Murdered in Jail? Man Who Left Bacon Sandwiches at Mosque is DEAD


The Sun

A MAN put behind bars for a racist attack on a mosque earlier this year has died in prison.

Lag Kevin Crehan, 35, who was jailed in July after launching an attack on Jamia mosque in Totterdown, Bristol, died just two days after Christmas, a prison service spokesperson announced.

An independent investigation has been launched into the 35-year-old’s death.

Crehan was half way through his 12-month prison sentence at HMP Bristol.

The inmate was part of a racist gang which attacked Jamia mosque on January 17 this year.

The gang left rashers of bacon on the door handles of the mosque, and put bacon sandwiches on the doorstep.

CCTV footage of the racially motivated attack depicted two men standing by a St George flag with “no mosques” written on it.

Crehan was slapped with a one-year jail term at Bristol Crown Court in July for the racially-aggravated public order offence.

His accomplices, Mark Bennett, 48, Alison Bennett, 46, and Angelina Margaret Swales, 31, were also sentenced.

Mark Bennett was handed a nine-month sentence, while Alison Bennett was given six months, and Swales four – both suspended for two years.

Speaking on Crehan’s death, a spokesperson for the Prison Service said: “HMP Bristol prisoner Kevin Crehan (D.O.B. 29/08/81) died in custody on Tuesday 27 December.

“As with all deaths in custody, the independent Prisons and Probation Ombudsman will investigate.”


23 thoughts on “Murdered in Jail? Man Who Left Bacon Sandwiches at Mosque is DEAD

  1. The judge that sent him to prison now has this on his conscience. After all who did he kill ? The same can be said of the jury, the media, the politicians and the Police. Well done you. Really well done. Yes you have all played your part. You are all guilty.

    “racially motivated attack” So what race is Islam ? Which race did he attack black, brown which one ? They should be made to answer which race it is. How can they describe an attack with a bacon sandwich ? Guns, knives etc yes. But not sandwiches.

    “An independent investigation has been launched into the 35-year-old’s death.” Yep! We know all about them. We won’t hold our breath.We already know the result. Don’t worry your honour. You’re safe.

    Yet the creeps that burned poppies a few years ago received a slap on the wrist, a £50 fine, for making a similar political statement. No prison time for the elites favorite little gods.

    Notice no crying family members on the tv news, surprised ? I’m not. Dead White en don’t count, unless they are shirt lifters.

    Another article in the Daily Mail here.

    The lefty louts are ecstatic at this man’s tragic death. They are celebrating murder. They won’t be satisfied until we have all been murdered. Or at least six million of us.

    All of the agencies and individuals involved, should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

    A man gets prison for leaving a bacon sandwich on the steps of a Mosque. Men have avoided prison for putting things into people’s food at foreign restaurants.

    I wonder how many Moslems were on the jury ?

    Some of the comments….

    “Saj70n, Bolton, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago

    Good riddance” Try saying that about a dead Moslem and you get arrested. If you’re White, that is.

    “Gary B, Holland Park, 1 hour ago

    Who cares? Sounds like an awful bloke” So were the men that raped more than 1400 girls in Rotherham, they aren’t in prison.

    “aryastark, birmingham, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago

    Hope it’s a lesson for anyone else.”

    People should go into an Islamic takeaway and order a bacon sandwich. Then take it from there. Seems making political statements is the sole preserve of the lefties and foreigners. Why should that be ?

    • I’m not going to get an account at the DM to comment, but I do use the up and down arrows to make a point as best as I can there.

      Some of the comments may be made by paid trolls.

      My source for the story is so PC they didn’t mention the possibility that he was killed by Muslim inmates. And the prison isn’t talking.

      • I find it astonishing that the sentences were so severe. I remember the story but didn’t follow up on their trial and its results. They were executed because of a ham sandwich?

        Islam is very protected in Europe right now, maybe more than Judaism if that is possible. Even in certain parts of Paris when the wife and I would be looking for a cafe, the territoriality in these Moslems body language said it all: “this is our land now—and when our numbers are stronger, were gonna kill people like you, then rape the wife.” You don’t have to be a genius to know what their leering faces were saying. Man did we leave that continent at the right time…

        And hey Paladin. I uploaded my latest article onto my site. Link is below if you are interested.

    • I also found it amusing when it said a “racist gang” as if islam is a race.
      And wow, it was such a terrible crime! Putting some fucking ham sandwiches on the gate of a mosque. Really now? Muzzies are destroying christian statues and symbols everywhere in western europe, but that’s not a “racially” motivated attack at all. But a sandwich attack on a mosque, gotta jail those criminals!
      And now someone is dead, in “unknown” circumstances. What kind of shitty prison is that, where someone can just drop dead without others knowing what happened? It’s like it’s in a thirld world country, not england where prisons are state of the art. I call bullshit. Probably some liberal retarded cops let some muzzies beat him up a bit, only to find him dead after and say it was because of unknown circumstances.

      • “… if islam is a race.” then any crimes committed against non-Islamists are, by definition, a racist attack.

    • yea definitely I agree. they burned the poppies and paraded down the street chanting U.K. police go to hell for arresting the wife of a suicide bomber, nobody gets jailed, now all of a sudden one of the local natives makes a bacon sandwich and they flip their shit. what a sad thing that U.K. is falling to a dhimmi status, with their muslim mayor and muslim people along with the liberals that defend that shit. also the Judge was a woman and her name was juliet. we need to collect ourselves, re purpose NATO for islamic state attack them kick them out of the country and get the liberals out of the politics

  2. Prisons are constructed, these days, to suit Moslems. A few years ago an article appeared in the media telling how prisons are putting up signs so the Moslems will know which way Mecca is when they say their prayers.

  3. If a White man walks into a Police Station and says he has just been attacked by a man with a bacon sandwich he will be arrested for attempting to pervert the course of justice.

  4. I notice the media hasn’t asked to iman from the Mosque to comment and no politician has commented. Different if they have brown skin.

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  6. Jesus H. Christ! This worthless evil YT b*stard attacked the mosque with a BLT? May his soul rot in hell. He probably got a bad halal meal in prison.

  7. Can you you say British reeducation GULAG! Aren’t Marxist sweet people?
    The reeducation camps in the west will be masked by hate crime laws that place people in prison for being politically incorrect.

  8. May I suggest everybody writes to his or her local M.P. c/o House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA and say something like, “Dear Sir / Madam, I am deeply concerned about the death of Kevin Crehan who died in custody at H.M. Prison Bristol on 27.12.16 at the age of 35, from as yet undisclosed causes. While I appreciate that the Prisons Ombudsman is undertaking an investigation, many people I know strongly suspect suspicious circumstances, and believe that Kevin’s death may even have been arranged by people within the Prisons Service, or by other inmates with the connivance of the Prisons Service. Kevin had been sentenced to a 12 months in prison for offending the sensitivities of the local Muslim community by leaving some bacon sandwiches outside a local mosque in Bristol. Whatever one may think of this offence, it is an outrage to treat it as a capital offence, yet it is certain that some Muslim prison inmates may have sought to do Kevin harm, because of his hostile views on Islam, and it is strongly suspected that the Prisons Service may have withdrawn protection from him while in custody, thereby resulting in his death. Only a full inquest will bring the full facts to light. Can you use your influence please to ensure there is no cover-up in this tragic case. Yours sincerely.”
    Write to your M.P. and see what he says.

  9. This is a colonialist policy organised in England. Gandhi got more lucky in his protest against colonialism in the 1930. He managed to go out of prison alive despite having done much stronger racist offence against the English race. Time to wake up. We are on the green line toward our geneocide.

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