Mystery Meat Man on Trial for Pregnant White Girlfriend’s Murder Found GUILTY



Steven Capobianco has a vaguely nonwhite appearance, as seen in many of the photos of him on the Internet.

Whatever his ethnicity, a jury has decided that he murdered his ex-girlfriend Carly “Charli” Scott and his unborn son.

Capobianco, a known drug dealer, apparently did not want to be a father.

Maui Now

Jurors have reached a unanimous verdict on both charges: finding Steven Capobianco guilty as charged for murder in the second degree of Carly “Charli” Scott and for setting Scott’s vehicle on fire.

The verdict was reached in the trial of Capobianco who was accused of murdering his pregnant ex girlfriend.

The court recessed to review the aggravated circumstances in the case since the state bears the burden of proving Capobianco guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Capobianco was standing trial on charges of killing Scott and setting her vehicle on fire in February of 2014. Scott was 27-years-old and five months pregnant at the time with an unborn child fathered by the defendant.

Capobianco has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Deliberations began on Dec. 1, following the conclusion of closing arguments from the state and defense, as well as a rebuttal argument from the prosecution.

The court received communication on the ninth day of deliberations indicating that the jury was “divided.” In a subsequent communication, the jury decided to deliberate further to “feel more confident in their own personal vote decision.”

The trial began more than six months ago with the state introducing 71 witnesses and entering hundreds of items into evidence.

The defendant is the last person known to have seen Scott alive. In the days following Charli Scott’s disappearance, Capobianco had done an interview with police in which he said Scott had picked him up on the night of Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014, and dropped him off at his truck that he said got stuck in Keʻanae on Feb. 8, 2014.

According to the account, both headed back to Haʻikū, with Scott following Capobianco in case his vehicle broke down again. Scott was reported missing the next night on Feb. 10, 2014.

In closing arguments, the defense suggested that the story Capobianco told police could have been lie to cover up a drug deal involving marijuana. Defense Attorney Jon Apo said, “This big lie, the state says is proof of murder–Ladies and gentlemen, why would it be a surprise to anyone that a drug dealer, as the state has evidenced him to be, would be lying to a detective about why he was at a particular location?”

Prosecuting attorney Robert Rivera said that Capobianco was the “only person with a motive, the opportunity and intent,” and said it was “utterly and absolutely ridiculous,” that “he didn’t try to clear his name and continued to lie just to cover up some kind of marijuana deal.”

The defense also argued that marks left on a jawbone recovered from Nuaʻailua were consistent with scoring from a pig or wild boar. “Dr. Laufer tells you that parallelism of the scratches make it highly unlikely that those were caused by a knife,” Apo said during closing arguments.

That argument was contrary to the testimony presented by several witnesses for the prosecution who said the marks were consistent with a knife. Dr. Lindsey K Harle a Forensic Pathologist with Clinical Labs of Hawaiʻi testified that incision injuries were likely inflicted by “someone attacking her with a sharp object” or someone using a knife to “essentially de-flesh the bone.”

One more lowlife is going to be removed from our midst. The problem is that he’s eligible for parole.

The state did not charge him with the murder of his unborn son, which shows Hawaii’s liberal pro-abortion leanings. In some other states, he probably would have been charged with double murder.

7 thoughts on “Mystery Meat Man on Trial for Pregnant White Girlfriend’s Murder Found GUILTY

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  2. Mystery meat is right! Part Middle Eastern, part black? Or, all Middle Eastern?

    Here’s a gal with a lot of low self-esteem. The heavy makeup is a dead giveaway. Without that 40’s hairdo and heavy makeup, she could go anywhere and be accepted. Maybe, she didn’t think she could get anyone else but this scum.

    • The death penalty would be appropriate for him. His racial makeup is puzzling to me. I found evidence he was an ag specialist from North Carolina, having grown up on a farm. I think it’s the same guy. I didn’t save the link and can’t find it tonight. Her refusal to get an abortion is what lifenews claims motivated the killing.

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