Mother of Child Transgender Magazine Cover Girl Says Family Is Being Harassed


This post and the next one down on the homepage make up a duo of posts offering an insight into the phenomena of the so-called transgendered child.

A significant and growing number of children are saying to their parents that an opposite sex person is trapped inside their body.

The parents, wishing to be hip and modern cheerfully allow their little boys to “transition” to the opposite sex by dressing in girls’ clothes and changing their names to girls’ names. Ditto girls.

This acceptance of insanity is destructive to civilization (see just published post The War on the Sexes) and also to children.

Fags and liberals are happy at this insanity, but not everyone.

Heat Street

Debi Jackson, whose decision to put her 9-year-old transgender daughter on the cover of National Geographic created a swirl of controversy, says the family is now receiving threats and harassment.

Jackson’s daughter, Avery, was born as a male, and began her transition to female at the age of four. Her picture on the front of the magazine created a raging debate, with different people offering different reasons for liking or disliking it.

Jackson says her family has been attacked on Internet communities since the publication came out. She specifically referred to one thread that she says “likes to target the trans community—a lot of them try to target people and harass them so much so that they’ll commit suicide.” Having dug through the thread, it is clear that the group does doxx its targets, with Jackson’s personal information being shared, including their address and phone number. “They found information (about our family) and put it out there.” Jackson said. “People later commented, ‘Yeah, she’s definitely one who needs to be cyberbullied until she commits suicide.’”

While that’s a blatant example of harassment, most of the Internet is instead simply calling Jackson a bad mother. They note that Avery started her transition at a very young age, and many argue that a four-year-old is too young to make those decisions themselves. The claim is that the mother is using her child for fame and attention, and harming her kid along the way.

Jackson has used her platform as the “Trans girl mom” (even using the Twitter handle @transgirl_mom) to boost her own reputation, including landing Jackson some lucrative speaking gigs. Jackson has argued that transgender suicide rates skyrocketed after Donald Trump’s election. But Nick Adams, director of the GLAAD Transgender Media Program, said that there is no evidence to substantiate those claims, and that “it’s important that mainstream media outlets and people on social media do not spread incomplete or inaccurate information about suicides, as it can lead others to attempt self harm.”

The crazy mothers of child movie stars in the 1930s were called “stage mothers.” They enjoyed the money and fame that their little child actors brought them. Many of the child actors when they became adults reported the horrific abuse they took from their families.

Debi (notice the silly spelling) is a modern equivalent of a stage mother. Her child is going to grow up to be a screwed up adult.

Notice that there exists something called the GLAAD Transgender Media Program. Looking at the GLAAD Tranny site, it’s clear that it’s a propaganda outfit. The perverts there are happy to see others become as degenerate and perverted as they. “Misery loves company,” as the old saying goes.

And there is a lot of misery among them:

Debi will still be relishing the attention she gets from having a trans child. Even as her child’s coffin is lowered into the ground–dead of drugs, alcohol, and/or suicide.

7 thoughts on “Mother of Child Transgender Magazine Cover Girl Says Family Is Being Harassed

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  2. This “harassment” will end as soon as the family stops setting up dummy accounts on twitter to “harass” themselves in order to draw attention. so there you guys, there is your solution, go ahead and delete the accounts. Fixed.

  3. There is a chance that our environment, food supply, water, medications are now so contaminated with endocrine disrupting chemicals that there is now some physiological basis to all this, and promoting it all as virtuous and edgy is actually a means of covering up a major human health/growth and development crisis. Just a thought, because this shit is becoming too widespread statistically to be explained away. Its like Autism…we are just better at identifying it? bullshit. Its been seeded into the human population and is increasing exponentially, as is gender confusion. Someone is f**ing with our psycho-physiology. That’s how deep their war on us runs.

    • Fluoride is industrial waste from the aluminum industry. It is illegal to dump this in to rivers. So, instead the stuff is dumped direct in to the water supply – legally. So our teeth will be better, Even though more than 99% of drinking water is used for other purposes. Also, fluorides shoudl not be swallowed. This fluoride poisoning of entire populations only started about 50 years ago. The same time as the Jew power was controlling and changing Immigration policies in to all white countries. Israel has banned the practice.

      Plus growth hormones and antibiotics injected in to chickens and beef.

  4. (((Ellen Degenerate))) is a cross dresser. it is nice to see there is a big chance she will try to kill herself.
    Hopefully the Williams brothers (tennis cheats) also top themselves.

    ((National Geographic))) is obviously a bunch of shite and fake science.

    • Before my house burned down I had bought a collection of National Geographic magazines for $10. I had every issue from the 1930s through the 1980s. It used to be a great magazine. They published a dog book in the 50s that’s one of my all time favorites. I may have a copy of that book in storage. I hope so.

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