportion of the 65-68 registered wolves in Norway would be fair game for hunters.

“This is pure mass slaughter,” Nina Jensen, the head of the Norwegian branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), said at the time. “We haven’t seen anything like this in almost 100 years, when the policy at the time was to exterminate all the big predators.”

On Tuesday, Jensen took to Twitter to personally thank Helgesen for “standing up for nature”.

The course reversal came just days before the hunting season was scheduled to begin on January 2nd. Nearly 300 hunters had planned hunts for the four wolf packs that have now been spared.

Norway is big enough and rural enough for hundreds or even thousands of wolves to live. Send migrants home. Save the wolves.

7 thoughts on “Norway Reverses Course on Wolf Slaughter

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  2. Or, feed the migrants to the wolves. Process them like they used to do horses for dogfood. The wolves are certainly less dangerous.

  3. Any ranchers here? This is a sore subject of mine! Have to ask since I don’t want to get into a battle with them…again! They tell me I don’t understand. I do understand! Ranchers won’t give an inch to protecting wolves!

    This wolf killing goes on here, too, shot from planes, often not killed instantly. They wander around in pain for weeks before they die. They resettled them here from Canada, then kill them!

    Ranchers constantly gripe when a few of the cattle are killed, blame the wolves, but most often it’s something else. The Feds and Humane Society pay them for any cattle killed if proven it’s wolves, probably why ranchers say it’s wolves. Hey, it’s couldn’t have been coyotes! They complain even though they are paid a fair price.

    One wolf ventures outside Yellowstone and a rancher is standing there with a gun.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the cattle, too, but consider ranchers who allow them to roam miles unprotected. The ranchers care for them so much, they let them stand and have babies in knee deep snow, nothing to eat in sight. Sometimes the babies freeze to death. They wander in very hot and freezing weather. How cruel is this? I saw it myself. So careless about their cattle, but want all wolves killed.

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