Black Women in Brazil See Racism in Black Men’s Preferences for Blonde White Women

An politically incorrect conversation about race took place last week on a Brazilian website. It deals with black males and white females who hook up.

I’ve pulled the comments out of the linked article. The rest of the article is worth reading for it’s ability to contextualize these comments in light of Brasil’s intermingling of African and European genes.

Racism isn’t supposed to exist in Brazil, but it does and a lot of it comes from blacks.

There also seems to be a belief that the white women are not so much mudsharks as they are gold diggers, going after wealthy black athletes.

Black Women of Brazil

Kurt Endel: Not even the black wants black; who is racist?

Nilza: When they are juveniles and juniors the players of the big (soccer) clubs receive only monthly support, they date maids, black girls, secretaries, after they become professionals and earn “rivers” of money they only want blondes; Brazil is a third world country and many Brazilian mentalities are too

Rubens: So it is! If he was a sandwich vendor on the beach she would only throw sand on him like a pretty woman on top of the hill. Afterward they don’t like to be called p…(puta or whore)

Helen Jurisch: Everything that is exotic calls attention my friends!! But the blond here is taking advantage (of him) because the guy is very ugly!! But he had money!

Robson: Nothing like money to clean the soul and the race. As the old Adolph Hitler said

Raimundo Valente: Just like Pelé, he only likes blondes.

Ury: Do you know why a monkey likes a banana so much? Because the banana is white, hahahaha!

Alexandre De Souza: At least he knows that it’s not for love but for money, Neymar also knows and Ronaldo also knows (that) what they like is the green and a lot of green, they even call the guy ugly with a pretty love, etc.

Valdecy Alves: If he was a guy with light (white) skin no one would protest. The disgraceful prejudice of these comments don’t make sense.

Aluisio: So many beautiful black women and this guy thinks this blond loves him (….) I want to see in a little time (when) she asks for a pension (from) this sucker

Aristoteles Almeida Filho: I wanted to see at his side a black wife like him,; rastafari..The majority of them when they get rich immediately get a blond. Isn’t he just like Pelé?

Bruno: The guy earns money and the first thing that he does is get a whiter and younger girlfriend…For the black guy, a blond is a trophy!

Lisa: My grandmother always said “for a black man a blond is a trophy!” I thought that this was mainly my grandmother’s prejudice…later I grew up noticing the reality and I can’t tell you how right she was! (Note: This comment received 20 “thumbs up”)

Mario: Eheheheh, is he black? Is he a soccer player, artist or celebrity? Full of money? He becomes handsome! Sexy, desired and interesting…He becomes a reverse racist! He only goes after blondes! A band of whores, a band of exploiters and look who has each pretty little black girl that stops traffic – I think, why do they prefer blondes??? Who’s qualified to respond?? Could Freud explain (this)???

DJ Adilson Oliveira: And afterward (it’s) the white man that is racist! See if he gets one of his color, see if Pelé gets one of his color! (It’s) only the white man that is racist!!

Francisco: Pure racism. Theirs. Every black player, including Pelé, never date black girls. Only white girls. Preference, blondes. Is this or is it not racism?

Paparapakowsky: Things that are very difficult to see: The head of a codfish and a black man with another black (woman)!

Bibianna: It’s stupidity or low self-esteem.

Cissa: Another guy that denies his own race. I don’t understand, so many pretty black women in our country and these guys thinking that a white woman will give them more status, many of them quite surrounded by them.

Dina: It’s funny, if he’s poor a mulata is good enough, if he is rich it has to be a beautiful blond, for me, this is what’s called prejudice.

Borbanan: They are the first to have shame in themselves

Borbanan: “They” speak so much of pride, but they don’t have any pride…(Note: this comment received 34 “thumbs up”)

Meno: The black man loves a blond, she likes his cache (wallet/pockets)

Meno: Ugly white girl! There are black women that are more beautiful that this tribufu (ugly chick)

Rono: The black man likes a blond and a blond likes money. It’s the perfect couple.

Sandoval: Every black man…when he gets rich gets a blond. Who is (it that is) prejudiced? (Note: this comment received 77 “thumbs up”)

Micky: A black man when he is poor gets a black girl to date. When he gets rich, he gets a blond! Racists!!! (Note: This comment received 69 “thumbs up”)

Odeiotudo: One says so much about racism in this country but I don’t have any doubts in affirming that 90% of blacks with humble origins, at finding themselves swimming in money will soon look for an opportunistic blond to marry…Never they stay with their black girlfriends from their time in the community!!!!

George: Why is it when the black man improves in life, he denies his people? (Note: This comment received 65 “thumbs up”)

Indignaoeuto: This business of the blond with the black man, it’s the older that walking forward, this speaking of Pelé and his ex Assiria. The issue is that in these configurations of couples, the black man is never poor. The prejudice is on their part, when they attain money and prestige, instead of a beautiful black woman, they run after the blondes.

The issue of race never goes away. No one is “color blind.” Everyone deep down sees how unnatural miscegenation is.

5 thoughts on “Black Women in Brazil See Racism in Black Men’s Preferences for Blonde White Women

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  2. It certainly is not racism. Negro women are not attractive. Any who do appear attractive have Caucasian DNA somewhere in their woodpile.

  3. Those women have the right to their men; they are just fine to complain about it. As for the “gold digger” thing- that is highly likely to be the case 95% of the time, with the remaining 5% being wannabe SJW mimickers.

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