Two California Latino Officers Shoot Unarmed White Teen 4 Times, Killing Him

On December 17 abc30 reported that, after an investigation, the two Hispanic police officers who pumped 4 bullets into Dylan Nobel’s body would not be charged with a crime.

On August 14, the Los Angeles Times reported that the teen was drunk and had traces of cocaine in his body.

The story below of Dylan Nobel’s untimely death was published on July 14.

Apparently, white lives do not matter.

Excerpt from The Guardian

Police in California have released graphic body-camera footage of officers repeatedly shooting an unarmed teenager, including multiple shots that were fired as the adolescent was gravely wounded, lying on his back and barely moving.

The release on Wednesday of video of the killing of Dylan Noble, a 19-year-old shot at a gas station in Fresno on 25 June, occurred just hours after the police department told the Guardian it would not release the footage.

Officers privately showed the video to Noble’s family last Friday but had initially refused to release the video to the public until the investigation was complete.

“They just wanted to shoot him,” said Darren Noble, Dylan’s father, after watching the footage. “They’re just trigger-happy.”

After watching the footage, Noble’s family launched legal action against the city alleging that the shooting was “an inexcusable use of excessive force”.

According to the Fresno police department’s account of the shooting, officers pulled Noble over while investigating reports of a man carrying a rifle at around 3.20pm.

Police claim that the officers believed Noble had a gun, though they later learned he had no weapons on him or in his pickup truck.

Blurry video from a witness that emerged last week captured the final bullets that killed Noble, but the body-camera footage provides a much fuller picture of the shooting.

The body-camera footage released Wednesday shows that officers approached Noble with their guns pointed at him and repeatedly shouted: “Let me see your hands” and “Both hands.”

When Noble eventually exited and walked away from his truck, he appeared to have his left arm outstretched and, for a few seconds, his right arm behind his back. He then briefly walked toward the police.

Officers continued shouting at him to show his hands, with one screaming: “Get your fucking ass on the ground.”

One officer then fired two shots at Noble, who collapsed onto the ground and rolled onto his back. Approximately 12 seconds later, while Noble was laying on the ground, the same officer fired a third shot.

An officer then shouted: “If you reach one more time, you will get shot again. Stop.”

Roughly 15 seconds after the third shot, with Noble barely moving, another officer shot a fourth.

“Do not reach again, please,” an officer said.

Narrating the footage, police chief Jerry Dyer repeatedly pointed out moments when, he said, it appeared that Noble had something in his hand. He said the investigation would seek to determine whether each bullet was justified and if there were alternative actions the police could have taken.

We have to do something about this. Dylan Nobel’s mother has filed a lawsuit against the city.

5 thoughts on “Two California Latino Officers Shoot Unarmed White Teen 4 Times, Killing Him

  1. They have tazers. Why is it so hard to use them, especially when there were 2 of them? One could have held a gun and the other a tazer.

    It also seems to me like they were saying those lines just so that it will seem like they had a reason to shoot him. Kind of like fake acting, because they were way too aggressive towards some unarmed.

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  3. I remember seeing this video before. The “teen” was deliberately taunting the officers. They gave him plenty of opportunity to comply. In this day and age, behaving like he did can be fatal. If he had cocaine and booze in his system, he was not some innocent kid. He paid the price for being a coked-out, drunken ass.

    • My point in posting it was that blacks support their own who do much worse to cops while we don’t rally to our own. You can argue that we shouldn’t stand up for “unarmed” white teens killed by police, but that’s a separate issue from what was on my mind in posting it. The other thing is that I suspect if he were black, the cops would have been indicted and/or fired.

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