Your Land is My Land: Israel Stabbed in the back by the USA?

BESTPIX   World Leaders Attend UN General Assembly

Here’s a fine piece of analysis from the Market-Ticker business blog, authored by Karl Denninger.

It’s about Israel’s theft of land in the Middle East, which is not a politically correct way to look as Jewish security issues.

This excerpt focuses on America’s policy toward Israel and Israel’s policy toward its neighbors.

Bolding in this piece is mine.

Excerpt from Market-Ticker

So here’s the deal as I see it: Trump is not going to save the world — or America. He’s not even going to save you. Hell, you just watched Obama, according to the media, Trump, the Republicans and a bunch of others “stab Israel in the back” by refusing to veto a UN resolution stating theft of land is illegal.

Really folks?

Look, I get it — the UN sucks (I agree with that, by the way) and to the victors go the spoils when it comes to war. Go ask those displaced in Aleppo and elsewhere through the world how private property rights have worked out for them when it comes to owning a home or business. Expropriation is part and parcel of what governments do, but why pussy-foot around with it and exactly how does doing so make you anything more than a sniveling pack of fraudsters?

If Israel is going to consider a 50 year past war justification for seizing land then seize the land, all at once, re-draw the border to encompass same and be done with it. The idea that they can keep dicking around with this and by stealing a little bit here and there, one house or “settlement” at a time it is ok but if they did it all at once it wouldn’t be is outrageous, it has been outrageous for 50 ****ing years and it doesn’t change in character based on who’s doing it or why. War sucks although it is sometimes necessary but this load of crap is nothing more than finding a way to turn a short war into one that has now spanned generations and shows no sign of ever ending — why don’t we just admit that too many people like this war for any serious effort to sue for peace to be accepted?

More to the point given who’s involved, since when is intentionally extending a war for five decades by jacking around instead of being decisive in your actions “noble”, “honorable” or appropriate, say much less justified if you’re “God’s chosen people”? I seem to remember a bunch of folks got a 40 year sentence of wandering in the desert for jacking around when it came to doing the right thing at a time in the distant past — or so says a tale some consider to be divinely written. Have you ever bothered reading your professed Holy Book, Bibi?

I’m tired of that crap being a “cornerstone” of US foreign policy and by the way, it appears from his tweets Trump has every intention of making it worse.

Or maybe – just maybe – he’ll tell Bibi to either **** or get off the pot. Take it all, invade and kill all who resist. At least that would be consistent. Pile up the bodies and pay the price, politically and otherwise.

6 thoughts on “Your Land is My Land: Israel Stabbed in the back by the USA?

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  2. Christ, all of this has been calculated to keep the USA involved in the Middle East until Christ’s Second Coming, even though the Israelis/jews do not believe in Christ. (((They))) have wanted us there to provide cover for their activities, to be their lap-dogs and do their bidding, to provide our tax-dollars to them (they are our largest foreign-aid recipient), to essentially do their dirty work e.g. attack “their enemies: Iraq, Syria, and all of the Muslim terror groups, and to be their life-boat if it all goes to sh*t. They want us to give our lives, spill our blood and drain our treasure for them. The fact that the jewish lobby and interests in the USA are that powerful and that (((they))) control all of the American media which controls the Meme/Narrative by distorting any truth about them means that most Americans see Israel as our ally and the jews as the persecuted people. This is the essence of the Jew Matrix. To use the movies as metaphors, (((they))) are like the horrific aliens in “They Live”. Those ugly aliens controlled everything and utilized “brain-waves” to keep us (their goyim) from seeing what they really looked like. We (aside from willing collaborators) were unwittingly serving them and their interests. Another movie “The Matrix” again had us as sleeping/dreaming husks living in a an artificial world, but we were again unconsciously serving their interest. We all must wake up, see them for what they are, and send them back to Israel to get them out of our lives and our country.

    • You know they aren’t half as politically aggressive in countries that can’t provide them with what they need. We don’t have holohoax museums on every street corner like you seem to. They don’t need our minds as much as they do yours.

  3. I think something is going on with this. Our Country’s are run by them, yet they vote against their own….Sounds fishy. I don’t care about the demon seed jews, but I think something big may happen.

  4. Just a quick addendum to my previous comment. It was the jews who perfected the use of terror bombing and IED’s, which they utilized against the British and Arabs who occupied what was called Palestine (now Israel), to drive out both groups from what is now known as Israel. Of course, the Muslims adopted these techniques and have used them against the West for the last 60 years. Not even the “evil Nazis” perpetrated such tactics against their enemies.

  5. SAD days for the US again if TRUMP turns on the US CITIZENS and supports this TRASH , then we need to hang the DANCING JEWS that DID 911 on MSM TV anyway. Bush hanging in public should have happened YEARS AGO!

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