Negro Driving Her Car Questioned in Death of Beautiful D.C. Actress

We have lost another member of our extended European-American family to black violence.

The case against a black man in the death of Tricia McCauley is still developing, but from where any reasonable person sits, the case against him looks strong.

Daily Mail

A yoga instructor and actress who vanished on Christmas Day in Washington DC has been found dead, her brother has announced.

Tricia McCauley, 46, never showed up for a friend’s Christmas dinner in the Northwest section of the capital on Sunday.

She also missed a flight out of Ronald Reagan National Airport the next morning.

‘Tricia is gone,’ her brother Brian McCauley told the ‘No more details from the police at the moment, just that they found her body.’

Police identified a man on Monday who appears to have been driving her missing car. A person of interest who matched the man’s description and picture was later taken into custody and was being interrogated into the early hours of Tuesday. He has not been named a suspect.

McCauley’s missing car was found shortly after midnight Tuesday morning near 22nd and M streets, ABC 7 reported.

‘Police have been inside her apt., all seems fine there,’ McCauley’s brother, Brian, wrote on a Facebook group that at the time was dedicated to gathering information on her disappearance.

‘They have photos to put out bulletins online. Friends have traced her route to the [Christmas dinner]. Police have gained access to her credit/debit card and found activity today, but no other details.’

The Facebook group was switched to private after McCauley’s body was found.

The unidentified black who was driving Tricia’s car is being interrogated by police. Her body was found in the car. I would judge the odds that he’s her killer at 100 percent.

There’s still much to learn, such as the cause of death, whether Tricia was sexually assaulted and/or tortured, etc.

The problem with living in any big city like Washington, D.C., is that one cannot avoid contact with seedy characters who live life by preying on others.

The individual being questioned may be an American black or an immigrant. He has a vaguely Carribean look to me. Perhaps he’s from the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico.

Whatever, he represents the dangers of die-versity.

RIP, Tricia. Your killer will face justice of a sort, even if it’s imperfect.

Update: The Washington Post reports that police have scheduled a press conference this morning, which should reveal more details about this unnecessary tragedy.

10 thoughts on “Negro Driving Her Car Questioned in Death of Beautiful D.C. Actress

  1. Keep me posted please.L&L
    Let me know what you find out. L&L
    All the details unnessary, just maybe his address. L.&L.
    ( and I do not mean L O L) 🙂

  2. I am being deliberately ugly here. There is no mention of a husband or children. The perpetrator looks possibly to be a spigger, which of course is no surprise. He killed a Caucasian woman who appears to never have married or had children. The goblin murdered an independent, self-fulfilled and self-actualized cat woman yoga instructor.

    • I thought that too, about her. I didn’t want to say anything about it though. But that is my observation as well. It’s too bad there will not be any more of her.

  3. The Coon looks out of it. High or low on Ice or some other nice drug. Not many killers get caught with the body still in the car. He probably forgot it was there.

  4. A 29-year-old evil spawn of the mythological “Strong Black Single Mother”. Yeah right. He hails from Upper Marlboro out in Prince Ghetto county and his “momma” probably got him diagnosed with a disability young such that she could “get a check” so she could make ends meet in between blowing ghettofied “white boyz” who cannot get head from Everyday White Grrrls anymore because the Old and Debauched messed that game up and “played out da wimenz”. He has probably been in ghetto special education since age 3 and was doped on ADHD meds to help his mom out with parenting Whatever. He is the perfect pawn in the Kike war on the “Witchy White Women” who in place of donning on oodles of makeup and spending thousands of dollars on faux ugly boobies like the JAPs actually take up natural healthy things like yoga and herbalism. Yikes say the kikes! She is not playing “the game!”. Burn ‘dat White Bitch at the stake!

    This negro was not intelligent enough or coherent enough to do this on his own without some coaxing. This was a “hit” done on Christmas Day to let the Witches know that they need to stay in their place.

    This drama brought to you by The Land of The Free that gave nog males like this waste of flesh the right to vote before “white” European women.

    Fuck you America

  5. Racist dudes, stfu. This woman was my neighbor and a friend of friends. Don’t use her to further your racist agenda. If she was racist, she wouldn’t be living in my neighborhood, which has a lot of black people. And no, I’m not black, dimwits. And if you knew anything about crime, you’d see tons of white people killing people of all races including their own. The worst serial killers are all white men. Why? Because of racist nitwits like you who act like white people are angels and can’t possibly have committed a real crime, so these white murderers go under the radar and aren’t caught for a long time. Congratulations, idiots.

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