10 Black Football Players Who Allegedly Raped Mudshark Will NOT be Prosecuted


Although the race of the female victim in this case of athlete worhip has not been named by the press or anywhere on the Internet that I could find, I speculate from her statements that she’s white. The language pattern she uses suggests a white female.

The Internet meme accurately portrays the black stereotype, which suggests that the black male is obsessed with having “muh dik” engage in sexual activity with white females.

New York Daily News

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Ten suspended Minnesota football players will not face charges in connection with an alleged sexual assault near campus, prosecutors announced Friday after taking a second look at the case.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman had previously declined to charge the players in connection with the September incident that triggered suspensions, possible expulsions, talk of a bowl game boycott and questions of whether head coach Tracy Claeys should continue with the Gopher football program. But the school’s own investigation unearthed the troubling details of the female victim’s sexual assault by 10 to 20 men on the team after their season-opening victory.

After reviewing that report, Freeman stood by his November decision, saying the school’s investigation didn’t add sufficient evidence to warrant criminal charges.

“That report shined a light on what can only be described as deplorable behavior,” Freeman said in a statement. He said he would have no further comment because the university’s appeal process was continuing.

Lee Hutton, the players’ attorney, didn’t immediately respond to a phone message or email seeking comment. The university said in a statement it respects Freeman’s decision, but noted their own suspensions of the players stem from different standards and policies than the criminal process Freeman worked through.

The school suspended the 10 players after completing its own investigation, the results of which it kept private, citing federal privacy laws. But a local TV station published a redacted copy of the 82-page report which quoted the woman as saying she believed 10 to 20 men had sex with her, though she was not certain. She told university investigators she was too traumatized to clearly remember events.

The report concluded that the victim’s account of that night was more credible than the players it interviewed, and said some players tried to impede the university’s investigation into the incident.

Soon after the report was leaked, remaining members of the football roster — who had vowed to boycott Tuesday’s Holiday Bowl unless their teammates were reinstated — relented , going on to beat Washington State 17-12.

The case dates to the start of the season. Five players — Carlton Djam, Dior Johnson, KiAnte Hardin, Ray Buford Jr. and Tamarion Johnson — told police they had consensual sex with the woman at an off-campus dorm. Four of them were suspended for three games early in the season, but later reinstated in October.

After the school’s investigation, which has a lower standard of proof than criminal charges, the school announced on Dec. 13 that those five players were suspended and Antoine Winfield Jr., Seth Green, Mark Williams, Kobe McCrary and Antonio Shenault were out for the bowl game as well.

All 10 players are awaiting a university hearing to appeal their suspensions. Several players face permanent expulsion from the university, while others could be suspended for a year.

More details are offered at KSTP:

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office ultimately decided not to press charges with regards to the incident that happened at a Dinkytown apartment complex last September.

According to a Minneapolis Police report, the woman claims a night of partying included sexual contact with football player Carlton Djam, and it “may have been consensual”.

Police say, “Djam provided investigators with three recordings, one that shows the woman engaged in what could only be considered consensual sexual interaction”.

That report also shows that Djam said the “woman sounds as though she is somewhat intoxicated, but is not slurring her words and is certainly conscious and aware of what is going on. She does not appear to be upset by the sexual activity and does not indicate that she wants it to stop.”

However in that same report, the woman said she, “believes that the sexual contact with “Tamarion, Ray, and Dior, was not consensual”.

The woman said she had been drinking that night and “her description of the event is admittedly lacking due to her loss of memory.”

A source with direct knowledge of the investigation, says that three of the suspended players, Seth Green, Antoine Winfield Jr., and Antonio Shenault did not have sexual contact with the woman.

Specifically investigators said in the report, “Green was not believed to have been in (the) room”.

KSTP obtained a portion of the letter the university sent Buford.

The letter cites four violations of the university’s student conduct code which includes: harm to person, sexual misconduct, violation of university rules relating to sexual harassment and persistent violations.

“How this entity has found something different from what the Minneapolis P.D., the Hennepin County prosecutor’s office. How they can find something different than these law enforcement entities is beyond me,” said Ray Buford Sr., father of Ray Buford. “I’m coming from a point of expertise. I’ve never seen anything like this. Never. In all my 17 years of law enforcement have I never seen anything like this.”

4 thoughts on “10 Black Football Players Who Allegedly Raped Mudshark Will NOT be Prosecuted

  1. They look so happy in that top photo, lol!

    And as for the acceptability of the whole “getting back at daddy” concept, that needs to stop being acceptable and/or something to giggle about. Fathers (generally) love their daughters more than anything and dote on them like it’s nobodies business. By and large they have no right to resent them, and I’ll even say that it is the fathers that have that right. With their daughters behaving in ridiculous and deplorable ways, fathers should be allowed to have ‘daughter issues.’

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  3. Anyone who has watched porn, will see White women being fucked by 3 Negroes, at the same time – orally, vaginally and anally, with langers as big as cucumbers and gagging for more!
    The sooner Sharia Law comes in and we can stone these bitches, the better!

  4. The (((cucks))) and their goy fellow-travelers who run the universities and police forces will never do anything that interferes with the sports program shekel flow or their faggy fantasy football nonsense. Not to mention the fact that they fear being called racists and losing their jobs and pensions. So the perpetrator feral apes will go free to continue raping their way across America. Negroes are our strength.

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