Team Trump Allegedly Behind (((Cernovich’s))) Effort to Destroy Alt-Right via Deploraball Bans


The fallout from the banning of Baked Alaska (real name Anthime Gionet, aka Tim Treadstone, and possibly a host of other names) from the Deploraball meetup on January 19 in Washington, D. C., continues to reverberate across the Internet.

To summarize what’s been going on in thousands of Tweets and several mainstream press articles, the alt-right is in disarray because of anti-racist cuckservative Trump supporters who have taken it over.

The way the press is writing the story, racist antisemite Baked Alaska butted heads with two other organizers of Deploraball, Mike Cernovich and Jeff Giesea, who oppose discussions of race and Jews.

Cernovich, who is married to some sort of dark brown female, is not only selling his Gorilla Mindset book on his Twitter, but is also pushing blue pills, the color of which I assume is symbolic.

Baked Alaska is an aspiring rapper, which is at least better than being a pill pusher, although from where I sit imitating blacks is not what white men should be doing:


“Whatever #AltRight was, it’s been taken over by white supremacists and I disavow it,” wrote the pro-Trump radio host Bill Mitchell on Twitter. “I’m #AmericaFirst where we can ALL be great again.”

Meanwhile, on the white supremacist website the Daily Stormer, editor Andrew Anglin wrote, “This act of Cernovich has caused a rift within the pro-Trump alliance, which I believe is a very good thing. People are choosing sides, mainly on the Jewish issue. To a lesser extent on the racial issue.”

It looks, on Twitter at least, like the fracturing of the pro-Trump internet in real time. But can the men behind a kinder, gentler DeploraBall survive the split? And can Giesea learn to live with the meme army he helped build, now that it’s peacetime?

Jeff Giesea is credited by buzzfeed with developing the Internet meme strategies that help push Donald Trump to victory. The role he played is being exaggerated in this article, as far as I’m concerned.


Once a libertarian and always a political theory buff, Giesea found himself late last year migrating to what he calls Trump’s “civic nationalism”: nationalism based on civic pride rather than ethnicity or religion.

“I see Trumpism as the only practical and moral path to save Western civilization from itself,” Giesea said.

So he got involved. He organized a meeting for gay people at the RNC. And he helped Mike Cernovich build MAGA3X, a grassroots, digital, pro-Trump organization. Together, they set up a network of pro-Trump internet influencers, including Jack Posobiec and Gionet.

The MAGA3X accounts were a water cannon of memes, Breitbart stories, WikiLeaks theories, pro-Trump YouTube videos, and cartoons about #Pizzagate, and they swelled to the tens of thousands, eventually gaining public praise from Gen. Michael Flynn, the national security adviser to be. To its efforts on Twitter and Facebook, MAGA3X added a series of flash mobs, many of which were organized by Gionet. They even built a meme generator to promote the meetups. If Giesea hadn’t quite conscripted a troll army, he had certainly done his part in winning the rhetorical war on the internet.

Then two unexpected things happened: Donald Trump won the presidency, and less than two weeks later, Richard Spencer — the much-covered poster boy for the new white nationalism and coiner of the term “alt-right” — gave a Nazi salute on stage at a conference in Washington, DC.

Spencer gave no such salute. A half dozen people, including Tila Tequila, gave the Roman salute, three of them Jews that Spencer invited to the meeting.

The fact checking in this article is deplorable.

It was the gesture heard round the pro-Trump internet, and it divided people into three rough camps: Those who approved of the sentiment and the action; those who approved of the sentiment but found the action counterproductive; and those who, for various reasons, wanted nothing to do with the sentiment or the action. Spencer’s salute also focused mainstream media attention closely on his white nationalist beliefs. Media, never good at covering leaderless online movements, suddenly had an alt-right leader, and a political platform to attach the label to.

Now, Cernovich and Giesea’s event has become a target of the most vocal part of the movement they helped to build. White nationalists like Anglin and Spencer have started to call them the “alt-light” — enemies of political correctness but hardly fellow race warriors. A legion of internet horribles has seized on Cernovich’s manner of speaking to taunt him. Anonymous Twitter accounts have suggested that attendees raise Nazi salutes at the event to sabotage it. A cartoon depicting Gionet stabbed in the back by a knife bearing a Star of David on the handle has spread widely. And Gionet, in a since-deleted series of tweets, lambasted the DeploraBall organizers and Giesea specifically. (Gionet declined BuzzFeed’s request to discuss the circumstances of his removal from the event.)

The cartoon showing Baked Alaska stabbed in the back:

By excluding the more explicitly racist and controversial figures in the Trump internet from the DeploraBall in favor of people like Roger Stone and Milo Yiannopoulos — who were well-known before the rise of the alt-right — Giesea and Cernovich have in some ways recapitulated the Trump transition, which immediately dropped its promise to drain the swamp and appointed a succession of Beltway insiders and billionaires to important posts. That leaves the newly cleaved polite portion of the Trump internet with a fundamental question: What, exactly, does it stand for, if not no-holds-barred meme war?

There’s also a Jew hiding in the woodpile that the buzzfeed story ignores. Loren Feldman is Cernovich’s filmaking partner.

This sample of Feldman’s Tweets reveals an urge to destroy the alt-right:

However this turns out, we can’t let our enemies be allowed to speak for out movement, mentally castrating it.

One final thought from Microchip, who is probably Baked Alaska:

6 thoughts on “Team Trump Allegedly Behind (((Cernovich’s))) Effort to Destroy Alt-Right via Deploraball Bans

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  2. This is beautiful. Anglin hit it out of the park on this one. The jews keep getting hamstrung thanks to him. It’s only a matter of time before the young Anglin (age 32) turns on Trump. I think the JQ trumps all else, no pun intended. Trump needs to be destroyed for his part in Jewish finance, since he is part of that establishment.

  3. All of those guys are probably CIA operatives & probably always were (Cernovich, the Wyand-turned-ProjectPurge guy, the Baked Alaska sleazy-hippie/rapper; Jack Posobiec, the Project Veritas guy, even Roger Stone & his good buddy yet Leftie, Politics1com/Gunzenberg, etc.)

    (Somehow I missed ever hearing about the Gionet & Giesea guys.)

    Just like in the old days, the “Jesus Freaks” & the Hippie Revolution were CIA operations. And these current guys all keep making the disgusting 666 hand sign same as Trump did repeatedly throughout his campaign; total agitators all of them, like a Trump-post-election ‘Arab’ Spring, or a “White Lives Matter” Riot-via-Twitter, none of it is likely “spontaneous.”

    But then I’m always a skeptic. 😉

    Or, it’s a Jews vs. Whitey shakedown, lol.

    Or, the “uppities” of the Trump Movement, including himself, Mitchell, etc. (Freemasons?), don’t want the “riff-raff” around; they only wanted their votes so strung them along for that.

    But I’ll keep “watching from a distance” anyway, as usual. And Ben Garrison will keep drawing cartoons from Montana. And Makow will stay on the Trump see-saw, up/down, can’t make up is mind whether to trust Trump or not, lol.

  4. How old are these guys, late 30’s, early 40’s? They should know better, but then, the call of the greenback using Trump as a free plane ride to fame is more powerful than ethics, values, and commonsense.

    Bill Mitchell, at 56, just announced he’s writing a book, too!

  5. What is it with these internet fags? All of this shite is taking place on servers and fiber-optic cable. It is in “cyberspace”. Some a**wipe tweeting, twitting, twatting, whatever it is called, is a load of horse apples. God forbid someone send an image of some other person depicting them stabbed in the back. Our grandfathers who stormed the beaches would recoil in horror at such blatant faggotry. This is a clash of memes. Our meme of white superiority and civilization vs. (((their)))/goy sell-out’s meme of the Jew Matrix/Narrative/global cuckoldry. The jew is the true enemy. The dark hordes are their foot soldiers. This is just a continuation of the ancient memes of light vs. dark, good vs. evil, civilization vs. savagery. Regards Donald Trump, he has my full support until such time he proves himself unworthy. We keep fighting and battering the gates of Mordor.

  6. Baked Alaska is jewish.

    If you can’t spot a jew based on facial features, you’d better learn fast
    why the hell do you think he uses various names and hides he eyes behind dark glasses.

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