Twitter Wars: The Definition of a Cuckservative

Conservative Bill Mitchell has been in the crosshairs of several keyboard warriors on Twitter. Mitch is a prominent Trump supporter, but recently he’s taken to denouncing anyone who recognizes the reality of race.

Mitchell cares more about looking respectable than acknowledging that we’re in an undeclared race war.

Here’s a few of the numerous Tweets that illustrate how the game is played. Microchip has been leading the charge against Mitch and hs been reported to Twitter for it. He’s set to be banned again, I fear.

Cuckservatives and Jews are trying to purge the alt-right of the people who started the alt-right. The left is loving it.

If Bill Mitchell weren’t such a wuss, he would listen to Mary Freedom:

7 thoughts on “Twitter Wars: The Definition of a Cuckservative

  1. I have never heard of this guy, but let him test his claim of race being a non-issue by spending a night in East St. Louis, or Southside Chicago, or maybe in Liberia. Stupid cuck.

  2. Wow! White Nationalism has even hit GQ Magazine! All about Juvenile in-fighting for leadership in the Alt-Right movement, only the self-professed true leaders, Richard Spencer and Andrew Anglin, weren’t involved.

  3. The latest…

    oooh oooh! Naughty!

    I think Mitchell has lived a rather successful life (professional recruiter, head-hunter), so probably hasn’t been exposed to, nor yet “gets” re Communist Jews controlling everything, nor black thugs & crime, nor all the other well-known (to those who have done their homework) points that the “White Supremecists” like to discuss.

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