Comedian Steve Martin Forced to Delete “Sexist” Tweet About Carrie Fisher

While it’s good to see Hollyweird Jews aiming their barbs at leftist Hollywood actors like Steve Martin, the intent, I don’t believe, is to destroy Martin. Hell, he’s pretty much retired anyway.

No, the game is the war on masculinity. The left insists that any male who notices a woman’s attractiveness level (for good or bad) is a male chauvinist pig who should be barred from women’s beds for life.

The feminists pushing the war on masculinity are ugly feminists who have never been complimented, plus a few indoctinated, weak minded losers.

Keep saying naughty things and don’t cuck out and delete your Tweet the way Steve Martin did.

Daily Mail

Steve Martin was forced to delete his Twitter tribute to the late Carrie Fisher after critics labeled the remembrance as ‘sexist’.

Fisher’s death at the age of 60 took her fans, friends and family by surprise and Martin was one of the many celebrities who voiced his shock and sadness at her passing online.

‘When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well,’ the comedian wrote on Twitter.

Some on Twitter came out to criticize Martin’s post however, saying that his attention first on her physical appearance before her personality wasn’t the right way to remember Hollywood princess.

There are some women who reject the leftist rot.

Just remember, guys, you have every right to pay any woman a compliment. If she doesn’t like that, it’s on her.

8 thoughts on “Comedian Steve Martin Forced to Delete “Sexist” Tweet About Carrie Fisher

  1. Actually ! Is there anyone who gives a rat arse about the weir-dos from Joowood ?? Fisher ??, M George ?? Zsa Zsa ?? Debbie ?? Whichever bimbo/boofhead I don’t give a rat arse about those weir dos ??

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