Popular Youtube Social Commentator Denounces Antisemitism as Smear Job on Alt-Right (Video)

David Seaman, who is Jewish I believe, says that he believes that anti-semitic comments, blogs, websites, and youtubers are shills for the establishment, trying to discredit the alt-right.

I disagree. The alt-right is inherently opposed to Jewish power over our cultural, economic, and political institutions.

I’ve agreed with Seaman before, but not this time.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Dec 28, 2016
I’m not a psy-op or shill for the CIA or the Illuminati. Glad we’ve got that one cleared up. Also, the altright is filled with wonderful, diverse people and great thinkers – the vocal minority with crazy anti-Semitic views are a smear job, in my opinion.

8 thoughts on “Popular Youtube Social Commentator Denounces Antisemitism as Smear Job on Alt-Right (Video)

    • David Seaman has been promoting pizzagate, which I think is real. Hopefully, he can help put some insane pedophiles in prison by keeping on top of that story. Here, he’s out of his element. Lots of the alligators in the swamp that Trump wants to drain are Jews. There’s nothing wrong with pointing that out.

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  2. Anyone familiar with Bill Mitchell on Twitter, 169,000 followers. Yesterday and today he spent the day bashing the Alt-Right calling them racists. He was excellent at analyzing the campaign, fraudulent polls and media, so White Nationalists flocked to him, but for the last two days, they all out attacked him, but I must say most were really trying to get him to see the light. He threatened blocking all of them. He lost about 4,000 followers overnight. He attacked Ann Coulter a few weeks ago for one comment she made about Trump. We know Ann can be sarcastic, but she was right about the possibility Trump might soften on illegals. Wow! He was vicious.

    Since Trump’s win, he’s been pushing inner city redevelopment with the homebuilder Pulte. That’s when I knew Bill is not one of us and will never be able to view him in the same light as before. We know inner city development has never worked because it’s torn down as it’s being rebuilt. And, of course, he supports minorities, not Trump’s White base that followed Bill every day.

    Bill now has a radio show, has been quoted by the MSM, and Trump knows about him.

    If anyone with a Twitter account, you might like to read the replies to these and other comments Bill made.

    Bill Mitchell ‏@mitchellvii · Dec 27

    I am honestly so glad to be weeding this white supremacy group out of my followers. I had no idea they were there. Seriously, yuck.

    Bill Mitchell ‏@mitchellvii · Dec 27

    Folks, when it comes to trends, I’m always right, and this whole #WhiteGenocide racism thing is a dead end, just like #NeverTrump.

    Bill Mitchell ‏@mitchellvii · Dec 27

    I’m 56 years old. I’ve never had a Jew prevent me from reaching my potential.

    Bill Mitchell ‏@mitchellvii · Dec 27

    Thanks to everyone for giving me a platform to stand up against racism, sexism and bigotry today. Those have no place on the #TrumpTrain.

    Bill Mitchell ‏@mitchellvii · Dec 27

    This alt-right #WhiteGenocide fringe will have as much effect as #NeverTrump. Lots of noise, no results.

    Bill Mitchell ‏@mitchellvii · Dec 27

    You folks who are into this #WhiteGenocide and #AltRight BS, you are aware Trump himself has disavowed you? I mean, just to be clear.

    Bill Mitchell ‏@mitchellvii · Dec 27

    It’s amazing. I don’t recognize any of these racists having a lot to say in my timeline. They must have been lurking elsewhere.

    Bill Mitchell ‏@mitchellvii · Dec 27

    About 250,000,000 whites in America today. Don’t think we’ll be running out anytime soon. #WhiteGenocide is bullsh*t.

    Bill Mitchell ‏@mitchellvii · Dec 27

    I’m happy because I got to stand up for great Americans of every sex, race and religion today. That’s the Trump message. #MAGA!

    Bill Mitchell Verified account 
    All men and women who are US citizens and willing to work hard and smart to make this country great again are my brothers and sisters.

    • Good work, Wullfe. I never followed him as far as I can remember, although I saw his name a lot on Twitter. You’ve filled in the background on the story, which I was unacquainted with. I hope he loses more of his followers.

    • I see what happened. While you were posting this comment, I was posting my piece on Bill Mitchell. In fact, I didn’t pay attention and thought your comment was posted in the Mitchell (Twitter Wars) piece. I get leads on stories to post from Microchip and Mary Freedom. Micro is leading the charge against Mitchell.

  3. Trump is not one of us, as his appointments quickly proved. We should not subsume ourselves in any “Trumpian” or “alt right” identity defined by others. Our non-negotiable goals are exclusive living space for Whites with a meritocratic government answerable to us alone, and no Jewish presence or there, not even by proxy.

    Seaman wants attention, of which he has very little, so he can make himself more popular. Since his agenda is not ours and in most ways is counter to ours, we should give him none.

  4. Both could be right about posting about jews/jewish power. It depends on the content. Just as jews are likely to be behind any incident of abusing jewish graveyard markers or writing swatstikas or anti-jewish comments on synagogue front doors and the like; they may be quite capable of psoting -esp-over-the-top unequivically anti-jewish rants on website to create anti-semitism to complain about. The Rupublican Convention site would be a natural site to target in this way and serve also to tarnish the Republican Party brand [i.e. sabotage] name by connecting it with what is in America a label that anyone with a public presence rightly might fear. Because organized jewry has the reputation of the jew of malta of obsessing on vengeance, on those who oppose jewish power.And they have whole spy organizations to do the dirty work like the ADL.
    On the other hand one could write volumes of legitimate criticisms of the actions of organized jewry in the USA not the least of which is the creation of a Multicultural Society over America composed of all minorities which requires that White people be made a minority which is being done through massive non-White immigration which has been about one million Legal immigrants annually and an equal amount at least of illeglls during the last 30 years. [Ann Coulter provided the illegal estimates which she found as part of her research for her book “Adios America” and that info was hard to dig up she said in an interview.] So both saboteur and whoever can be correct.

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