The Secular Canonization of Saint (((Carrie Fisher))) Begins, as Her Sordid Life is Celebrated

People who worship celebrities must be trying to fill an empty hole in their hearts. Maybe one that only God can fill.

There is no way that the screwed up “royalty” produced by Hollyweird is going to fill those empty spaces. But we are indoctrinated into hero worship of stars early in life and so many spend their lives following celebrity news.

How’s it working out? How enriching is it to wallow in degeneracy?

The life of Carrie Fisher illustrates how a 60 year old woman who looks 70ish can end up dead 18 years before the average lifespan of a typical American woman says she should be dead.

Read the first paragraph very carefully and consider the message.

Herald Sun

CARRIE Fisher was Hollywood royalty — by birth, on screen in the Star Wars saga, and through her many dramatic and groundbreaking deeds: “My shrink said, ‘If you worked in a supermarket they would’ve institutionalised you at 20’,” she said in a 2009 interview. “But because I come from Hollywood there’s so much that’s considered OK.”

The actor and writer died at 8.55am local time Tuesday morning in Los Angeles, after suffering a heart attack on a flight from London to LA last Friday. She was aged 60.

Her life had encompassed battles with mental illness and drug addiction, divorce and motherhood, tabloid scandals and her own blunt revelations.

Fisher was born to actor Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher in 1956. She was just two when her father left Reynolds for family friend Elizabeth Taylor.

She told NPR radio in the US earlier this year that she didn’t have to “go into” show business — “I was never out,” she said. “I was put in my mother’s nightclub act when I was 13.”

Fisher didn’t enjoy that early start and would beat herself up for the smallest mistakes — “I did not want to be in show business,” she said. “It was not fun.”

She’d also seen what her parents had been through as their careers diminished and did not want it for herself.

“Celebrity is just obscurity biding its time,” she told New York Magazine decades later.

Yet, aged 19, she was on the big screen with Warren Beatty in Shampoo. By 21, she was one of the most recognisable women in the world thanks to just her second film job, Star Wars.

Fisher has said she was smoking marijuana as a 13-year-old. She later battled addiction to prescription pills and other substances, which she wrote about in the thinly-veiled fiction of her acclaimed 1987 novel Postcards From the Edge. She also scripted the Oscar-nominated film version of Postcards, which starred Shirley MacLaine and Meryl Streep.

In her one-woman show/book Wishful Drinking, Fisher said that living with bipolar disorder/manic depression took “a tremendous amount of balls” and could be “an all-consuming challenge”.

“They should issue medals along with the steady stream of medication.”

Five years ago, Fisher spoke with Oprah Winfrey about how regular electroshock therapy had helped ease the symptoms of her depression.

Fisher began dating singer Paul Simon around the time the first Star Wars film was released — they married in 1983 and divorced the following year. Fisher then had a daughter, Billie, in 1992 with talent agent Bryan Lourd, but he left her for another man. “Turning people gay is kind of a superpower of mine,” she once wrote.

She revealed her affair with co-star Ford in The Princess Diarist this year, after finding old journals from the time she was making Star Wars. She was 19 at the time, he 33 and married with kids. Fisher confessed to PBS she didn’t think the revelation would cause as much of a fuss as it did, but refuted the idea that celebrities are doomed to such behaviour: “Infidelity isn’t exclusive to show business,” she laughed.

In a statement following Fisher’s death, Ford said she was “one of a kind … brilliant, original” and “funny and emotionally fearless”.

“She lived her life bravely,” Ford said.

She lived her life bravely?

F*ck you, Harrison Ford. The brave ones are the folks who stay married, crawl out of bed for 40 years to go to a factory job, and then retire for a year or two before they die of exhaustion.

The brave ones are the everyday Americans, not you shit Hollywood royalty.


Maybe it’s just me, but I detect a lot of insincerity in the comments that stars speak when one of their own dies. If they told the truth, they’d probably have to kill themselves.



22 thoughts on “The Secular Canonization of Saint (((Carrie Fisher))) Begins, as Her Sordid Life is Celebrated

      • She donated tons of money to the SPCA and did fund raisers for local animal shelters around LA. Her dog even had a Twitter account I believe…

    • Her daughter looks like a mud shark; they all seem to share a similar look. In some ways I was blessed; never was In the least a celebrity, rock star or sports star worshipper. I was always a source of shame to my mother who always browbeat me with nonsense “why can’t you be like everybody else and cheer for the home team or look up to gifted people?”

      My one claim to fame was in 1981 or so getting my ass groped by George Michael while taking a whizz in a Boston dive bar men’s room

  1. Her shrink was right on. If she was working class she would have been labeled as crazy. She was monied and connected so she was given a “pass” through life.

    Yet a single woman who lives in DC who practices herbalism, yoga, and did some small time acting is targeted to be killed.

    So is the plight of the Nordic-Germanic Middle and Working Class female in the USA.

    Not to speak ill of the dead, but my heart and focus goes to The Everyday Woman not those born in true privilege.

  2. One should never question or look too closely at media narratives. They are bald faced lies, punched up with cliches, and marinated in drivel. Carrie was not the nation, she was tribe. She was entitled to cheap hamburgers and coke. Some of the coke was nose candy. Alcohol, parties and fake lives in the spotlight. Live fast, die young, be celebrated for fifteen minutes and what do you get?
    Its not Real Life, its glitz and fake stories. Its bad relationships with soulless empty characters, and fake money all the way round. Easy come, easy go, get some blow and wake up dead. Hollywood. Its not real. Its a deluded fantasy, of fakery, false facades, PR lies, obscure facts, and thousands of pictures which add up to nothing.
    Carrie never had a real life. Her fake life will be in reruns long after people forget who she is and call her Princess Leia. The Pagan Gods of the Hollywood Pantheon of cheap theatrics and big time baloney extract a heavy price for the flickering fame of the penny arcade burlesque star.

    • I figured as much. A not too fat 53 year old suddenly up and dies outta nowhere, with a history of dope issues. I figured it was either that or an STD.

    • I assume anyone in the entertainment industry is a pole smoker and junkie. Especially the dudes.

      I don’t healthy people are driven to be in the public life like that, or base Thierry life on pretending to be something/ someone else for a living

  3. Looking at her brother, these people do not age well. I guess that lifestyle takes its toll. Odd though, that the press is going on and on about her. Other than Star Wars, I have not seen her in any other movies. Judaism is passed down through the mother. Her mother was a goy. I suppose that because her dad and his mother were jewish, and her father was a famous Hollywood entertainer that that merits her the (((media’s))) the posthumous royal treatment.

  4. anti- depressants
    These people have had every advantage in life and still NEED an anti – Depressant , BECAUSE of what not enough million dollar homes to purchase , try a little CHARITY for U.S CITIZENS for a RUSH!

  5. It is/was often believed that “artistic” types drink and take drugs because their demons and talents and sufferings compel them to. Some logical thinker came up with an alternative and accurate idea. Most people must get up early and go to work 5 days a week. The artistic types do not have to do this. So they can blast their brains with booze and drugs as can unemployed welfare bums.

    Some (stupid) prozzies get paid in addictive drugs like heroin which is highly profitable for their pimp/dealer, who then keeps all the earnings of the woman. It may be that Hollywood agents and music agents do the same thing. Fry the brains of their stars with cheap illegal drugs and keep all the income of the star. may celebrities get cheated by their (((agents))). (((Leonard Cohen))) worked for fifty years then found his (((agent))) had stolen all his money.

    • I’ve never bought into the suffering for their art nonsense. The stars have money and lots of free time. They also have little moral restraint. Drugs and booze don’t help them, but hurt them.

  6. Well, if so many weren’t Star Wars fanatics, Carrie would have been thrown into obscurity. It is unfortunate for those who inherit bipolar disorder…a nasty problem to deal with. Her life pretty much exemplifies the lives of manic-depressives.

    Debbie Reynolds, her mother, was rushed to the hospital today with a possible stroke. I like her. Very talented. Despite being foolish marrying Eddie Fisher and two other jerks, the last one squandering all her money, she pulled herself up making it on her own in her mid 60’s by going around the country singing since Hollywood abandons most females over the age of 40. She has a good voice. Remember “Tammy?”

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