New Kids Movie Sparks Outrage Over Racism as Gorillas are Portrayed as Criminals and Rappers


A gorilla is a gorilla until anti-racists and blacks decide that a gorilla is a black person.

Daily Mail

Sing, Universal Pictures’ 3D computer-animated music comedy film which was released in theaters last week, is being accused of perpetuating racial stereotypes because the film’s plot line includes gorillas who are sent to prison for criminal activity.

A number of Twitter users noted that the film, which features the voices of Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon, conjures up uncomfortable stereotypes about black people.

One of the protagonists, Johnny, is a gorilla who aspires to be a hip-hop singer but is burdened by his father, who at one point in the film is in prison for running a gang, according to Heatstreet.

Seeking to pursue his dream of making it as a musician, Johnny betrays his father by abandoning him during a robbery, leading to his dad’s incarceration.

Having gorillas engaged in criminal behavior and becoming hip hop singers crossed the line for some people, who accuse the film in trading in classic, racist tropes.

‘Sing looks like a cute movie but I can’t get past the fact that the gorillas are gang members in jail,’ one Twitter user wrote.

‘Kinda annoyed that the gang members in Sing are gorillas,’ another Twitter user wrote.

‘The gorillas are gang members. Dad is incarcerated. Son wants to sing hip hop. Cringeworthy,’ wrote another Twitter user.

‘Watching Sing, gorillas had a British accent but darker big animals (gorillas and bears) were criminals,’ another person who claims to have seen the film tweeted.

Despite the criticism on social media, moviegoers appear to be embracing the film at the box office.

In its first week in theaters, Sing has grossed nearly $130million.

Am I wrong to conclude that the white liberals and blacks complaining about the racism in this movie are admitting that blacks look like gorillas?

One more thing. Hollywood Jews who make movies are surely telling us that they view blacks as gorillas. No surprise, since they view whites as goyim, subhuman animals.


11 thoughts on “New Kids Movie Sparks Outrage Over Racism as Gorillas are Portrayed as Criminals and Rappers

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  2. White liberals have always noted the similarity and feel guilty, they then project their guilt onto others. I myself, when I see a picture of a gorilla, never see a black. But the liberals insist that I do.

    Gorilla is a species not a race. Try explaining that to a retarded liberal. Racism is whatever they want it to be. They are really screwed.

    Twitter should ban those liberals who made the association with blacks.

  3. I think it quite disgusting to make this vile, disgusting movie and the association it implies.

    I quite like gorillas. Leave them alone. Hate liberals.

    They ain’t all like the guy in Driving Miss Daisy. Maybe that part should have gone to a gorilla.

    Hope King Kong is shown on tv soon.

  4. I thought the Left embraces the notion we are desended from apes. Some of us are still a little closer in the bloodline, though. Very close. Like immediate family.

  5. The comparison is ridiculous and the liberals are over reacting as usual. Gorillas are more intelligent. Everyone knows this.

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