8 Year Old Girl Who Thinks She’s a Boy Banned from Cub Scouts


Children can’t vote or drive an automobile. They can’t legally have sex. But they can decide that they’re the opposite sex from their birth certificate?

Something’s wrong.

Excerpt from North Jersey

From the moment he joined, 8-year-old Joe Maldonado eagerly looked forward to camping trips and science projects as a member of the Cub Scouts. But his expectations were dashed after his mother said she received a phone call from a Scouting official who told her that Joe would no longer be allowed to participate because he was born a girl.

Kristie Maldonado said she was stunned because her son had been a member of Cub Scout Pack 87 in Secaucus for about a month and his transgender status had not been a secret. But some parents complained, an official from the Northern New Jersey Council of Boy Scouts told her — even though her son had been living as a boy for more than a year and was accepted as a boy at school, she said

“Not one of the kids said, ‘You don’t belong here,’” Maldonado said of the Scouts in the pack.

“It made me mad,” Joe, said. “I had a sad face, but I wasn’t crying. I’m way more angry than sad. My identity is a boy. If I was them, I would let every person in the world go in. It’s right to do.”

Joe’s case could be the first time someone has been barred from participating in Scouting because of transgender identity, said members of the LGBT community. And it comes as the Boy Scouts of America appeared to be emerging from a period of turmoil involving sexual-orientation issues, reversing long-standing bans against gay Scouts and gay Scouting leaders over the past few years. Those policy changes were made amid an internal debate that saw at least one local council defy national Scouting decrees by hiring a gay camp counselor and pressure brought from corporations that withheld donations from the organization.

The Boy Scouts did not address the transgender issue at the time, LGBT advocates said, perhaps because the organization had no written policy related to gender identity. Transgender rights only recently emerged as a national issue, often focusing on the use of restrooms based on gender identity. Dozens of North Jersey school districts, including Secaucus, have granted that right, among others, to transgender students.

The Scouts declined to say whether they have a written transgender policy. Effie Delimarkos, the communications director for the Boy Scouts of America, said in a statement that the organization’s Cub Scouts programs are for boys age 7 to 10 and that “the classification on the participant’s birth certificate” would be used to “confirm legal status.” She did not provide additional details and did not specify whether the Boy Scouts have ever examined gender statuses on birth certificates.

The girl “tomboys” I knew as a youth grew out of it. Today, they’ll never have the chance because foolish adults indulge their sickness.

3 thoughts on “8 Year Old Girl Who Thinks She’s a Boy Banned from Cub Scouts

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  2. Looks to me like the mother is delighted by the publicity, this is the way women think, they are obsessed with fame and celebrity, the number of TV programs aimed at them like the insipid Kardashians is testament to this. I’ll bet this confused kid has been encouraged every step of the way by it’s mother who’s hoping to gain from the kids mental illness in some way. Children don’t just turn round one day and say mum, I want to be the opposite sex from the one I was born with. Like you say, there have always been tom-boys and they either grew out of it or became lesbians. This trans-gender nonsense is a complete joke, played on the weak minded by the progressives with the ulterior motive of reducing the population, this whole stupid idea will not end well.

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