Hero Passerby Saves Dog from Burning SUV


As noted here many times, the white male is the most demonized creature on earth. Not even the shark or the deadly cobra is so hated and scorned. He’s a racist, misogynist oppressor of women and “people of color.”

That’s all bullsh*t of course. When a hero is needed nine times out ten, it’s a white male who takes decisive action.

I can’t find a picture of the hero in this story, but I’m betting he’s white and NOT a tranny!!! LOL.


ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WPVI) — A North Carolina family is grateful a stranger stepped in to save their dog.

The Hilton family’s SUV caught fire while they were inside a restaurant in Asheville on Monday morning.

Their dog, Abby, was trapped inside the burning vehicle.

Chad Reiginter saw the smoke and the dog, and knew exactly what to do.

“I just grabbed my pocket knife and started smashing windows, and I tried to reach the dog through the first window and he wouldn’t come out, so I just started smashing windows and all of a sudden he ran out the back window and took off,” Reiginter said.

The Hiltons believe wiring in the SUV caught fire, sparking the blaze.

He reminds me of MacGyver.

I mean our hero did it with a knife, just like Mac did.

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