Sharing Some of Richard Spencer’s Thoughts Today

As Jews like @cernovich and MILO, and white cucks like Bill Mitchell, try to take control of the alt-right and ban the true alt-right (will have a new post on that later today), it’s worth looking at what Richard Spencer is saying in response to developments in Washington and the rest of the country.

His Twitter account was reinstated after he was banned and he’s using it. Here’s a sample of his defiance, expressed through 11 recent Tweets and Retweets.

Spencer brazenly rejects older whites from the alt-right. I’m a boomer and are many others here. Spence is wrong about boomers. Don’t generalize about us.

It is increasingly clear that Mike Cernovich was a Jewish infiltrator in the alt-right. He now rejects the perspective expressed below. He wants more book and movie deals and he won’t get them as a White Nationalist:

Spencer is credited with coining the term alt-right.

Spencer is now a critic of Donald Trump and wishes to see him fail in order to bring the alt-right to full maturity.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

I don’t actively participate very much on Twitter, but I opened a Twitter account so that I could follow some people. If you don’t have one, it’s worth having because so much of the discussion (such as it is) is taking place on Twitter now.

9 thoughts on “Sharing Some of Richard Spencer’s Thoughts Today

  1. His statements regard Donald Trump are correct. I am enough of a realist to understand that DT wants to try to work somewhat within the system. As alpha dominant,experienced, and worldly as he is, he may not realize that men such as Mike Pence and the other polit-cucks do not want or desire that a man such as he be POTUS or be anywhere near politics except as a typical cuck establishment donor/supporter. He represents a lethal threat to their power and control of trillions of dollars. I eagerly supported and voted for DT. I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt when he becomes POTUS. I dislike the U.S. being a cuck to the jews and Israel as much as anyone freed from the Jew Matrix. Right now, the jew strangle-hold and influence is very powerful. (((They))) control everything including the money that controls our gov’t and all officials. We live in the real world though and do not get everything we want when we want it. It is a start that we here and many others are waking up and releasing from the Jew Matrix. The kikes and their goy fellow-travelers will fight tooth and nail and not give up easily. All of human history and our short lives are a fight between good and evil. It will never end, but we keep fighting and resisting, and maybe we will get to a point where we at least have a final solution to the Jewish Question.

  2. Glad you posted this. Was reading Spencer’s tweets today, too.

    “Spencer is now a critic of Donald Trump and wishes to see him fail in order to bring the alt-right to full maturity.”

    Wow! Putting a damper and doubt on the only hope we have!

    “Trumpism” will fail because it offers nothing but a cult of personality. Trump is our leader only so long as he is for our people.”

    Not sure what “Trumpism” is, where does he see a “cult of personality,” whatever that is? It’s clear to me the reasons Trump won, it’s that he said what we were thinking, no personalities or cults involved. If Trump fails, Whites fail. Communists take over.

    Spencer is one more voice of division that I hate so much in the White movement. It’s up to us to stay on Trump to honor his promises.

    Trump never hid support for Israel and Spencer voted for him. We knew we weren’t going to get everything we wanted.

    “Trump is our leader only so long as he is for our people.”

    Spencer’s dreaming if Trump will come out explicitly for Whites. No White president would ever do that in this multi-cultural dump! He should be overjoyed Trump stepped up to the plate!

    Oh, but Spencer thinks he, himself, can save Whites with his Alt-Right, yet all he does is attract negative attention, even from Trump. I will give him credit for attracting attention, though.

    Spencer is becoming an ego-maniac ingrate. Someone steps in from the outside, spends $66 million of his own money, gives up his businesses, places his life and his family’s lives in danger, along with numerous lies from the Communist left, to save the country, and has policies that will actually help us and Spencer dumps all over him. Wait until Trump hears the Alt-Right hopes he fails. The hole Spencer is digging for Whites just gets deeper.

    • Trump also pulled Whites together, Whites who wanted Communists, those destroying Whites and White culture, out! It was because of Trump, not the Alt-Right, that gave Whites and the Alt-Right recognition even though it was negative.

      The media’s digging found the Alt-Right, noticed they supported Trump, then used them to bash Trump as a racist, Nazi, bigot, and White Supremacist. That’s how the Alt-Right got it’s fame…bad at that thanks to Spencer and Anglin!

    • “Trumpist” was used in the Reuters story on Deploraball. I think I saw somewhere that a Trumpist is an economic and civic nationalist like Bill Mitchell. A Trumpist will denounce bringing up the issue of race or (((religion))), claiming they don’t matter. I’ve been suspicious of Cernovich from the beginning. He’s trying to sell his Gorilla Mindset book by expanding his celebrity. Microchip, who was banned again at Twitter, and already came back on under a new name, taunted Cernovich and Mitchell with some really tasteless taunts yesterday. Today he’s

  3. What’s with Spencer’s haircut? He’s beginning to look like a skinhead, except for that mop on the top. He’s such a handsome guy with a pleasant looking face…appearance is very important!

  4. Here is Spencer’s latest this morning on Twitter::

    Richard Spencer ‏@RichardBSpencer · 2h2 hours ago

    :Trump will be blessed by a Rabbi from the Simon Wiesethal center and a Protestant snake-oil saleswoman peddling the “prosperity gospel.”

    He fails to mention there will be six:

    Cardinal Dolan: Christian Catholic
    Franklin Graham: Christian Evangelical Protestant
    Rabbi Marvin Hier: Conservative Jewish
    Bishop Wayne Jackson: Black Christian
    Pastor Paula White: Christian Protestant
    Reverend Samuel Rodriguez: Hispanic Christian

    FIVE CHRISTIANS, one who is HORRORS…female. THREE WHITES. ONE black. ONE Jewish. ONE Hispanic. NO MUSLIMS!

    Does anyone see Spencer’s statement possibly giving off mixed messages? Yes, there could be more, but it doesn’t allude to that, but it also could be just the rabbi and female pastor. The latter was my initial interpretation until I looked it up. This wreaks of a Marxist psyop the media would use. Report out of context whatever will make Trump look bad. Calling the female conservative pastor a snake-oil salesman and the Bible “the prosperity gospel” is uncalled for.

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