Video: “The world is on fire:” Obama has Created World-Wide Chaos

That’s what you get Amerika for electing a lazy Negro Muslim with no provable birth certificate and an insane porn model mudshark for a mother.

Take the red pill. Live in the world of reality. Reject your egalitarian fantasies.

The video is concise, lasting less than a minute. Gorka is right about Obama, but he seems to be a bit of a neocon, so some of his accusations are off base.

Learn more about security expert Sebastian Gorka at Wikipedia. Gorka is Hungarian, according to this source.

Gorka claims that since 9/11 America has become superb at applying force against high value terrorist targets, whether through the use of drone strikes or Special Operations raids, but is still losing the war against what he terms the “Global Jihadi Movement” (GJM). This lack of success is the result, according to Gorka, of America failing to counter the ideology of Global Jihadism and the Obama Administration’s belief that terrorism is the result of unemployment and lack of education instead of ideology.

He’s right there. Obama won’t name the Muslim.

2 thoughts on “Video: “The world is on fire:” Obama has Created World-Wide Chaos

  1. Obamao’s colossal failures will be rectified by the incoming administration. Same old story. An incompetent AA negro screws up something, and evil YT must save the day.

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