George Michael ‘killed himself on Christmas Day after numerous suicide attempts’, boyfriend’s Twitter account claims


Most homosexuals have difficulty coping with life in spite of the almost complete acceptance of them today. It almost seems to me that they were happier back in the 50s when they were in the closet to a large degree.

George Michael’s boyfriend now claims he killed himself on Christmas Day. Is that right? Well, virtually every non-heterosexual person I ever met has been mentally ill to one degree or another. Michael’s boyfriend is not a trustworthy source. Let the coroner sort it out.

George Michael killed himself on Christmas Day after numerous suicide attempts, tweets from his boyfriend’s Twitter account have claimed.

A series of tweets appearing on Fadi Fawaz’s account this morning claimed the singer killed himself after a number of attempts at his life.

The tweets said: “Not sure who that nasty close friend of George (sic) but i was in a relationship with George Michael till i found him dead in bed.

“The only thing George wanted is to die. He tried numbers of times to kill himself many times and finally he managed.

“We loved each other very much and were together almost 24 hours a day.”

The tweets were soon deleted and the account closed. No official confirmation has yet been given and the Mirror has contacted the singer’s representatives for comment.

It is not known if Fawaz’s Twitter account had been hacked. He used the same account last week to reveal that he found George dead in bed.

It was reported today that George was in ­despair when he died because the voice that made him a ­superstar had been ruined.

The pop legend lost 20 per cent of his lung capacity after contracting pneumonia in 2011 and was devastated to find it had reduced his ability to sing.

He was torn apart by the setback to his plans for a comeback in 2017.

News of his state of mind emerged after an inconclusive post mortem raised the possibility that he did not die of natural causes as initially thought.

A source close to George, who died aged 53 on Christmas Day, said: “Losing voice capacity for a man like him was like losing his inner self or his soul.

“Things got so dark and difficult after it hit him. It tipped him over a psychological edge. George would never be the same man again – and more importantly, never be the same singer.

“He needed drugs and alcohol and anything he could get hold of to cope with such a severe loss.”

Friends revealed that the singer who shot to fame with Wham! suffered lasting effects from the life-threatening pneumonia, which left him unconscious for 15 days. Doctors had to perform a tracheotomy to keep his airways open.


2 thoughts on “George Michael ‘killed himself on Christmas Day after numerous suicide attempts’, boyfriend’s Twitter account claims

  1. The BEST Condoms for faggots, are Wooden Coffins!

    WHAM! TAKE THAT, said the Angel of Death!

    “I’m really f–ked now”, said George Michael.

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