Mystery Meat Homeless Man Charged with Attacking 6 Year Old Girl on Bus

Liberal unleashed a plague of violence upon us when they decided that incarcerating violent, mentally ill street people was a bad, evil thing to do.

It’s turned out that drugging them at public expense doesn’t work very well. Over and over again, police are called out to deal with violent crazy people, many of them homeless.

Oxios, the perp in this story appears to be Middle Eastern or Greek, which raises the question of how long his ancestors have been in the former USA, now Amurkistan.


ELMONT, Long Island (WABC) — 62-year-old Michael Oxios was casual, almost dismissive when asked if he hit a young girl on a bus.

“No,” he replied.

However, police tell a much different story. They say Oxios, who appears to be homeless, was riding the Nassau Inter-County Express bus in Elmont on Christmas Day when, for no reason he struck a 6-year-old girl in the back of her head.

“Oxios then proceeded to scream obscenities at the young girl – he struck her again and began pulling her hair,” said Detective Vincent Garcia of the Nassau County Police Department.

Police say the girl’s mother called police and they came to a stop along Hempstead Turnpike to arrest Oxios, but then he allegedly caused some more trouble.

“At one point (he) grabbed one of the officer’s electronic control devices, and forcibly tried to remove it from its holster,” added Detective Garcia.

I once witnessed a white Salvation Army employee swat a little Mexican boy on the butt while he was running loose in the store. Multiple police vehicles showed up and there was a big brouhaha. It could have been avoided if the parents had maintained control of their child.

That could be what happened here or not. Alternatively, Oxios may have been looking to be arrested so that he would have a warm place to sleep during a long, cold northern winter.

He got his wish, if that was what happened.

One more thing. This story illustrates well why middle-class white people stopped riding the bus decades ago, so long as they could afford other transportation.

San Antonio created the “buppet” character years ago to encourage people to ride the bus.

When I ride the bus on rare occasions, I see dangerous looking, unkempt people everywhere. It’s not a good ride.

2 thoughts on “Mystery Meat Homeless Man Charged with Attacking 6 Year Old Girl on Bus

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  2. Wow, this story is a surprise. I am skeptical that a mystery-meat lunatic attacked a helpless six year old girl. Please back it up with facts.

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