Update: Police Charge Negro Monster with Felony Murder in Death of Beautiful Actress

The dindu’s stepfather agrees with us.

The court system was too lenient on Adrian Duane Johnson, the colored man shown in the photo above. Now, Johnson is charged with felony murder.

The cowardly Washington Post is not accepting comments on this story. I’m sure they’d be “racist.” So, if you want to say something about interracial murders of white women, here’s your chance to do so uncensored.

It’s only thanks to Heavy and other fearless websites that we have pictures of Johnson. Much of the press isn’t running his photo or identifying him by race.

Washington Post

On Christmas Day, Tricia McCauley made a pie and prepared her signature Brussels sprouts to take to a holiday party with fellow members of the District’s theater scene. At 4:30 p.m., she posted on Facebook that she was on her way.

She never showed for dinner.

A frantic search by friends and family, scouring city blocks, ended just after midnight Tuesday, when a man walking his dog near Dupont Circle spotted McCauley’s white two-door Scion iQ with its “Plant more plants” bumper sticker. He called police.

Police found the car a few minutes later parked in the 2200 block of M Street NW in West End. In a nearby CVS store, they confronted a man who had been spotted driving the Scion. A police report says that an officer asked the man for the keys and that he surrendered them. Inside the car, police found McCauley’s 5-foot-4, 115-pound body.

Another story on WaPo about Tricia headlined the idea that everyone who met her had a crush on her. I can believe it. Her sparkling, vibrant personality comes across clearly in the above video.

McCauley had been strangled and beaten, authorities said. Police charged the man, Adrian Duane Johnson, 29, with first-degree felony murder, among other crimes.

Police said they don’t know how the 46-year-old McCauley first encountered Johnson. The two were strangers, police said. Interim D.C. police chief Peter Newsham said detectives don’t know where or when McCauley was killed.

Johnson has a long record of arrests, mostly for theft and nonviolent crimes, in the District, Maryland and Virginia. Court files contain notations of possible mental illness, though he has been ruled competent in the past.

Russell Dixon, Johnson’s stepfather, said Johnson had been living on the streets and suffered from mental problems. But Dixon said he never saw any signs of violence.

“I never saw any aggression,” he said.

Dixon said Johnson’s mother, Marlene, had tried to help her son. He suggested that the courts had been too lenient on his stepson. “The court system let him go. That’s not the help he needs,” he said. “He should have been held.”

Marlene Dixon was unaware that her son had been arrested.

When she heard he was a suspect in a killing, she responded: “No, no, no, no, no.”

Earlier this month, Johnson was arrested at a CVS store in the Columbia Heights neighborhood and charged with stealing four electric toothbrushes. Court records show that Johnson was ordered detained in that case on Dec. 17. But at a Dec. 20 hearing, the records state, “the government did not have a witness and was not ready to proceed.”

The court docket says prosecutors urged a judge to release Johnson into the most restrictive monitoring possible, which typically requires defendants to be confined to their homes. Johnson’s attorney told the court that her client required mental health screening, which he could not get under the restrictive program.

The judge ordered Johnson released with GPS monitoring, ordered him to stay away from the CVS and to seek mental health screening. A law enforcement official said Johnson did not show up as required Dec. 21 to have the GPS device secured on his ankle. There is no indication in the court file of any follow-up.

McCauley’s death has hit hard people whose lives intersected with her diverse world — professional acting, yoga instruction, herbalism, running Leafyhead Lotions and Potions, and urban gardening.

When McCauley didn’t show Sunday for the annual party hosted by Bill Largess, the artistic director for the Washington Stage Guild, guests didn’t worry immediately. She had slept through a similar dinner in the past. It wasn’t until Monday morning, when she failed to board a plane to Oregon to visit family for the holiday, that real concern set in.

Friends began a search and set up a Facebook page run by McCauley’s brother. Ann Norton, the executive director of the Washington Stage Guild, went to McCauley’s apartment on North Capitol Street. Roommates were gone; she found the apartment “neat as a pin,” though McCauley had left behind an unwashed pan with the scrapings of her Brussels sprouts, caramelized in balsamic vinegar.

It was a clue that McCauley had left for the party and taken her food.

What happened in the ensuing hours remains unknown.

Police said they tracked Johnson to several locations Monday, including spots on Georgia Avenue in Northwest, Fourth Street near the courthouse and on Rhode Island Avenue in Northeast. Between 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. that day, Newsham said, Johnson was inside a CVS store near Union Station. Newsham said Johnson assaulted a worker and stole some items; McCauley’s car was nearby.

At 10:21 p.m., D.C. police issued a “critical missing alert” for McCauley, with a picture of her and descriptions of her car and a man who may have been seen driving it. It flashed on Jonathan Padget’s phone as he walked his dog about midnight near 21st and P streets Northwest. He knew McCauley through his involvement in D.C. theatre.

Padget said he saw a white car parked on P Street with a man in the driver’s seat smoking a cigar or cigarette, with music blaring. “He was bouncing around to the music,” Padget said. “He was looking directly at me.”

Padget, a freelance writer, said the man stuck his head out the window and angrily asked, “Hello, sir, how are you?” He then drove off, but not before Padget noticed that the license plate matched the one on the police alert. He called police, who found the car three blocks away.

Several hours later, McCauley’s brother, Brian, posted on Facebook: “Tricia is gone, they have found her body. Thank you all for your work, support and love.”

On Tuesday evening, people gathered inside the tiny D.C. yoga studio where McCauley taught. The group of about 100 gathered candles and walked to LeDroit Park Community Garden where the actress tended to plants and herbs.

Jim Zidar held his candle steady even as his emotions welled to the surface.

“She was an utterly fearless artist,” Zidar said.

We have to do something about these creatures. They cannot be allowed to walk among us.

19 thoughts on “Update: Police Charge Negro Monster with Felony Murder in Death of Beautiful Actress

  1. The present details of the case do not fit. She was targeted and this was planned. The nog was just a fall guy.

    She was Witchified by someone who saw her and her presence out in the world as a threat.

    Recall that in the Middle Ages plenty of European women were targeted as “witches” and burned at the stake because they threatened the Establishment, that being The Church, which was run by Pedos Posing as Protective Patriarchs.

    Her apartment was located on North Capitol street where one could easily track her comings and goings. She was an unconventional woman who was “outside the box”. She did not paint herself up nor don fake titters. She did seek male attention but fostered a communal spirit with women via yoga and herbalism. What a witch!!!!

    And the meanies in silence sing to themselves “ding dong the witch is dead.”

    • Meant to write that “she did NOT seek male attention”.

      Does not seeking male attention equate with “dyke”? Not in my eyes. There are plenty of single women out here who have just thrown in the towel and have chosen their own path because one cannot compete with “fake”, but in reality, who WANTS to be fake.

      This woman was authentic and lived life on her terms. She was an angel no matter what skeletons lie in her closet.

    • The case was cracked by a male who knew her who also is an eyewitness to the crazy black sitting in her car. Not a female, so maybe this woman had many male friends and admirers. If she was a dyke, homosexuality is common in theater type people. VB/GS you have made a lot of stuff up about this woman, and why she got killed. I agree that the nog may be a patsy. But I doubt many women get murdered for being single or doing yoga.

      • Most mentally unstable people are more of a harm to themselves than others. The person who set this up was organized.

      • Wasn’t the body found in the same car the nigger was driving? In that case it’s easy to figure out who the perp was. I doubt it was anything too complicated.

        I agree with your post above though. Can’t remember the last time a true redhead man or woman was made to look good in the media. Other than showing dyed jews ofc with all the depravity they do.

  2. This is an odd case. it is very rare for a friend to find the car before police do. Also rare for a killer to hang about like this guy. He was sane enough to keep the car keys in his pocket. I.e. lock the car against thieves. Somehow this story seems doubtful.
    The story is a bit hard to believe and very good luck for the police. The guy did not have an ankle bracelet on as he should have.
    Homeless people make great patsies.

    “He was bouncing around to the music,” Most unusual murderer. Drug addict? Why does the media not tell us this?

    “her client required mental health screening, which he could not get under the restrictive program.’ USA is the richest nation on earth with almost unlimited military spending. But too poor to pay to deal with the mentally ill and drug addicts except by jailing them after they commit crimes.

    • You have no experience with how stupid American blacks are. I have no problem at all believing that the story is true. The nog had money and/or a credit card, stolen from her. He couldn’t wait to use them in the drug store. He figured he had plenty of time to dump the body in a dumpster somewhere.

  3. I think the (((media))) should just come up with a standard template for these “Orc murders evil YT woman stories”. The template would incorporate the standard weird nig-nog name, the guy had a long criminal history but was not violent, had mental illness (but his parents say he was never violent), was just recently arrested or released from jail/prison, failed to attend his court case/GPS ankle device appointment, was not violent, the perp’s parents and friends are shocked, because the guy was not violent, the parents state that the system (evil YT’s tax dollars should have done more to help, the perp was caught red-handed with the body in the car, but he is mentally ill and not supposed to be violent, and finally the victim’s SWPL friends have a candle-light vigil for the victim and express their shock that a poor down-trodden negro offender (who was not violent) could have perpetrated the crime. Finally, you will hear or read months or years later that the perp was sentenced for the crime and the vicim never to be heard of again. You see, the above template covers all of the bases. Regards the victim, she had had some great Botox work done.

    • LOL you forgot “turning their life around” That would have to be in the template somewhere.

      I am betting the victim knew her killer and that it very well may turn out to be more than one killer before this is done. If she didn’t know this orc before the evening of her death I bet she knew one or more of the other suspects that will be apprehended unless the current one keeps his mouth shut. This woman sounds like the classic liberal occasional Mudshark type to me although only as a side thing as most orcs don’t run in her drama circle. She probably did it more as a social statement than anything else and perhaps only wanted it to remain on a down low type plane but once word got around with the “brothers” she was marked.

  4. Wait a minute, wait a minute. I forgot to mention before that as part of the standard template it must mentioned that the law enforcement or court/probation/parole authorities lost track of the guy and never followed up to apprehend him, thus allowing him to murder or rape another evil YT. And, the authorities are never held to account. But of course, evil YT being victimized is not really relevant is it? So long as the nig-nog Orc’s rights are observed, and he is treated with kid gloves.

    • She does not look YT to me, but hey, whatever.

      She was strangled….erotic. Perhaps a lover (Lesbian? Scorned man?) strangled her during an argument in the car and left her in the car…then left the car with the keys in it such that the Orc would then jump in it as in his mind….FREEBIE…oops, snap….he was set up…

      The dumb Orc was set up.

  5. At Christmas dinner, after I had a half bottle of Wild Turkey, I turned to one of my little nieces and—completely out of the blue—said to her: “Never go out with or marry a dark person or an Asian.” She asked why, and I replied: “Because they won’t respect you—you will only be a piece of meat or a trophy. And if you want to have your own life, they will probably kill you and hide your body somewhere.” She is about 12 years old, so she was old enough to handle it I figured. Her mom screamed at me to high heaven, and chased me downstairs; but the seed was planted in her head…

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