Hollywood’s Tom Hanks Welcomes His Negroid Granddaughter into the Family


That’s Tiffany Miles, the baby’s mother, pictured with the youngster.

Tiffany is not Tom’s daughter-in-law since son Chet is not married to the mother.

Daily Mail

The new baby granddaughter of Tom Hanks has been seen out in public for the first time.

The as-yet-unnamed new baby was being carried by her proud mother Tiffany Miles.

Tom’s son Chet Hanks, 26, was not with mom and daughter as they ran errands on December 13 close to Tiffany’s home in Indio, California.

Chet Hanks is also known as Chet Haze. He is or was a wigger rapper. He’s also a drug addict, although he claims he’s been clean recently.

It’s stories like this one that make you grateful that you have no children. Liberal Tom Hanks is reaping what he sowed.

Uh, whatever you say.

Like all rappers, he beez turnin’ his life aroun’.

17 thoughts on “Hollywood’s Tom Hanks Welcomes His Negroid Granddaughter into the Family

      • There’s dudes at several of your local flea markets selling demo tapes. 9 out of the 10 songs are full of cussing, calling all kinds of hoes, and tons of shooting and gun violence. Then, the last song is either a tribute song full of irony concerning how the “artist’s” fallen homeboy died to gun violence, and if not that, it’s a dang gospel track. Hilarious!

  1. The mother looks like Moochelle’s twin sister.

    Tom Hanks has gotten a little chubby around the jawls.

    His kid would look more natural in pajamas, since he looks like a beta. (Do betas have real guns?)

  2. Negroid? Wigger?
    Your choice of words exudes intelligence, excellent breeding, character, and the best in social “class” as it were.
    May your deaths be utterly miserable and painful and may you suffer unfathomably.

  3. I pray for the both of you as God will.remove the hate from your heart.Who hurt you so deeply and taught you too hate. Hate costs so much,can you afford it for the rest of your lives.God loves you be he is a God of love.Sincerely, the Black Person.May God open your heart and blind eyes.

  4. For shame, people! What small shrivelled hearts you have. Your assertions are based on biased evidence. You ignore all those black people doing well. And I’m not on a “liberal agenda thing”, just an evidence-based thing.
    Truth is they Chet’s had issues, but hopefully his new beautiful daughter will be the catalyst for him to stay clean. The relationship is the good thing in his life – support him.

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