Unsolved Mystery: Pretty Blonde Teen Mom Found Safe After Being Missing for a MONTH, Echoing Sherri Papini Case


Hmmm. Lots of tats and no explanation for why she went missing. And no thread in the story about what a great mom she is. Maybe because she left her young son to go partying for a month!

No one is talking about what Grogan did while she was missing. Since she left on her own, we have every right to assume it wasn’t good.


A South Carolina mother who went missing for four weeks before she was found on Christmas Eve is being compared to the violent tale of kidnapping involving Sherri Papini that captivated the nation earlier this year.

Haleigh Brianna Grogan, 19, was found on Christmas Eve walking with an unidentified man on a local highway. She did not medical attention, according to the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. The young mother had no idea she had been listed as a missing person.
Grogan disappeared after visiting a friend’s house. She had been slated to pick up her son from his grandmother’s house. Grogan’s family posted on Facebook that Christmas was back on now their Haleigh had come home.

“Haleigh has been found and is safe. Words cannot say how much I appreciate the thousands of people who have prayed for her, looked for her and anything else that contributed to helping to find her. However I won’t go in to details and answer questions. Its a blessing that we can now enjoy Christmas. Please respect that. I love you all and thank you soooooo much! Merry Christmas,” the message read.

Both Papini and Grogan are young, attractive blond mothers who went missing for nearly a month each, but the similarities might end there. Papini’s family described a much darker story about her time gone from home that saw the woman’s hair chopped off and her skin branded with a symbol.

Papini’s case gripped the nation in November after the California mom of two young children went missing while jogging. She turned up a few weeks later on Thanksgiving Day bound and wounded on the side of a highway near her home in Redding, California. She has said she cannot identify or describe her abductors because her face was kept covered during her 22-day disappearance. Investigators remain in nearly daily contact with Sherri and her husband, Keith, as they search for her abductors.

Hmmm. No mention of a husband in the story. Why am I not surprised.

These girls have way too much freedom. She should bear the costs associated with law enforcement trying to find her.

It goes without saying that there is no realistic comparison to the Sherri Papini case.


6 thoughts on “Unsolved Mystery: Pretty Blonde Teen Mom Found Safe After Being Missing for a MONTH, Echoing Sherri Papini Case

      • Tats say it all. I have yet to meet a chick with ink who did not have major baggage or mental health issues. It is a written warning: “I am broken.” All the girls on my slow pitch team have got them. Their ages are late 20s to mid 30s. At a game last summer I mentioned in passing that ink on a woman showed that she had poor judgment and a body image complex, and that it was the biggest turn off. I never got another flirtation from any of them for the rest of the season. Hahaha…

  1. “However I won’t go in to details and answer questions.” Darn party pooper! This would be a sex filled salacious story! So I have a juicy story below to make up for that lack.

    For every woman abducted, raped and murdered there are probably 100 like this, maybe 200. The media does not like this, they prefer murder and mayhem and it is how they make their money. The general public are ghouls!

    I have met a woman who went a little bit nuts in Turkey of all places. The Turkish man she was visiting tried to get her on a plane back to Eastern Europe. She ran away at the airport and got in a car with three strange Turkish guys. Some time after this she was in a Turkish mental hospital. Tied down. When they untied her she grabbed some scissors and tried to stab people.

    When she got home she burned her mothers passport – but not her own. This is typical of “mad” people.

    So she later returned to Turkey many months later to get rid of the “bad spirits” from the Turkish guys house. He gave her a whacking all over the body with a short iron bar outside his front door. No real harm done luckily because he is a medical doctor. He advised her a second time not to come back. This time she listened. None of the above has ever appeared anywhere and not in any MSM media. No police report either so far as I know. Must be dozens of violent events for every single one the cops hear about.

    One thing for sure when a young good looking woman runs away voluntarily – she will be taking a lot of cock and she will not care who owns the cock. The chance of a pregnancy is quite high, but the bitch will not care, she will get an abortion.

    The USA story is probably drug induced as to the Turkey one I am not sure.

    As the song goes “Girls just want to have fun”.

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