The War on the Sexes


A partially awake American living in Europe laments the globalists efforts to eradicate the distinction between male and female.

He never quite gets to the point of recognizing which (((tribe))) is behind the effort to destroy Western civilization. It’s pretty simple. That tribe hates white Europeans.

Lew Rockwell

Writes an ex-pat friend:

It appears that all over Europe, a massive effort is being made in the schools to obscure the distinction between man and woman, indeed, an effort to create a new kind of “uni-sex” human. Being a man or a woman no longer has anything to do with biology, but is a matter of choice. And all previously held truths about men and women were simply social constructs.

It is now 100% clear that the crazies are in charge.

If their effort on this front is successful, my question is — in what exact ways will this contribute to the destruction of civilisation in the countries where this is taking place? (By civilisation I mean the entire architecture of human existence, as established over hundreds and hundreds of years.)

There has been talk about going back to feudalism, and perhaps that is correct regarding the economic model, but this attempt to eradicate the distinction between man and woman is really not going back to anything (in the planet’s history), since when in the entire history of this planet have you had people, groups of people, etc. who were hell-bent on altering the natural order of things to this extent? This is not Orwellian (which has more to do with the police/national security state), but has more in common to what was put forth by Huxley in his Brave New World, as we are to be sure talking about a new world here.

My feeling is that such a world cannot long survive.

Through most of history, it seems, man has followed a course that had to do with survival of the species.

I believe I am correct in thinking that most of what is being advocated in the west (by the globalists) these days is intended to accomplish what amounts to the very opposite of survival — it all seems intent upon the irreversible destruction of civilisation and along with that, our planet (have they already set up shop on another planet or something??)

Do the people who are doing this actually have any idea of what it is that they are doing? If they actually know what they are doing and where this is headed, then I am wondering who actually are these people?

Easy. Jews. Nation wreckers.

Jews pollute Western culture

4 thoughts on “The War on the Sexes

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  2. Being that only Caucasians are truly human and have souls, they will lose them if they do not disavow themselves of all of the insane delusions and beliefs they have. Sadly, most of these deluded a**wipes are only doing these things so that they can be seen as being hip, chic, and popular to their fellow a**wipes.

  3. “Do the people who are doing this actually have any idea of what it is that they are doing? If they actually know what they are doing and where this is headed…” > >

    “They” > Jewish Mysticism > Kaballah.

    “Any Idea of What They are Doing?” > Yes, they want everyone to reach > Androgyny > back to > “Adam Kadmon” > whom they think was the original man, Adam, but in bi-sexual form, having male/female in him.

    “Where is this headed?” > Pre-(Noah’s) Flood “Paradise” (“they” think).

    But first, Androgynous Temple Prostitutes for their Luciferic Initiation at the future (to be rebuilt) (Judeo-Masonic) Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem at the “abomination of desolation” (maybe a huge golden obelisk/phallic symbol that will be worshipped) “ceremony” followed by the “mark of the beast” > Solomon’s Shield > the Star of Remphan > aka Hexagram aka “Jewish Star” > an occult “religious” symbol for an occult “religious ceremony” > forced on everyone by the “False Prophet.”

    The “unisex” movement is an Androgynous one pushed by Jewish (Kaballah) Mysticism.

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